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An expert with numbers and people at Wall Street. And with the ability of companionship, Meet peloton fitness instructor Olivia Amato.

Olivia has been an athlete since her childhood. Olivia was born and grew up in New York.

Olivia was excellent in hockey, lacrosse, Cheerleading, and track. Olivia has a special ability for companionship, and Amato loves to work with people and teams.

Olivia was good with numbers, so Olivia decided to graduate in business and finance. After graduation, Olivia worked on wall street and Equity sales trading. But Olivia has a passion for sports which makes her move back to the fitness world.

Olivia started with her clients of trades. Olivia took them to fitness classes and discussed the stock markets with them. After getting admission into the instructor training program. Olivia started his career as a fitness instructor.

Olivia Amato Peloton Instructor

Biography of Olivia Amato

Full NameOlivia Amato Waldron
Date of BirthAugust 8, 1991
Zodiac SignLeo
AgeApproximately 32 years
BirthplaceNew York, United States
Previous ProfessionWork at the Stock Market
Current ProfessionFitness Instructor
Height5 foot 6 inches
Hair ColorDark Blonde
Graduation in Business and Finance
UniversityFordham University
PetDog with name Tobi
Marital StatusMarried to Daniel Waldron


Early Life

Olivia Amato was born on August 8, 1991, in New York, United States. Olivia Grew up in New York. Olivia grew up in mixed culture American and Italian. Olivia worked hard to be an athlete from a young age. Olivia started to take part in sports during her school days.

Olivia took part in Lacrosse, Hockey, Cheerleading, and Track Runner. Olivia started her sports career with lacrosse. Olivia was a good player in lacrosse.

Olivia said “ When I was growing up, I was a big fan of sports. I played every sport. I love to join sports teams. My best activity is to play sports.” After lacrosse, Olivia joined the hockey team and performed her best. Olivia has a special ability for companionship. Olivia knows how to work with the team and how to achieve victory with the team. Olivia joined the track running team also to make her sports inner satisfied.

Olivia won all-state field hockey player twice. Olivia also won the all-country track runner in her high school. In college, Olivia’s team won the national championship, which makes her a cheerleader. Olivia dances with the cheerleader which leads her to the cheerleader girl.

Education and Career

Besides Olivia’s specialties in Lacrosse, Hockey Cheerleading, and Track Runner. Olivia is good with people and numbers. So Olivia decided to join Fordham University for Business and Finance study.

After graduation, Olivia joined Wall Street in Sales and Trades. And then move to Equity Sales Trading. Olivia loves this job as Olivia is an expert with numbers and people.

Olivia works 10 to 12 hours in the office to guide people and deal with numbers. Olivia gets bored with the routine so Olivia decides to continue her sports.

Olivia joined boxing training classes to become a boxer instructor. Olivia spends her spare time in the boxing ring and practicing boxing.

Olivia is not getting enough time for her fitness. So Olivia spends more time in fitness classes. Olivia takes her clients to fitness classes instead of fancy restaurants and dinners. Olivia meets her client at the fitness center instead of going to dinner with them at a fancy restaurant.

This gives Olivia and her client’s good environment and enough time to be physically fit.

While learning boxing and taking boxing instructor training. Olivia decided to become a fitness coach. Olivia joined the most popular studio to become a fitness instructor. After one and a half years of training, Olivia became a Peloton fitness instructor.

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Olivia’s passion for sports and fitness lead her to the peloton. Olivia joined the peloton as a cycling instructor. Olivia’s business mind and dealing with people make her special in classes. By joining the peloton, Olivia’s dream to connect with people comes true.

Olivia Amato and Peloton

Olivia Amato Peloton Instructor

Olivia Amato started her fitness journey by joining the training session. After one and a half years of training, Olivia became the fitness instructor. After the training, Olivia starts looking for a platform to join as a fitness instructor. Olivia’s research took her to the peloton. And Olivia became the cycling instructor at the peloton.

Olivia was recommended to the peloton by the peloton instructor Rebbeca Kennedy. Kennedy regularly takes Amato’s spin session. Kennedy invited Olivia to the audition for the peloton. Olivia joined the largest cycling brand the Peloton in 2018.

