Why Are Skateboards So Expensive In 2023? – [Detailed Guide]

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Skateboarding is a principal activity. People enjoy it a lot because it provides adventure and excitement to them at the same time. It is a source of adventure. Moreover, it provides skills for a person to attain balance.

For appropriate skateboarding, it is better to choose the right skateboard. Skaters must be very attentive for the decision to skateboard. Skateboards are easily found in the market. The price factors are the biggest question in this term.

Overall, the price limits of skateboards are a bit expensive. People spend a lot on them. But the money will be worth the action. Expensive skateboards provide high-quality work. But everyone can not afford these costly bards or decks.

The choice of skateboard is not that tough. But it raises serious questions about the price; why are skateboards so expensive? To answer this query, here we are providing very comprehensive content.

All the basic facts have been cleared for your interest, and you can rely on them to choose the right skateboard. Give it a look;

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Skateboards are a great source of interest for professional players. It significantly helps people to improve their health and fitness. It is becoming a trend of society in terms of games. Children, adults, and other people take a deep interest in it.

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive?

Because it is an easy source of exercise, be precise while choosing the skateboards, decks, and other equipment. There are versatile brand options available. These brands cost a lot.

People might fear investing in these boards. But it is a fact that if the skateboards ask for more money, it will provide excellent results. The brands focus on the skateboards’ strength, ability, and maintenance and finish up with highly balanced action.

How Expensive is a Skateboard?

Skateboards were not so expensive initially, but from the 80s, the prices have been raised drastically to a great extent. This is major because the demand for the boards has increased from this time.

People start taking an interest in the balancing act of skateboarding. Same for the brands. Since that time, the brand has begun focusing on the quality and strength of the skateboards. This strength requires investment for both money and effort.

On average, the high-quality skateboard costs almost $170. This money refers to the whole skateboarding pack. It includes proper wheels, decks, bearings, shafts, etc. The price keeps increasing with time.

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive

One other factor that is important when choosing expensive skateboards is smartness. Through proper market visits and trends, people can reduce these $170 to almost $120. 

You can even search for other reliable skateboard deals online. The online platforms offer a great advantage to help you out in this. Apart from this, the skateboard shops provide high-quality boards. But the prices are costly there.

One benefit of buying the birds from the skateboard shops is that the employees provide you with advice also. They guide you with the quality and features of the board, making it unique and famous for usage so that you can spend the right amount of money on the right piece of the board.

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

The skateboard is not that costly when you research the production costs, and it is nothing more than average. But actual prices are raised when the additional distribution profit is added.

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive

The distribution profits have a significant significance. These profits boost up the business and let the sellers continue their sales. In case a skateboard kit prepares for $20. An additional gain of an extra $20 is added to this kit.

That caused an increase in the final price of the skateboard and put people in a situation where they thought that skateboarding was an expensive activity.

But it has to be clear that if the skateboards are expensive, they are also long-lasting at the same time. One-time investment helps you for an even more extended period. You can easily use it for every problematic and challenging task.

What are the Costs Added up for the Skateboard?

Skateboarding has a broad market. The market provides every part in a very tangible way. But the cost adds up and makes it quite expensive. When we talk about only skateboards, it does not cost much based on the additional parts.

But the brand tag makes it difficult for the average person to avail it. For instance, if the board is prepared for $10, it will be sold to the distributor for almost $20. By receiving nearly $20, the distributor will sell the board to the shopkeeper for nearly $30.

In the same way, the shopkeeper will keep his margin and sell it to the customer for almost $70 to $75.

These costs add up not only for the board material but also for all the related tools. All the trucks and wheels work at the exact price. We can sum up the things so that the boards for skating are not expensive, but the additional profit ranges increase its costs.

Can you Put a Board by Yourself?

Why Are Skateboards So Expensive

Sometimes the customer finds the boards too expensive, and also, they are not ready to make a cheap decision for the action. In this term, the best solution could be to collect all the parts and put the board together by yourself.

It will cost a bit less. You can choose good quality products, including trucks, bearings, and wheels, for the place where you can find them at low prices. After this, collect all of them and customize your board according to your demand.

The Final Verdict

It would help if you were very confident while choosing the skateboard because you invested your money. It should end up skating for a long time, and all the features should be suitable for the skaters.

This choice procedure is also very tricky, so you should align your thoughts according to your need. If you can afford it and the choice is demanding money, invest it for once because these boards will provide unmatchable activity.

So here we try to cover all the aspects that explain the cost factor of the skateboards. Go through it precisely and make the right decision to gear your skating actions.

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