Peloton Screen Swivel Hack – [Tips & Tricks]

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While enjoying the peloton ride, you might get a thought that it is possible for you to swivel your peloton screen. The same thought came to our mind did research about it; is there any peloton screen swivel hack that can help me to swivel screen?

After detailed research, we can say that there is more than one hack to rotate a Peloton screen. It’s more than just a Peloton bike with a swiveling screen.

With so many possibilities to discuss, we’ve compiled complete details about the Peloton screen swivel hack. Here goes.

Peloton Screen Swivel Hack

Peloton Screen Swivel Hack

So, supposing you own the original Peloton bike and want to be able to rotate your screen? Well, excellent news.

There is a simple hack to do this task. It requires the purchase of an attachment or adapter that transforms the stationary (i.e., non-rotating) Peloton tablet into a rotating or swiveling one.

What Are The Screen Rotation Adapters?

An adapter allows the handlebars to be moved closer to the rider. There are two variations of the adjustment for the handlebars. Additionally, there are distinct versions of the original Peloton and the Bike Plus.

However, for the screen swivel, you should purchase The Pivot. This simple-to-install piece allows you to rotate the screen on your Peloton bike.

The Pivot is an excellent device that can be fitted by any Peloton Bike user adept with a screwdriver. It lets you rotate your screen 360 degrees, allowing you to see it from any angle.

It significantly improves your exercises and removes the need for a second screen while doing Peloton’s non-cycling activities.

How Much Can The Peloton Screen Be Rotated?

Peloton Screen Swivel Hack

Additionally, you may rotate the screen so that it faces away from your bike. My bike illustrates its swivel ability, as seen in the image I’ve provided.

Finally, the screen may be rotated 180 degrees away from the bike but cannot be rotated 360 degrees. In other words, it doesn’t swivel 360 degrees.

Either turn it to the right, 180 degrees, and then return. Alternately, you may turn it left and then 180 degrees. Then you must return it in the direction it came.

Does The Peloton Display screen swivel?

Only two of the products manufactured by Peloton include a swiveling screen. That is unconventional if you will.

In other words, the technology incorporates the capability to rotate the screen. There are no hacks or add-ons required to enable the screen to swivel. (More on each of these subjects in a moment.)

Which Pelotons feature swivel-capable displays?

  1. Peloton Bike Plus, which was released by the firm in 2020.
  2. Peloton Row, which was presented by the firm in 2022.

Here are the steps to convert a Peloton bike into a screen

Want to transfer your exercise from the Peloton Bike to the floor? Here are what you must do to rotate the screen to the left, right, or 360 degrees.

  1. Ensure that the screen is perfectly parallel to the floor.
  2. When attempting to turn, the screen will collide with the handlebars if slanted.
  3. Two, you may rotate the screen to the left or right
  4. after the screen is vertically centered.
  5. Depending on the space available next to your bike, you may select which side to choose.

What Function Does Pivot Play In Peloton Screen Swivel?

The Pivot allows you to tilt the screen up and down, which is fantastic if you work on the floor. Functional Workouts on Peloton include weightlifting, stretching, and yoga. They are wonderful additions to the riding routines.

However, the inability to rotate the screen of the Peloton Bike makes it difficult to remain next to the bike while retaining a pleasant view of the video material.

Therefore, The Pivot is perhaps the best Peloton hack. It expands the utility of the bike for a vast array of various exercises. Adding a swivel to your Peloton lets you view Netflix and other streaming services from any position on the bike.

The Pivot for Peloton is simple to install and requires no bike adjustments. The matching Peloton screen swivel includes installation instructions and all necessary mounting hardware.

It can take you around 20 minutes to complete the installation.


Want to transfer your exercise from the Peloton Bike to the floor? So the users usually prefer exercising by adjusting the screen according to their needs. For them, Pivot is a must-have item in our view.

It is the most effective Peloton screen-swivel hack. It transforms the bike into the main fitness display for various non-cycling materials. And it is a relatively inexpensive accessory for such an expensive workout bike. It makes the update obvious. By reading this article, you might get all the answers to your questions properly.

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