Selena Samuela Peloton Tread Instructor Biography, Married, Age

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Growing up in Italy and Hawaiian state of mind is a special combination of Selena Samuela peloton’s instructor. The first thing you will learn from her is patience and consistency. Selena is a boxing coach in the United States of America. Samuela has no Wikipedia page yet but her information is available on some popular internet forums. She was born in Italy and moved to the United States when she was 11.

Selena has a stunning and graceful personality. In comparison her height and toned body attract people. She is an amateur boxer and a boxing teacher in the United States. Wonder about how old is Susie chan? I already covered this visit to know.

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Selena’s Biography

NameSelena Samuela
Relationship StatusMarried (Matt Virtue)


The Early Life of Selena

Selena Samuela was born and raised in Italy and then she moved to The United States of America at the age of 11. She has a strong family background in fitness and sports. Samuela belongs to a family which is full of soccer stars. So growing up with them is a fitness blessing for her. Selena is blessed that she has caring parents, including her mother whose name is Sonia Simeoni.

Personal Life of Selena Samuela

Personal Life of Selena Samuela

The exact age of this boxing teacher is still unidentified but she is in her 20s. Selena Samuela announced her engagement in May 2021 and within a year she got married. Her husband is a tech CEO and his name is Matt Virtue. Selena announced her pregnancy during an arm and shoulder class that she is pregnant and her husband Matt was with her during this session. She announced her pregnancy on Sunday, 5 June 2022.

Fitness Journey of Selena Samuela

The fitness journey of Samuela starts in her family background where professional soccer players are in her home. A family where sports and fitness are a complete lifestyle. But Selena explored the true soul of fitness after moving to Hawaii College. She relocated to New York where she shifted her career to as an amateur boxer, teaching boxing and training.

Selena and Peloton

Selena Samuela is a combination of a Hawaiian state of mind with an Italian upbringing. She was raised in a soccer player’s family. Samuela explored the spiritual side of fitness while studying at Hawaii College. Samuela brings empowering energy to teaching members at Peloton. She loves to teach people how they can unleash their power which can help them accomplish the goals they thought they never can achieve.

Selena and Peloton

Selena strongly believes that there is a fire burning inside us. We are all capable of doing those things which we think are impossible to do. She loves to share those things with her members which helps her to access that fire inside us. This is what she wants to do on the Peloton Tread.

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Italian trainer wants people to know that she has got their back. She wants to push everyone to set new standards every day. Getting new power, running faster, and having a little more heart every day is the goal for her members.

Outside Peloton

You can find Samuela in boxing gloves or on a surfboard when she is not on the tread at Peloton. She feels fulfilled and satisfied with being perfect with mother nature. This nature-loving thing gives her the power and motivation to work even harder and better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Selena Samuela get married? 

Selena Samuela got married within a year of announcing her engagement in May 2021. She got married to tech CEO Matt Virtue.

What did Selene Samuela do before Peloton? 

Samuela has grown up in Italy in a family of soccer players. A family where sports is a lifestyle and there are professional soccer players. After moving to Hawaii College she developed a passion for fitness. Selena relocated to New York and she shifted her career to training, teaching boxing, and amateur boxer.

Where did Selena Samuela go to college?

Selena left her school and headed to Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York. Salma Hayek and Bryce Dallas Howard are famous names among the alumni of this prestigious institute.

Is Selena Samuela Peloton Pregnant?

Selena announced her pregnancy during an arm and shoulder class that she is pregnant and her husband Matt was with her during this session. She announced her pregnancy on Sunday, 5 June 2022. She is excited to welcome her baby. Moreover, she said that she is a little bit too eating pasta before class.

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