Sam Yo Peloton Bike Instructor Biography, Early Life, Fitness Journey

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Sam Yo peloton’s instructor is a pro at many things but his motivation is one of his prime qualities. Sam is a multi-talented person and he has years of experience in different fields. He has 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and 15 years of the fitness industry.

He spent his two passions in life and those passions are arts and fitness. He claims himself a student of many disciplines. Sam knows the art of learning and absorbing new things.

Sam Yo Peloton

Sam has double-decade theatre experience and later transferred himself from theatre to TV and Film. Yo has taught boxing combat, prime flow, boot camp, and indoor cycling. Sam also provided one-to-one personal training.

Sam Yo joined the peloton in 2019 and he is grateful for this opportunity. He has shared a picture with his nephew but Sam has no kids.

Sam Yo Biography

  • Name: Sam Yo
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 35-40
  • Nationality: Thai
  • Marital Status: Single


Insta: yoiamsamyo/

Sam yo Insta

Twitter: yoiamsamyo

Sam yo twitter

Facebook: SamYoPeloton

Sam yo Facebook

The Early Life of Sam 

Sam is a Thai national and he was born in Thailand. He was grown up in England. Graduated from LABAN in 1999. He managed his diploma in movement and dance and West End Debut. “Thoroughly Modern Millie” is one of my favorite shows Sam Yo. He has posted some pictures with his parents but he didn’t share their names.

Entertainment Career of Sam

Sam graduated from LABAN in 1999 and then a diploma in movement and dance. He debuted in 2000 in “The King & I”. Sam also made his appearance in Aladdin. Sam ended his 20 years theatre career in 2018 and it was an emotionally tricky time for him. Sam was featured in BBC, Variety, and The London Theatre.

Sam Yo peloton

Sam transferred his talent from theatre to TV and feature Films. He started with a role on Victoria Cross alongside Loki.

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Sam Yo was working with the mastermind behind Matrix films. He was featured in 20th Century Fox, WB, and Summit Entertainment.

Fitness Journey of Sam Yo

Sam Yo has a Level 3 Diploma (The Young Men’s Christian Association) YMCA. He has also cycling certified from YMCA, KEISER, VELOCITY, and SCHWINN.

Yo has provided different types of coaching and training to his members. He has taught high-end group classes, Boxing Combat, Indoor Cycling, and Primal Flow. These are not the only things he has done, Yo has provided One on One Personal Training.

Sam Yo and Peloton 

Sam Yo is a pro at many things but he has no match when he arrives for motivation and inspiration. Members reach their best with the help of their motivation.

From theatre to ring, and dance floor to music room Sam performed everywhere. Arts and fitness are his life passions and he spends his whole life studying his passions.

Sam is based in the UK and ready to challenge you to go further. He is teaching live rides at Peloton from the London studio.

Sam Yo and Peloton 

Yo motivates his members by reminding them why there are here? He adds this motivation to start his training and wants everyone back for more.

Outside Peloton

There is a long list of things that Sam Yo does outside Peloton. He loves music and movies or you can catch him on the couch with a comedy series or drama. Yo is purely an entertainment enthusiast. He already performed many things in the entertainment industry as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old is Peloton instructor Sam Yo?

Sam is around 35-40 years old. Personally, he has not opened up about his age precisely. Some other internet sources claim that his age is 41 as of now.

What ethnicity is Sam Yo?

As a Thai-Chinese Ross always felt there was more he could discover about his culture.

Is Sam Yo Married?

It seems to be alone because Sam has not revealed or discussed so much about his marriage and sex life.

Was Sam yo a monk?

Yes, Sam was a Buddhist monk.

What nationality is Sam Yo?

Sam Yo is a Thai national.

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