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If we talk about Rad Lopez so discussing boxing is inevitable. It’s not a secret that boxing is having a moment. It is such a type of support that created legends like Tyson and many others. Boxing is a favorite sport for many models and celebs. Rad Lopez is now Peloton instructor.

The 30 years old Rad is a New Yorker and remembers the big family gatherings for the fights.

Rad is soft-spoken but resilient. And his main source of confidence is competition and sports. It took years of effort, hard work, and boxing to lead him into training and fitness coaching.

Mental and physical strengths and power are the keys to Rad’s classes.

He believes that being mentally and physically strong is a blessing. If you want to be useful to anyone, you need to be fit and strong first. It’s a beautiful thing if you inspire others.

Rad Lopez Pelotoon

People should take inspiration from you and make themselves feel confident in their lives.

Rad Lopez’s Biography

  • Name: Radichell
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 30 Years
  • Nationality: American
  • Insta: @radlopz
  • Tiktok: @radlopez

Rad’s Journey of Fitness

Rad started his fitness career in his early stage of life. At the age of 16, he got into boxing. It is a very long journey of fitness. Lopez’s is an unmatchable and distinctive Bronx Kid. Rad was born and grew up in Bronx, New York.

Rad Lopez Peloton Instructor

He formerly taught shadowboxing and boxing at Shadowbox, New York. But then an unfortunate incident happened and the company filed for bankruptcy.

Rad Lopez has developed and grown his own brand “The Rad One”, which has merchandise and shirts. Rad used to say that boxing is not just a sport, it is great physical exercise and also great for mental clarity. It is also a mood booster for anyone.

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He usually doesn’t advise people. But one thing he suggests to the people is that when you see something on social media, don’t compare yourself with them immediately. He Always motivates others that people should keep progressing and make their today better than yesterday.

Rad and Peloton

There are many qualities in Peloton instructors. They are incredibly aspirational, powerful, fit, and hot by design. With the help of their experiences and their life journey, they guide their members and trainees in a perfect manner. Rad joined Peloton as an instructor of upper strength.

Rad Lopez and peloton

Rad has a unique style of training. He’ll lead you in a workout with a little tough love. He aims to inspire others to make them feel more self-confident and energetic. His joining Peloton is a sign that Peloton wants boxing training on its priority list. Rad’s training classes are based in a New York studio.

Rad outside Peloton

Lopez always tries to learn new things. Whether how to make a new dish for dinner or a new instrument. He is a huge fan of his city so that’s why he loves to find and try new things. He spends his most of the time with family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old is rad from Peloton?

The instructor from Peloton Rad Lopez is 30 years old.

Is Rad Lopez Peloton?

Rad joined Peloton as upper strength instructor and coach.

Is Rad Lopez Dominican?

Rad was born in the Bronx, New York in an energetic Dominican household.

What is Rad Lopez’s real name?

The real name of Rad Lopez is Rdichell and he is really proud of his name. But Rad is also a fun thing for him.

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