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Ross Rayburn is a name of trust and faith in the human spirit. He faced a sports-related injury over 20 years ago. It was a difficult time for him when he even can’t touch his toes. Ross recovered from this thing and this recovery process gave him a lot of faith in healing energy.

Rayburn has a charismatic personality and his love for fitness is a perfect example of his passion for life. After learning from personal experiences Rayburn became a scholar of physical healing. He has a detailed analysis of biomechanics as well. Ross has the experience to deal with the human body and its workings.

Ross is a socially active person. He loves to connect with people and make new friends. Ross Rayburn visited more than thirty countries and connected with many people around the globe. His techniques and methods are helping people to heal their injuries. He has worked with many artists, athletes, and dancers in past.

Ross’s Biography

  • Name: Ross Rayburn
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Yoga Instructor



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Fitness Journey of Ross

Ross Rayburn started yoga in 1997 following a knee injury which was an important turn in his life. Rayburn became a certified yoga teacher in 2003. In Los Angeles, he opened a Yogainsideout in 2004. After 3 years in 2007, Ross followed the path of a yoga instructor full-time and never looked back. He has a unique record of teaching yoga in 30 countries and more than 100 cities. Ross has the quality that he can teach some of the most sophisticated aspects of yoga.

Ross Rayburn and Peloton

Peloton keeps promoting and growing with their currently working peloton instructors. Ross Rayburn has been promoted as Yoga Master Instructor. The yoga team has worked harder and produced quality yoga which created value for Peloton. Ross is an important part of Peloton. Members who join Ross Rayburn’s sessions, miss him even later when they are not on the yoga mat.

Ross Rayburn Peloton

Ross Rayburn is such a friendly person and he loves to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Rayburn is a strong believer in the human spirit. He invites people to his class so people can get their authentic and real selves.

Rayburn loves yoga because yoga is the only thing that allows him to explore this world from a unique philosophical angle. Ross has another amazing quality in that he is open to learning and exploring new things like he loves to explore the world. He absorbs different ways to approach yoga. Rayburn feels fulfilled and satisfied after helping others in this way.

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Ross has a unique style to motivate others with their spirits. He used to say that everyone has been through painful and challenging experiences in life. There are few things in ourselves, if we recognize them we can accomplish anything in our lives.

Outside of Peloton

Ross Rayburn Peloton Yoga Instructor

Ross Rayburn loves to travel and explore the world. He is also a certified scuba diver. The theater is another thing that he loves even though he married a theatre director. Rayburn is always surrounded by talented dancers and singers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did Ross Rayburn join peloton?

Ross joined the Peloton in March 2019 as 4th Peloton yoga instructor. He is growing on this forum.

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