Recumbent Bike Before and After Results | How Did She Lose 27 lbs?

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The story I will narrate in this article isn’t my story. It is a story of my friend Robert’s wife, Julia.

One day, she came desperately to me with a request and thousands of hopes on her face. Her visit wasn’t alone. She brought diabetes type-2, hypertension, obesity with 117 pounds, and fatty liver along with her.

As a fitness enthusiast among my friends and family connections, everyone knows I would have been ready with the magic solution for their health problems. Thus, she came with the same hope.

In this article, we’ll see what suggestions and tips I gave to her with just single equipment, a recumbent bike. In this article, we will closely look at Julia’s miraculously recumbent bike before and after results and how she lost 27 pounds in just two months.

The blueprint I gave to Julia is the same notes I’ll suggest you must follow in order to shed the overburdened weight from your body.

Let’s examine it together.

Recumbent Bike Before and After Results – What was her Initial Diagnosis?

According to a WHO report, obesity among people has tripled since 1975. It’s a curse on their body as it deteriorates their physical health, which they feel in the form of diseases and mental health as they continuously face torturous behavior from their surrounding.

When she arrived, Julia told me, “Denis, I am going through a lot of trouble. I have seen substantial changes in my body after giving birth to our two lovely sons. Now, I weigh 117 pounds and have diabetes type-2, hypertension, etc. All these require me to take medicines daily, which I hate.”

If you are reading these paras, then 80% of you might have the same problems as Julia had before. You would be overweight, you couldn’t walk properly, you couldn’t fit in your clothes easily, eat junked food, non-disciplinary lifestyle, and you’d be in abyssal pain. Am I right?

If the answer is yes, then I’m not claiming that I’m the solution to your worries, but I can say that if you follow my advice, you’ll see a meaningful change in yourself.

The case of Julia was simple for me. As she was obese, couldn’t walk and sit properly, didn’t do any exercise before, and had back problems due to her recent pregnancy. Therefore, the recumbent bike seemed like a great option as it has the potential to solve all in one problem.

Why Recumbent bike initially?

Many readers send me their Recumbent bike before and after results every week.

Because many physiotherapists and fitness trainers have proved that if you paddle for 25 to 30 minutes daily, you can burn 400-500 calories a day, which will become 3500 calories a week, and you’ll shed off 8 pounds a month.

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Another reason for using a recumbent bike is that it is friendly and comfortable for people with a weight of more than 100 lbs and have a similar condition as Julia used to suffer.

How did the recumbent bike prove to be a game changer for Julia and how it can turn around your life? Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to see the recumbent bike before and after results.

Recumbent Bike Before and After Results

Step 1: Your Diet is Important

You’d be wondering that if Julia used to peddle on a recumbent bike then how did she lose 27lbs in just 2 months? Because above I wrote that if you consistently paddle on the recumbent bike, you’ll lose 8lbs a month and 16lbs within 2 months. Yes, it’s true.

But to lose more you need to adopt a collective strategy.

The first and foremost important suggestion I gave to Julia to follow daily, was to start loving the Green diet. A green diet means, green vegetables, and fruits that are rich in nutrients. It has to be included in her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And completely abandoned junked food, fat, and sugar-rich diet.

In addition to that, she has to drink post-workout wheatgrass or cucumber juice with it.

Everyone can follow this same diet as it is recommended by many nutritionists to all those who are on a weight loss journey.

Step 2: Buying a Recumbent Bike

To discern the real results, one must have a recumbent bike if he/she doesn’t have one before. If you are buying a recumbent bike for the first time, then it is very important to systematically analyze the pros and cons of your huge investment in this exercise bike.

The question of budgeting should be the top priority like how much would it cost you to buy a recumbent bike? If you can’t bear the total expense of it, then there is an option of renting it.

These were the major bullet points I gave to Julia and the main features you should look for in a recumbent bike before buying it.

  • It should have comfortable and adjustable seats
  • The paddles of the recumbent bike must be flexible and cozy.
  • Resistance should be up to eight.
  • Must have an LCD screen, if you want to have one.
  • It should be budget friendly

Step 3: Making Mindset

No matter where the human being aims in life, whether it is the moon landing or reaching the summit of K2, every destination has one thing in common. The passion to achieve their goals, the decision to be made prior to starting their journey, and building a winner mindset are the essential ingredients of all successful personalities ever lived in this world.

Julia came to me in a very disturbed mental state. She lost confidence in whether to face people’s judgment or attend any function. She used to be called an extrovert but timely she had embraced introvert qualities in herself.

It just requires a growth mindset from you to shed off the pile of pounds from your body. To build a growth mindset, you have to believe in your inner qualities, the quality of improving by 1% on daily basis, and distracting yourself from non-productive habits.

To keep your motivation up to mark, you should record your weight loss journey from the first day onwards. Click pictures of every single moment on your Cellphone. This will remind you of what you were yesterday and what you hope to become tomorrow.

It helped Julia and I believe that it will help you as well.

Step 4: Using Recumbent Bike

Once Julia bought her first recumbent bike, she came to me with the request to make a proper plan for her. Buying a recumbent bike isn’t enough, you must use it for its intended purpose. People often make mistakes here because they don’t know how to paddle on a recumbent bike, how long to give, etc.

Here is the exact method I gave to Julia and you should also follow the same to see the recumbent bike before and after the results.

  • If you are a beginner-level paddler for the stationary bike, then I’d recommend that first make your habitual with it. Be sure to get into your workout suit, drink lots of water, and eat a pre-workout meal before you start.
  • Start with lower intensity by paddling your first 5 to 8 minutes interval. Make sure that your glutes and abdomen muscles are active while you are paddling. The lower intensity will give your confidence and will help you to stick to it.
  • Gradually increase the resistance level of your recumbent bike. Increase the intensity of your paddling and continue it for 10 minutes. This high-level intensity of anaerobic exercise will maximize the burning of stored calories from your body by increasing the heart rate and using energy from the excess stored fats.
  • Remember that you have to use your recumbent bike for 25-30 minutes on daily basis. So to keep your motivation up to the sky, try to maintain consistency on paddles. If you keep switching from high to low-intensity levels, you’ll get better results. As a result, your body won’t be under total pressure.
  • This is the plan you should follow: 5-8 minutes of lower intensity, followed by increasing resistance level, and 10 minutes of high intensity, followed by lowering and increasing intensity every 5 minutes.

These were the same step-by-step notes I suggested to Julia, and she exactly followed the same path. She was very focused and consistent throughout her whole weight loss journey. If you know a clear destination where you want to go, then no amount of power can stop you to be there. Julia’s journey was very emotional and inspiring for me and I hope it’d be yours too.

The next important question is, Is a Recumbent bike enough to lose weight?

No, Julia wasn’t dependent on a recumbent bike only. In addition to that, she used to go for a morning walk for 30 minutes, she completely abandoned the non-healthy diet from her life, and she used to do jumps, planks, and abs exercises. This is why I wrote above that you need a collective strategy to lose weight. Hence, Julia was able to lose 27 pounds in just two months.


I don’t have a single story of Julia but thousands and thousands of the same stories I have which I can share with you. But the story isn’t important to look at but rather the message to absorb.

That if you have lost confidence in yourself and suffering from a back injury, or you want to lose a substantial amount of weight then a recumbent bike provides a solution to all these problems.

After reading this whole blog, I’d like someone from you to share their story of the recumbent bike before and after results and to be an inspiration to someone around the world who is seeking hope. My readers and I are eagerly awaiting your transformation and your sharing of what you have done and how you have done it.

Thanks for reading!

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