Olivia cheer-up and motivated her trainees by saying “Show up for you, Show up for you”. Olivia sets an example and the right path for her trainees by showing up to the sessions. Olivia takes care of the peloton trainees as a team and Olivia cares for them as a team leader.

Being a part of the Peloton family, Olivia thought it was a big opportunity for her. Olivia says by joining the Peloton family her viewers increased all over the world. Olivia thought she had the opportunity to instruct all over the world through the peloton.

Olivia finds comfort when she knows she is not alone and Olivia will never be alone. Oliva finds comfort at the peloton, as Olivia said sometimes we need an appreciation of work. And the peloton appreciates us for what we did.

During Olivia’s cycling class at the peloton, Olivia plays the music of Justin Bibers most. Olivia is very excited and motivated during her cycling class at the Peloton. And music helps Olivia. Olivia’s choice of music changes according to her classes. Olivia plays different music in a cycling class. And another playlist in her treadmill class.

Olivia thought music is important to her and it helps to motivate and energize her for work-out. Olivia used to play EDM in her treadmill class as Olivia thinks EDM gives more energy for running. Olivia gives the flexibility of music in cycling classes. So the members can get everything.

In January 2020 Oliva Amato joined the Peloton Power zone. The power zone is a method of training based on power and resistance. Peloton introduces Power Zone to enhance the abilities in track fitness. Olivia takes three power zone classes. Which include Discover your power zone, Build your power zone, and Peak your power zone.

Motivation by Olivia Amato

Olivia Amato Peloton Instructor

Olivia motivates her trainees in any way possible. Olivia leads her trainees by the example Olivia set for them.

Olivia stays with her trainees throughout the class and motivates them. Olivia shows her trainees and guides them to whatever they want that can come from them inside.

Olivia shows her trainees, the power to get their fitness goals will come from inside them. Olivia motivates them by saying to “show up for yourself” and Olivia also shows up daily to lead them. Olivia motivates them by showing up and working for themselves. They will love what they have done.

Outside the peloton

When Olivia is free from her peloton classes, Olivia spends time with her dog. Olivia said my first word is doggy, you can guess what my pet is. Olivia gives her dog the name Tobi. Olivia spends time with Tobi and loves to walk around the city with Tobi.

Olivia loves fashion. Olivia has an official website where Olivia sells shirts designed by her. Olivia loves her family and spends her spare time with her family.

Olivia Loves skincare and takes good care of her skin. We can see Olivia’s skin is very shiny and natural. Olivia loves to spend time outdoors with her friends and family. Olivia also goes for a walk with her dog Tobi.

Olivia Amato said she loves being a crazy plant lady. We can see her social media where Olivia cares for the plants and does plantations.

Relationship and family

Olivia was born in New York, United States, and has dual roots in American and Italian. Olivia talks a lot about her mother. Oliva’s mother’s name is Vita Sarli Amato. Yet, Olivia didn’t share enough about her father and siblings.

Olivia was engaged to her boyfriend Daniel Waldron on September 9, 2021. Olivia and Daniel got married in Ireland on July 16, 2022. Some of Olivia’s colleagues were there to wish and share Olivia’s marriage moments.

Reason to join Olivia Amato’s class

Olivia Amato is good at sports, Olivia knows how to be a sportsperson. Because of her struggle and keenness in sports. Olivia motivates her trainees by setting the example herself. Olivia supports her trainees and stays with them till the end.

Olivia’s quote is “Better than yesterday”.

If you want an instructor who can help you with fitness. And stay with you till you achieve your goal Olivia Amato is there for you.


What is the zodiac sign of Olivia Amato?

The zodiac sign of Olivia is Leo.

What is the name of Olivia’s dog?

Olivia’s dog’s name is Tobi.

What does Olivia love to call herself?

Olivia loves to call herself a  crazy plant lady.

What is the marital status of Olivia Amato?

Olivia’s marital status is being married. Olivia married Daniel Waldron.

Where did Olivia take her Wall street client for the meeting?

Olivia takes her Wall Street client to the fitness center for the meeting.

How many times did Olivia win the All-State field hockey player?

Olivia won the All-State Hockey Player two times.

How many times did Olivia win All-Country Track Running?

Olivia Won a One-time All-Country Track race runner.

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