Skateboarding Should Not Be Banned In Public Places? – 8 Reasons

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People have many misconceptions about it and think it should be illegal in crowded areas. However, there are strong arguments in favor that skateboarding should not be banned in public places.

Let us discuss in detail why we should not declare it illegal and what its benefits are.

Why Should It Not Be Considered Illegal In Populated Areas?

Myths about it have urged people to think that it must be banned because it’s detrimental to other people. Following is the detail that explains it does not harm anyone and should not be restricted.

1. Source of Transportation for Some People

Skateboarding should not be banned in public places because then people who only have a skateboard and use it for transportation will have a hard time. So if you will put restrictions on it, then you are banning someone’s source of transportation.

Skateboading in public

Some people cannot afford to pay the fare of buses daily, so they use their fuel-free mode of transportation; thus, it must not be banned in any case.

2. Easy To Built Skateboard Paths

The government is trying its best to stop skateboarder from coming onto the road; they are fencing-free areas with different things. In doing all this, the government has to spend a lot of money.

However, if they use some part of that money, a specialized path for skateboarders can be made because then there will be no issue for pedestrians or other vehicles. Moreover, these paths require less investment and last forever.

3. Speed Is Less

The government is restricting skateboarders from coming to urbanized areas because they think it can be dangerous. Pedestrians can be injured, and for them, the safety of citizens is most important.

However, there is no truth in it because skateboarding is not a vehicle that moves very fast. Its speed is low, and when the persons want to stop it, he can stop it within a few seconds.

4. No, Sever Injury

When accidents happen in other vehicles, they bring a very bad time for other people because riders get injured badly. In many cases, their bones broke down, and severe head injuries also happen.

Unfortunately, some people are injured so badly that their mobility is lost, and some even lose their lives in such accidents. On the other hand, in skateboarding, everything is in control; there is no machinery in it.

Sever Injury

If due to some negligence, an accident happens, there will be no serious condition. You may get only a few crashes on your skin. But care must be taken, so always wear a helmet, arm, and leg protection.

5. Everything Is In Control

In other vehicles, all things are automated. Different machines are used in them that require maintenance after regular time, and you cannot rely on machines because they can expire anytime.

However, there is no such machinery in the skateboard; there are only a few screws that are easy to maintain; thus, there is no fear that breaks will fail. Instead, everything is in your control.

You can take a turn immediately when someone is in front of you; similarly, you can stop immediately. So all is in your control; you have to be active, and all your attention must be towards skateboarding.

6. Hindrance In Physical Activities

Children love skateboarding and do it very devotionally. But when they get to know that they can use it only in a specific area, they become pessimistic and do not think it is interesting.

Because children want attention and admiration, but when they will not be able to do it in a place where people can look at their stunt, they will stop it. As a result, children may move towards online gaming, which is detrimental to health when played beyond a time limit.

7. No Noise Pollution

No Noise Pollution

When we go outside on the roads, we see many vehicles on the road, and there is a lot of noise from their horns. Overall, these are increasing noise pollution, which is causing headaches, depression, stress-like issues in humans, etc.

But skateboards are very environmentally friendly because they do not have horns and other machinery.  Thus they should not be banned in public places because they are not impacting negative effects so on the environment.

However, when the screws of the base plate are loose, the bearings are dried, and the raiser pad is broken or loose, then it starts producing noise. So must oil its dried parts after regular time and repair broken parts.

8. Environmental Friendly

Other vehicles that we see in public places like buses, and card bikes all use fuel that is not recyclable and will end one day. Moreover, they release different poisonous gases into the environment

Although there are filters in most vehicles in some developing countries, there are no filters due to which environment being affected, and climate patterns changing.

On the other hand, skateboards are eco-friendly because they do not use any fuel, thus saving our resources. Moreover, they do not release any gases into the environment, so skateboards should not be banned in public places.

If the government bans them in public places, more people start traveling on public transport, which will use more fuel and we have to face more drastic climate changes. We must use non-recyclable fuels with care and save them for the next generation.

To Sum Up

So you have reviewed that skateboarding should not be banned in public places because it does not have bad effects on other humans. Instead, it is a survivor, helps keep children engaged in physical activities, and much more.

Moreover, it is not a magical thing that humans cannot control, but all is in your control, so there is no need to worry. If you still have any confusion, then comment in the below comments section.

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