How To Get Peloton Badges in 2023? – [You Should Know!]

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You’ve heard a lot about Peloton lately and how great their fitness bikes are. You’re considering purchasing one, but you’re still determining if you will use it enough to make it worth the money.

Some people purchase fitness bikes but don’t even use them because of no interest at all. But now you can still use a peloton bike for your health when you don’t have an interest at all.

There is a saying, “If you don’t have an interest in anything, make it interesting for you.”

That’s what Peloton did; they added a gamification concept by in from that you earn badges for completing different activities on the bike. It can include anything from taking a certain number of classes in a month to riding for a certain number of miles.

The main goal of establishing these badges was to encourage individuals to do regular workouts or activities at home.

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How Do I Get Peloton Badges?

How To Get Peloton Bagdes?

Obtaining these badges is rather straightforward. You receive a badge if you get a high score in a certain exercise, such as cycling or running. It is known as a “milestone badge

For instance, if you finish your 100th exercise, you will get a badge titled “Century Club” Upon completing this exercise, you will also get a tangible reward, such as a free shirt and a century club badge.

Similarly, you will get a “millennium club badge” after completing 1000 workouts.

You will get the corresponding milestone badge upon completing a certain amount of workouts. For instance, the badge for 50 rides and the badge for 50 miles will be distinct.

The colour of your badge will also change depending on the nature and frequency of your workouts.

Similarly, you get a “peloton streaks badge” if you do any workout or activity consistently for several days or weeks without taking a break.

Peloton divides this into day and week streaks based on the frequency with which you do the activity or session.

If you skip a single day or a week, reset the counter and begin anew. Consequently, it is possible to get the same peloton badges many times.

Do you know if yoga, weight training, and meditation count toward the total?

There is something admirable about the Peloton. Yes, these workouts contribute to your overall score if you want a badge.


What Are The Types Of Badges?

How To Get Peloton Bagdes?

Various workouts, challenges, and themed rides may earn five distinct badges. These are subsequent.

1. Streak Badges

A streak is granted for completing any Peloton exercise on consecutive days or weeks. The counter will reset if you skip a single day or a week, allowing you to acquire these badges many times.

2. Social Badges

Social badges are the most perplexing (at least to me), but they boil down to completing a workout with a particular number of pals.

Therefore, if there is a ride that 20 of your Peloton pals have completed at some time, and you take it, you will get a Swarm badge for that exercise. Here are the given social badges you can earn;

  • Dynamic Duo
  • Three’s Company
  • Pack
  • Squad
  • Flock
  • Swarm

3. Challenge Badges

Challenge badges are earned by completing monthly and yearly challenges, among others.

Each month, Peloton will provide new tasks, such as biking a particular number of miles to obtain a monthly cycling badge; they are typical:

  • Bronze: 50 miles
  • Silver: 100 miles
  • Gold: 150 miles

These badges are acquired by completing a set number of non-mileage-based workouts. Generally:

  • Bronze: 5 exercises
  • Silver: 10 workouts
  • Gold: 15 workouts

Peloton also offers challenge badges based on the total number of minutes spent working out using the platform annually.

The maximum number of badges is 10,000, which are gained in 1,000-minute increments.

The Peloton will also periodically provide special event challenge badges and flash challenges, such as completing a particular number of workouts within a certain period to receive a badge.

4. Special Events

Special Event badges are awarded for completing themed workouts such as Pride Month, Artist Series, and Asian Heritage Month, in addition to Peloton special events like Homecoming.

5. Milestone Badges

The workouts will be separated into several categories, each with achievement badges (for example, you can get a 50-rides milestone badge and a 50-run milestone badge).

Tips For Earning Peloton Badges

Here are a few tips which can help you earn those badges:

  • Make sure you’re signed up for a Peloton membership. You can only earn badges if you’re a member!
  • Be active in the Peloton community. The more you participate in the events, the more likely you will earn badges.
  • Make sure you’re following all the rules. Badges are given out for good behaviour, so ensure you’re not breaking any community guidelines.
  • Have fun! Peloton is all about helping people get fit and have fun doing it. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’ll not earn any badges.

Challenges To Get Extra Peloton Badges

Aside from the badges you get from completing rides and other challenges, there are also a few extra badges that you can earn. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  • The Century Badge: This one is self-explanatory; you must complete 100 rides to earn it.
  • The Half Marathon Badge: another straightforward challenge; this one requires you to ride 13.1 miles in a single ride.
  • The Climb Mt. Everest Badge is the most challenging badge to earn, requiring you to ride the equivalent of 29,029 feet in a single ride.

If you’re up for a challenge, these extra badges can be a great way to push yourself and add some variety to your rides.


What Are Peloton Badges?

Peloton badges are digital achievements you can earn by completing certain activities on the Peloton app. There are badges for different accomplishments; some are harder to get than others.

Badges motivate people to keep using the Peloton app and pushing themselves to achieve new goals. They’re also a way of rewarding people for their hard work.

For instance, you gain a reward from a badge on your profile after finishing a certain exercise or challenge.

You’ll get a badge even if you join the Peloton community. Your exact activity determines the sort of badge you acquire. It also depends on the sort of reward you want to get.

Where Can I Get Information About The Exercises That Lead To Badges?

Streak, social, and challenge badges may be earned for every exercise, and special event workouts will be specifically named (for example, a ride for the Women’s History Month badge will be designated Women’s History Month or WHM)

The ride’s name will give you a good idea of its concept, and associated badges will further cement your impression.

Can I Get Badges For Warming Up And Cooling Down?

Keep in mind that warm-ups and cool-downs count for badges if you plan on celebrating a milestone in front of an audience.

Having your 350th ride be your cool-down ride is the worst thing that could happen to you, as I discovered just last week.

If you erase a milestone ride and decide you’d rather recreate it, the number will reset to the point where you originally started counting.

Where Can I Find My Badges?

You can check which Peloton badge you have by going to your Profile page on the Peloton app. The badge will be displayed next to your name.

When you click on a badge, you’ll see how many times you’ve heard that specific sound.

What Benefits Do I Receive For Completing Mission Statements And Earning Awards?

You only receive a century shirt for the first-century club badge.

There may be a lot of high-fives on the ride if many people have earned specific badges, such as milestone badges since a notice will be sent to everyone on the journey.

Someone may give you a shout-out during a live ride!

How Many Peloton Badges Are There?

There are currently four Peloton badges: the 5K badge, the 10K badge, the 25K badge, and the 50K badge.

The Peloton badges are round and metal, with the Peloton logo in the centre. They come in four colours: silver, gold, platinum, and black.


If you’re wondering how to get more Peloton badges, it’s simpler. All you have to do is the exercise by riding your Peloton bike! You’ll automatically earn badges as you rack up more and more miles.

You can also earn badges by participating in challenges. There are always new challenges to take on, so be sure to check out the Peloton app frequently to see what’s new. And, of course, be sure to pedal your heart out to rack up those badges!

All of your questions about peloton badges have been answered.

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