Do Skateboarders Wear Helmets? – (Pros and Cons)

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A few skateboarders wear helmets; that’s why if people see anyone wearing them, they surprisingly ask do skateboarders wear helmets; however, it is essential to protect them from head injuries because they often lead to death.

Without wasting time, let us dive into the article to know why people ignore helmets, their importance, pros, cons, and the 4 best skateboard helmets.

Why Do Expert Skateboarders Not Wear A Helmet?

Do Skateboarders Wear Helmets?

People who are very proficient in skateboarding think they cannot fall and there is no risk of serious injuries, but you never know what can happen, so you must take preventative measures. The following are the most common reasons for neglecting helmets.


It is not easy to wear a helmet, especially for a teen who wears a hat, because the helmet’s weight is very much and puts pressure on your neck, head, and shoulders.

Moreover, the pressure increases when you are moving downhill, and you have to be treacherous in managing it. Discomfort is the main reason you will get the negative answer of doing skateboarders wear helmets

Security Issues

As long as we wear it on our head, we protect both our head and helmet. However, when we remove it for moving somewhere else, then we cannot carry it everywhere.

Because it is irritating to hold something in hand always, similarly, when we put them somewhere else, we fear losing it as anyone can pick it up from there. Thus for carrying it, you have to be active in protecting it from robbery.


The design and looks of helmets are not updated very much, so they look old-fashioned and odd. That’s why skateboarders do not want to wear it.

However, protection matters more, but it is not considered very much. No old skateboarders are used to wearing a helmet; that’s why newbies also do not wear it as they start thinking it has no benefits and will not compliment our looks.


As skateboarding is not a very dangerous sport, there are rare chances of falling and injuring you because your speed is not very much. That’s why skateboarders have consistently ignored the helmet.

They think wearing a helmet is useless as they cannot fall down thus helmet has not had much value in the view of skateboarders. Due to neglect at such a high level, people do not know do skateboarders wear helmets.

No Compulsion of Helmet

As there are also many rules for citizens’ safety, like the helmet is compulsory for bike riders, and wearing a seat belt is mandatory for drivers. But there are no such rules for skateboarders.

So if a rule will be defined for skateboarders, then it will become general. However, now if someone dares to wear a helmet, he receives so many stares that he stops wearing it and prefers to enjoy skateboarding without people’s unusual attention.

Importance of Helmet

In skateboarding, everything is in your control, and speed is also very slow skateboarders think they will not fall down. It is a standard thought process of expert skateboarders; the thinking process of newbies is also developing in the same way.

But there is nothing that guarantees that you can not fall from the skateboard. It is a hazardous sport because you ride it on the road, so there are many serious head injuries if you accidentally fall down.

Do Skateboarders Wear Helmets?

Head injuries are very deadly, and many people have lost their lives due to head injuries. So it is very essential to provide your head with complete protection and try your best to achieve it.

Now you have a complete idea of their importance and know why skateboarders wear helmets.

Rules In Different Countries

However, now some countries have moved forward towards it and have passed different laws for the safety of their citizen. In California, girls and boys under 18 need to wear protective gear.

Similarly, in the united states, all those who do not have helmets cannot enter the skateboard park. All other states have also passed similar rules for forcing sportspeople to wear a helmet while skateboarding.

Pros of Helmets

Following are the pros of helmets.

  1. Less risk of head injuries
  2. Less recovery time for significant falls.
  3. You will not have to admit to the hospital because of injuries.
  4. Your visibility increases for other drivers on the road due to the bright-colored helmet.

Cons of Helmets

Following are the cons of helmets.

  1. uncomfortable
  2. Do not look cool
  3. Mess up hair

But all these are illogical reasons for not wearing it because safety should be your first priority. Now everybody who asks do skateboarders wear helmets knows their importance.

Buying Guide For Helmet

So as you know how important it is to wear a helmet while skateboarding so you must be looking for buying a good and affordable helmet. Let us discuss its essential features and things to consider.


These are available in almost all sizes, so take a measuring tape and measure the size of your head. Note down the reading and carry them with you to market and buy the same size helmet.

Before buying, you must check it by wearing n your head and make sure it fits your head. Because if it is loose or tight, it will irritate you very much and not be protective.

Safet Proof

Our aim is not just to wear something on our head for show, but we want protection. So make sure your helmet is capable of it. Different institutes check the quality of material then pass it on whether it is protective or not.

The leading institutes are the American society for testing and materials(ASTM), and the consumer product safety committee (CPSC) approves the helmet. So check the inner side of your helmet if it has its stamps; it means that your helmet is approved and will protect you from all kinds of head injuries.


When we wear poorly designed helmets in summer, our heads sweat a lot which goes into our eyes and causes stinging. Moreover, it distracts skateboarders, which can result in serious injuries.

Invest in a helmet designed to give full ventilation and cooling to your head, so there is no distraction due to sweat.

Straps And Rentenstion

These are the things you use for fixing the helmet at its place, so before buying must check whether you feel comfortable in it or not. Similarly, check their size because if they are losing, the helmet will not remain fixed in its place.

If you have tried many helmets and non of them have suitable straps, you can customize them. This is how skateboarders wear helmets.

What are the Best Helmets to Buy?

Following are the 4 best helmets available at different online stores at an affordable price and have all features like comfortable design, ventilation, and padding durability.

1. Thousand Skate Helmet

It has very comfortable, ventilated, and easy to carry. Moreover, you can use it for multiple purposes, like you can use it for cycling also. Many people are very concerned about their looks; this is for them because it is not odd or old-fashioned.Thousand Skate Helmet

Most importantly, it will provide your complete security as you can see that it is ASTM F1492, CPSC, and CE EN1078 approved.

2. TSG Evolution

It has a very stiff and robust outer material that will not crank during central falls. Moreover, it has a fully padded and cushioned inner for giving your head complete protection. It has a low-cut design and density pads, making it super comfortable. TSG Evolution

Furthermore, it has 14 air vents spread all around its surface for providing ventilation and airflow. Best of all, it’s CPSC approved.

3. Pro-Tech Classic

It has adjustable straps, thus easy to fix, and has vents for keeping your head cool. Moreover, it has liner molded pads that are very easy to wear. Its shell is ABS and has a certified EPS liner.

Pro-Tech Classic

Best of all it has a black color which is the favorite color of the majority of people and has an affordable price.

4. JBM

It is best for newbies and children because they do not have enough practice and have a high risk of injury. It is a complete set you get things to wear on your elbows, knees, and head.


So your all body parts are protected with a cushion, and the risk of getting hurt almost reduces to zero. Moreover, all pieces of protective gear are adjustable, easy to wear, and ventilated.

Mainly polyester materials are used in them, which are very strong and elastic. Furthermore, there have PF bars in wrist guards for extra protection.

Final Words

In short, it is crucial to wear a helmet and do not ignore it just because of illogical reasons like it’s uncomfortable, gives bad looks, and messes the hair. Now governments of different countries have started to declare it compulsory.

Moreover, they have designed different rules for skateboarders’ protection. A few best and most affordable helmets are also reviewed.

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