Susie Chan Peloton Tread Instructor Bio, Struggle, Achievements

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Susie Chan peloton instructor is the kind of person who is never tired of running. It’s been 10 years since she started running and this is something she is passionate about and she loves it. She is taking on all types of races from 1 mile to 100 miles. Chan is frequently found in running scenes like ultra-marathons. She enjoys running in some of the hottest on this planet earth.

Susie is the type of athlete who has broken a 12-hour treadmill world record. Chan can be found at local races, half marathons, and marathons. Simply, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see them at any running forum or marathon. As per her LinkedIn profile, Chan is a runner, presenter, motivational speaker, and commentator.

These are not the only things she can do. Susie has joined peloton and she has her official site where you can contact her for a fitness session.

Chan is named “the number 1 runner to follow on Instagram” by other runners around the globe. She has been on the cover of Runner World and Women running. Susie is featured in Athletics weekly and other popular publications as well. Above all, the most impressive thing you can know about her is a cancer survivor. She overcome cancer in 2017.

Susie Chan cancer

Susie Chan Biography

  • Name: Susie Chan
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30s
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Nationality: British


Fitness Journey of Susie Chan

Susie Chan peloton

Susie Chan started running 10 years ago and her brother convinced her to enter in half marathon. This was the turning point of her life which turned her towards a running career. She was found partying before but she became one of the popular faces of the British running community.

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Achievements & Records

Chan is a four-time Marathon des Sables finisher. Susie won the adventure category of the 2017 Coastal Challenge Costa Rica. Surviving in the self-sufficient running 250KM through the Amazon jungle is also of her achievements. Secured 3rd position female at the 2018 Self Transcendence 24-hour track race and many other milestones achieved by her.

She is a treadmill running world record breaker which was 12 hours running. Susie celebrated her achievement with her husband Shaun Marsden at Kingston University.

Susie Chan Achievements Records

Susie Chan and Peloton

A girl who was partying but she entered a half marathon for the first time. Participating in a half marathon became a remarkable turning point in her life.

Chan made a record and secured some other achievements in running. She strongly believes that everyone becomes a runner just by focusing on technique and comfort.

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Chan focuses to help people to become better people than yesterday. She believes that running is for everyone and at the Peloton, she is there to help you with what you want to be. You will leave her class with a smile.

Outside Peloton

Susie’s dog, her family, and traveling are her favorite things. When she spares some time for herself she spends it with her friends exploring trails. Chan spends her downtime cooking, reading, and eating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did Susie start running?

Susie started running almost 10 years ago. Her brother encouraged her towards running. Her brother convinced her to enter in half marathon.

Is Susie Chan married?

Yes, Susie celebrated her achievement with her husband Shaun Marsden at Kingston University.

Who is Susie Chan’s husband?

Susie celebrated her achievement breaking a record of 12 hours of treadmill running with her husband Shaun Marsden.

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