Do Skateboard Wheels Come With Bearings? – Guide

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Do skateboard wheels come with bearings because almost 8 bearings are required for them? However, you can change your bearings according to your experience and riding style.

Let us discuss the complete structure of the bearings, and you will also get to know how to change them.

Why do Skateboard Wheels Come With Bearings?

For smooth rolling of the wheel, bearings are required that why each wheel has two bearings. Moreover, if you want to change the wheels, you can do it quickly because of it.

  • Structure of Bearings

Their bearings consist of two rings, one is significant, and inside it, there is a smaller ring. Both these rings are protected by a cover known as a shield. Between these rings are tiny balls that move the wheel.

Furthermore, balls are enclosed in a cage to keep them in their place. However, if you want to use a skateboard without being covered, it will produce noise.

However, if you want to move at high speed and do not worry about dirt, and noise use bearing without cover.

How To Assemble Bearings With The Wheel?

Follow the given below steps for assembling bearings with the wheel.

1. Get Bearings

Two bearing are attached to the wheels of all skateboards; however, if they are not working correctly and you want to change them. Then go to the nearby market and brigs bearings for your skateboard of a suitable size.

2. Remove Wheels

Take the skate tool, then remove the wheel with its help. Make sure you place the washers and nuts in a suitable place so you can use them later.

Do Skateboard Wheels Come With Bearings?

3. Fixation of the First Bearing

Now take a bearing and place it on the edge of the truck’s axle; this is how to remove the old bearings. Now put the new bearings on the truck in the hole of the wheel.

Then put the wheel on the truck and press it downward so that the bearings can be fixed tightly at their place. Place the spacer inside the wheel on its other side.

Follow a similar process for changing the bearings of all wheels. After changing bearings join the wheels.

How To Remove The Bearings From The Wheel?

In case your bearings are new, but wheels have stopped working, then remove your bearings from them. Following are the steps for removing the bearings from the wheel

  1. Adjust it so that its bearing faces upwards by turning your deck towards it.
  2. Now lose the nut axle.
  3. Then remove the speed ring.
  4. Now remove the wheel from the axel.
  5. Then adjust it loosely at an angle.
  6. Do not apply much pressure because then bearings will get damaged.

This is how you can remove your bearing from the wheels. Must keep all parts with care because if they get damaged, then they do not fit well, and you will have to pay for their maintenance.

How To Keep Skateboard Bearing Clean?

Bearings start rusting when coming in contact with water, so avoid their contact with water. Try your best and do not go outside when it is raining. Similarly, if you want to clean it, then do not use water.

If you are about to oil its bearing, then first clean them; otherwise, you will cause a decrease in the performance of bearings.

How To Clean Skateboard Bearing?

Bearings’ performance decreases, and they become rough with use, so clean them for smoothening them again and increasing their lifetime. Following are the things you need for cleaning.

  • A cleaning container.
  • Cleaning fluids like acetone, brake cleaner.
  • Lubricant and bearing oil
  • Dropcloth or gloves


If you do not have a particular cleansing container, then you can use any bowl; similarly, the cloth must be dirt-absorbing. Moreover, acetone can cause damage to your health. So deal with it carefully.

Steps For Cleaning Bearings

Please do not use any local thing to clean the bearing because local liquid can damage them, so follow the steps given below to clean them thoroughly.

1. Remove Bearings

First of all, remove the bearings from the wheel. The complete process of removing the bearings is given above.

2.  Remove Their Covers

Now carefully remove the covers of the bearing that are made of rubber.

3. Please Place Them In A Cleansing Tank

Now put all the separated bearings in the cleansing tank such that all bearings are separate from each other. Make sure their balls face upwards, and their cage is facing downwards.

4. Fill The Tank With Cleaning Fluid

Now fill the cleansing water in the tank, and seal the tank with its cover. Now hold the tank and shake it; after that, keep the tank for a few minutes so that the liquid can get the time for reaction.

5. Dry The Bearings

Now take the bearings out of liquid carefully, then remove the water from them by gently tapping their surface. Then keep them in a safe place so they can dry completely.

6. Lubricate The Bearings

Now you have to lubricate them with oil, so take a suitable oil and apply it all on the bearings carefully. Hold the inner rings with the thumb and index finger and move the outer rings for distributing the oil properly.

Do Skateboard Wheels Come With Bearings?

7. Attach The Shields

The shield you remove from them has attached again because they provide extra protection and keep them neat and clean. However, the speed of bearings will decrease due to shields.

Final Words

In a nutshell, bearings are essential for the smooth turning of wheels, and they are attached to the wheel of skateboards. However, if you want to change them, buy the bearings of your wheel size and follow the steps mentioned above.

If you have any queries or cannot change your bearings, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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