Best Peloton Beatles Rides – [Complete Guide]

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The Beatles are a renowned group whose music has endured through the ages. With specially tailored Beatles rides, fans of the Fabulous Four can now ride a Peloton cycle and listen to their music.

These rides allow cyclists to listen to the Beatles’ well-known songs while exercising. Without wasting any time, let’s discuss the best Peloton Beatles rides to fix your workouts.

Best Peloton Beatles Rides – From the Hills to the Rides

Robin Arzon (The Beatles Classics Ride)

Best Peloton Beatles Rides

For any fan of the Fab Four, Robin Arzon’s Beatles ride is a must-try. She is one of the most well-liked Peloton instructors. This ride includes well-known Beatles songs like “Yellow Submarine” and “All You Need is Love,” and Robin’s coaching approach is upbeat and inspirational.

All levels of bikers will love this journey, which is a terrific opportunity to listen to the Beatles’ music while getting in a great workout.

Ross Rayburn (The Beatles Yoga Flow)

Best Peloton Beatles Rides

The Beatles Yoga Flow with Ross Rayburn is a fantastic choice for individuals who want a low impact workout. Yoga and the Beatles’ timeless music are combined in this session to create a distinctive and fun workout.

Ross has a soothing and peaceful coaching style, and the Beatles music will keep you inspired throughout the lesson. It’s safe to say you wouldn’t get bored of this class anytime soon.

Emma Lovewell (The Beatles Ride)

Best Peloton Beatles Rides

A well-liked Peloton instructor, Emma Lovewell, is known for her Beatles ride. This ride incorporates classic Beatles tunes, such as “Hey Jude” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” and suits riders of all levels. Thanks to Emma’s inspirational and upbeat coaching style, it’s a fun and tough ride.

This class is more suited for people who wish to have a more intermediate workout while jamming to the timeless music of the Beatles.

Ally Love (The Beatles Ride)

Best Peloton Beatles Rides

The Beatles ride another example of Ally Love’s encouraging and upbeat coaching style. This route, which includes classic Beatles songs like “Twist and Shout” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” is ideal for riders on all skill levels.

Ally’s contagious enthusiasm will keep you inspired throughout the journey, and the Beatles music will make you smile.

Denis Morton (The Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones Ride)

Best Peloton Beatles Rides

Denis Morton, a great Peloton teacher, has created an entertaining and challenging ride based on the historic argument between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Riders have the option of riding for either the Beatles or the Rolling Stones throughout this ride. Any music enthusiast should attempt this ride because of Denis’ inspirational and energizing coaching style.

Final Words

Overall, Peloton Beatles rides are a great way to enjoy the Fab Four’s renowned music and get great exercise at the same time. There is music for everyone, from iconic Beatles songs to rides pitting the Beatles against the Rolling Stones.

Peloton instructors like Ross Rayburn, Ally Love, Robin Arzon, Denis Morton, and Emma Lovewell use inspirational coaching techniques to make these rides challenging and fun.

These rides are a must-try for any Beatles fan trying to stay fit while listening to their favorite songs, whether you prefer cycling or yoga. Get on your yoga mat or Peloton cycle and listen to the Beatles’ amazing music.


Where are the Beatles rides on Peloton?

Navigate to “The Beatles Artist Series” collection to check the classes from the first Beatles artist series.

Where can I find loved songs on Peloton?

You can find loved songs on Peloton by tapping on the playlists on the top and scrolling down to check My Peloton Music by (Username). Click on it to see your saved Peloton songs.

Can I play Spotify on Peloton?

You can play Spotify on your Peloton bike. Go to your “Profile,” choose “Music,” and tap “Connect” to link your Spotify account to Peloton bike.

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