Nico Sarani Peloton Yoga Instructor Biography, Age, Life

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Nico is the founder of Yoga Workstation. She is Meditation & Mindset Coach, Yoga & Movement trainer. She studies at New York University. Nico is a writer too, she is a freelance columnist and she offers many services to her members.

She claims that take care of your well-being, without taking a day off. People connect to like-mind people, boost their minds and body, and relax in beautiful locations.

She offers to her members that relax and recharge their bodies through breathing & yoga techniques. Network and get inspired by mind people in co-working sessions. Members who take sessions nourish their bodies with delicious and healthy food.

Nico Sarani’s Biography

  • Name: Nico Sarani
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: German

Nico’s Fitness Journey and Services 

She is promoting and facilitating mindfulness-based sessions in cooperation with a run base of Adidas in Berlin. It is operational since July 2019. She is coaching fitness and training yoga all around the work and this journey was started in 2014.

Nico Sarani Peloton Yoga Instructor

She assisted Adidas events in 2017-18. For the last 5 years, she is also organizing yoga retreats in India via social media. Nico is not limited to the training and classes but she is also a content writer so people can get the most benefits from her expertise.

She is like a bird who flew here and there. She spread positivity around the globe.

Nico and Peloton

Nico is a versatile and fun lover. She is versatile in her classes. She lives life independently like a flying bird, from one place to another place. Nico is a yoga trainer and meditation coach. The German-based instructor was born in Berlin.

She has already lived in Bali, Berlin, New York, and London. She is inspired by a wide variety of teachings, cultures, and yogis.

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She is half yogi and half sauerkraut as per her claim. Nico is practicing yoga and balance since her university days. She soon realized that yoga is more than just a workout and exercise.

Nico and Peloton

Nico trained as a yoga teacher and instructor in Fiji, Bali, and Amsterdam. She has developed her flow which is based on motivation, positivity, and fun.

Nico wants her members to get the best out of their energy. She works on training her members mentally and physically.

Another unique thing about Nico is that she teaches her classes in German. Currently, she is conducting her classes in Peloton studio, New York.

Nico’s Motivation Technique 

Nico motivates her classes by providing them with a toolkit with yoga to master in their everyday life. If anyone wants to get a balanced life so, he/she should get fitter. With the right attitude and the right pose, you can achieve anything.

Nico outside of Peloton 

Nico’s life is all about inspiration, whether it is studying in New York, it’s yoga, on holiday in Bali, or at home in Berlin. Everyone should open their eyes and hearts and the world will open for you. Currently, she is in New York and having a good time during her training sessions.

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