Rebecca Kennedy Peloton Tread Instructor Bio, Journey

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Rebecca has a rich professional profile in the fitness world. She is a multitalented instructor. A certified fitness trainer has a background in dance, gymnastics, and the field. She is one of the most famous peloton fitness instructors with excellent communication skills.

Rebecca Kennedy was involved in physical activities at a very young age. Choosing a major in dancing, she kept interested in gymnastics. Now she is leading tread classes at peloton to help members to improve their health and lose weight. Rebecca loves to celebrate every moment of her life and empower herself with positivity.

Rebecca’s Fitness Journey 

She has an extraordinarily appealing body with divine estimations. Rebecca Kennedy is a wellness model too. Previously she was a cheerleader in or NFL. She has been consistently a wellness enthusiast. Different classes for her members are mentioned on her official site too.

Rebecca’s Biography

  • Name: Rebecca Kennedy
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: Single

The early age of Rebecca Kennedy

At a very early age, Rebecca started different physical activities. Blonder hair girl graduated from Dean College. Dance was his major and she did a minor in business. She kept her interest in gymnastics during her college life.

Rebecca’s Fitness Journey 

Their fitness journey of Rebecca is really interesting and motivating for others. She started her physical fitness career as a dancer during her college time. She is a former boot camp instructor and Nike master trainer.

She always aims to make her work out the best part of the day. She fueled her members with motivation during her sessions.

Rebecca’s Fitness Journey 

Additionally, Rebecca was a cheerleader for NFL. Being a wellness model is also part of her career. Currently, she is living in LA and is in a Wilhelmina wellness model. She has a remarkably appealing body and looks.

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Kennedy always keeps her occupied with fitness and wellness. Besides these achievements you can see her working with Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour.

On the top, she has a bit intense routine to make you wonder. She has a quality to wonder anyone what does she eat or what she does to stay energized? But the answer is simply that she is doing and showing the results not just speaking. Rebecca has been featured in Runner World, Fitness, and Self and Health Magazine.

Rebecca Kennedy and Peloton 

Rebecca has a background in gymnastics, dance, and track & field. As a former boot camp instructor and a Nike master trainer, Kennedy aims that your workout session with her should be the best part of the day.

Rebecca Kennedy and Peloton 

She loves to celebrate every movement and enabling over positivity. Kennedy has a unique quality that she can fuel up lazy people to work out. Beautiful Rebecca has excellent communication skills.

Kennedy empowers her members every day for movement because she believes in the power of movement. She used to say that challenges are not roadblocks, they are reminders that we are more capable than we think and stronger than we can imagine.

Outside Peloton

Rebecca Kennedy has some other passions too. She loves to travel and cook. Exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and trying local food are included in her hobbies. Adventure is in her blood because she always tries to conquer her fears with courage and by climbing mountains.


Rebecca’s Diet Plan

Breakfast: Coffee with Collagen and MGT oil. Rebecca takes hot water with organic lime juice and sea salt right after waking up.

Post-workout Snack: After a workout, she takes a smoothie with one scoop of ChaiXymogen protein powder. Four cups of blueberries, a banana, half a cup of unsweetened oat milk, and half a cup of water. Sometimes she eats fruit after a workout. Have some fruit so they can hold her till dinner.

Lunch: Rebecca takes English muffins, scrambled eggs, sauerkraut, and broccoli rice.

Dinner: Usually she takes a cup of butternut squash and a roasted cup of broccoli. Sometimes Rebecca takes white vine. Then at the end of the day, she takes another hot water with organic lime juice and sea salt right like the way she started her day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much weight has Rebecca Kennedy?

Rebecca Kennedy lost 60 pounds’ weight over course of three years.

Who is Rebecca Kennedy? 

A certified fitness trainer has a background in dance, gymnastics, and the field. She is one of the most famous peloton fitness instructors with excellent personality and skills.

What did Rebecca Kennedy do before the peloton?

Rebecca was Nike’s master trainer and former boot camp instructor and much more.

Where did Rebecca Kennedy grow up?

She grew up in Boston.

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