Peloton Bike Won’t Turn On – [Problems & Easy Solutions]

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The Peloton bike has mechanical and electrical parts, meaning anything can stop working at any moment. Sometimes you may go through a phase where your Peloton bike won’t turn on.

Don’t worry; there may be various reasons that can be fixed easily at home.

You have paid a decent amount to buy a Peloton bike. Therefore, you must take proper care of the fitness equipment. If your Peloton bike screen won’t turn on after moving, here are some common issues you must address.

Peloton bikes may suffer two types of problems: electrical and mechanical. Let’s take a look at each one briefly.

Peloton bike Electrical issues

Peloton Bike Won’t Turn On

Remember, both the Peloton bike and Peloton bike+ have the same connections with only a few exceptions (which are highlighted down below)

Your Peloton must have a loose connection appropriately connected if it doesn’t turn on. Check connections at the power brick, the bottom of the bike, above the resistance mechanism, and finally, on the back of the display panel when your bike is plugged in.

These connections may disconnect over time, but fortunately, reestablishing them is relatively simple if you know where to look.

The plug and brick

First of all, and I know it sounds basic, double-check that the power source for your Peloton is connected completely.

The power cord is fully attached to the power brick and inserted into the wall.

Try plugging another gadget into the same outlet if you’re unsure. If the appliance lights up, the outlet works correctly, and you can keep using it. Most People don’t pay attention to the problem.

The power supply line that came with your bike can become detached from the power brick, rendering your bike completely powerless. Your Peloton won’t switch on if this cable is not positioned correctly or snugly.

If everything is appropriately attached, then the green light on the power brick should light on.

Display panel

Just behind the touch display panel, you ought to be able to see wires entering the rear of your Peloton bike. Verify that these cables are still attached.

When kids yank on these cables, occasionally, they can come loose. Your Peloton bike display won’t turn on if they are not linked.

The audio should be connected on the left, and the power supply should be linked on the right if you’re facing the rear of the bike’s display.

If you have Peloton Bike+, make sure to plug in the audio in the top port and their USB-C power cable in the middle port.

Bikes base

The base of the bike, towards the back, is another area to inspect. The power supply cord is connected to the base via an adapter. Your Peloton won’t operate if that adapter is not tightly connected.

To ensure everything is secure, simply remove the adaptor and rejoin it.

This adapter features a white light that will shine if appropriately connected (if you have the Bike+.)

Resistance mechanism

It’s time to check the power connection by looking up the resistance mechanism.

Take your time with this because it is by far the most complicated connection to see and reconnect to. If you have one, a child with small hands might be useful in this phase.

It is recommended to first check-up under the resistance mechanism and get yourself situated by using a flashlight or the flash on your smartphone.

On the left side of the Peloton bike, there are two connections.

On the right side of the bike, there is only one UBC-C connector for the Bike+.

As the wire in this location isn’t really effectively secured, it happens much more frequently on the Bike+ for this connection to go loose.

The two connections have a protective covering and are secured in place on the Bike model.

Make sure that these wires are connected in any circumstances before going forward.

Peloton bike Mechanical issue

Peloton Bike Won’t Turn On

Handlebars and pedals

If your Peloton bike’s handlebars aren’t functioning, try first unplugging it and then plugging it back in.

The connection between the handlebars and the bike might be reset by doing this, making them functional once more.

You can do the same to the pedal of the bike. However, if the issue still persists, then there might be a fault in the bike’s mechanical or electrical components. It is strongly advised to claim the warranty if your bike has one or hire a professional rather than undertaking the task yourself.

Sleep mode

The bike might have entered sleep mode if it hadn’t been used for a while. Press the power button to make the bike come to life.


If the bike still fails to turn on, then there might be a problem with the bike’s software. The only thing that can be done is either to claim the warranty or hire a professional to troubleshoot and repair the software.

Other Possible Reasons

A loose or bad connection is usually the reason for a Peloton not switching on.

Make sure the power outlet you’re using is operational Check to see if you’re plugged in and that the power brick is connected. Verify the power adapter at the bike’s base. Make sure the wires are connected, thereby checking underneath the resistance mechanism.

Verify the integrity of the connections on the display panel’s back. Press and hold the power button on the display’s back for around 5 seconds once you are certain that everything is connected correctly. The display should turn on.

In addition, if the pedals or handlebars don’t function properly, try unplugging and re-plugging the bike. This tactic usually solves most of the problems. If the issue still persists, you might have to hire a professional.

Final words

Peloton bikes are expensive, and you can’t afford to replace them now and then. Therefore, it is better to maintain the bike in proper working condition with regular maintenance. However, problems are everywhere, and your bike may fail to turn on sometimes. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned solutions to turn on your Peloton bike and enjoy workout sessions with your favorite Peloton instructor.


Does the Peloton bike have a reset button?

Peloton bike comes with a reset button. Navigate to the settings and select systems. You will find a factory reset option there.

How to turn Peloton on after shutting down?

The Peloton touchscreen or video monitor has a power button on the backside. Press the button to power on your Peloton bike.

Can I reset my Peloton touchscreen?

Press and hold the Volume Up button combined with the power button to reset your Peloton touchscreen. When the Peloton logo appears on the touchscreen, you have successfully reset the touchscreen.

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