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A new addition to the Peloton family from the London studio. A professional dancer and choreographer Mila Lazar. Mila Lazar was a professional dancer and choreographer for most of her life. Mila was born in Germany. Lazar’s parents are from Yugoslavia. Lazar’s parents moved to the United States.

After Graduation, Mila started her career as a dancer and moved around the world to dance. Mila also worked as a model for many designers, hair stylists, and makeup artists. Mila’s passion for fitness took her to become a certified pilates and fitness instructor. Mila was also awarded the title of Presenter of the Year in 2006.

Mila Lazar Peloton Instructor,

Mila Lazar’s Biography

Full NameMila Lazar
Gender Female
Birth Year 1981
AgeApproximately 42 Years
Birth Place Germany
Living CountryLondon, United Kingdom
EducationGraduation in Economy and Management, ETM(Exercise to Music)
Height5 foot 10 inches
Marital Status Married
Previous ProfessionProfessional Dancer, Choreographer, Model, Certified Pilates Instructor, and Personal Trainer.
Current ProfessionFitness Instructor at the Peloton in the United Kingdom


Earlier Life And Education

Mila Lazar was born in Germany in 1981. Mila’s parents migrated to Germany from  Yugoslavia. In Mila’s childhood, her parents moved to the United States. Mila started Aerobics when she was seven years old.

Mila began to watch the instructor of Aerobics on television and started learning Aerobics. Mila has learned classical Ballet with pointe shoes. Mila learned Jazz dance, Contemporary dance, and street dance. This led to Mila’s career in professional dancing at seventeen.

Mila danced for Sweet Charity, A Chorus Line, The Musical Award Show, And Thriller Live Musical. Gus Giordano, one of the creators of jazz dance, discovers Mila’s passion for dance in his master classes. Gus awarded Mila a scholarship and gave her admission to his school in Chicago USA. Mila went to Gus’s school to become the tyro in Jazz dance.

Mila graduated in Economy and Management. To live her dream Mila also completed the ETM(Exercise to Music) course. While living in the United States, Mila attended many educational programs. including Reebok city jam, Reebok step, and Slide-and-High-Low Aerobics. Mila also tailed and assisted the coordinator, counselor, and anchor. At the Evanston Athletic Club United states, along with Mr. David Mesirow.

Career Timeline

In 1997, Mila moved to the Netherlands and started a dance tutor course at the dance academy in Arnhem, NL. After that Mila learned how to teach plies and tendus. Mila worked in many Gyms all over the Holand. Such as Stelling Sports, Fitness Factory, beauty line, Club Sportive, and Special Sport.

After the audition for Dance and lessons, Mila joined the Girly Band Alice Deejay in 1999. Mila and the band travel around the world and dance with well-known artists. like TOTP-UK, Germany, Holland, TMF Award Show, TMF TV, Dance Star 2000, Party in the Park London, and many more. After the world tour, Mila danced behind famous artists. Such as Vanessa Williams, Donna Summer, Chaka Khan, Shaggy, Chris Brown, and many more.

Mila was hired as a model by L’Oreal, Oasis, Urban Outfitters, and Designer Anoosh. Mila worked as a hair model, makeup model, and photoshoot model, in fashion shows. Debby Jenner hired Mila as a Pilates model for her book, pamphlet, and publicity. While modeling in Pilates. Mila got motivated to join Pilates yoga and wanted to help people to physically fit in her way.

As a choreographer, Mila motivates the model by saying “I Lift You Up ”. Mila’s dialogue got famous and Mila was circling to the box office. The stage was Mila’s home, but also Mila wants to instruct the fitness trainers in her way.

In 2006, Mila won the award Presenter of the Year from the Fitness First UK presenter show. In 2006 Mila, Milo, and Richard danced at a dinner party. The party was for an international fitness showcase at Blackpool. From there Mila’s journey to the fitness representative started.

In 2010, Mila choreographed and presented a fitness film. The film called Gimmi Gimmi Gimmi is a workout based on Abba music. Thinq Fitness, an Aerobics, and fitness website hired Mila as a fitness instructor. In 2016 Mila Lazar started her career in the fitness industry at Sweaty Betty.

PelotonMila Lazar Peloton Instructor,

In 2021 Mila Lazar joined the largest and most famous fitness brand peloton. Mila was a professional dancer, a choreographer, and a personal fitness trainer. When Mila Joined the Peloton. Mila became a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Mila uses dance and choreography to teach her trainees and reach their fitness goals.

In peloton classes, Mila instructs her trainees.

  • How to properly warm up and cool down.
  • The Importance of Stretching.
  • How to use the peloton tools.
  • Benefits of interval training.
  • How to stay focused and motivated toward their goals.

Mila’s special workouts are high-intensity interval training(HIIT). Along with HIIT Mila trained and enjoyed the peloton strength and yoga classes. Mila is always cheerful, no matter what the challenge is, Mila is ready to take it. Mila is creative and trained in high-intensive workouts. That will help you to reach your fitness goal. Mila is a great motivator, Mila helps her trainees and motivates them to reach their goals.

Motivation by Mila Lazar

Mila Lazar always motivates her trainees in the peloton classes. Mila trained her classes with passion and positive energy. Mila wants to persuade her trainee to come across themselves. Live their dreams and give their full energy and effort to fulfill them.

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Mila motivates her trainees by saying it’s worth feeling happiness. When you finish your workout and reach your goal.

Outside the Peloton

Whenever Mila has time, Mila dances no matter what the music is, whether it’s hip-hop or house. Mila goes dancing when Mila has time. Mila loves dancing. Mila has been dancing since childhood and was also a professional dancer.

Now Mila added more activities in her free time. Mila loves podcasts and audiobooks. Mila collects and listens to podcasts and audiobooks when Mila has free time. When Mila gets free time, Mila loves diving for hours.

Reason to join Mila Lazar classes

Mila Lazar Peloton Instructor,

Mila Lazar was a dancer, choreographer, and personal fitness trainer for years. Mila knows how to motivate and instruct her trainees. Mila motivates her trainees and stays with them. Mila guides her trainees on how to warm up and cool down.

Mila guides her trainees properly to use the peloton tools for fitness. Mila’s unique training style makes her special among her trainees. Mila brings positive energy to her class. Mila’s trainees feel relaxed after workouts.

So if you are looking for HIIT workouts and want to train properly join the peloton classes of Mila Lazar.


Who is Mila lazar?

Mila Lazar is the peloton fitness instructor. Mila is training High-Intensity Interval training workouts in the peloton.

What is the age of Mila Lazar?

Mila Lazar is 42 years old.

What is the height of Mila Lazar?

Mila Lazar is 5 foot 10 inches tall.

When did Mila Lazar join the peloton?

Mila Lazar joined the peloton in 2021.

What is the marital status of Mila Lazar?

Mila Lazar is married.

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