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Growing up in Germany, working as a surfer in Bali, and Ending up a fitness instructor at Peloton, Meet Mayla Wedekind. Wedekind grew up in a small town in East Germany. The town was surrounded by water, which led Mayla to a surfing passion.

Myla has been challenged, motivated, and passionate about fitness. After school, Mayla took surfing as a profession in Bali, Indonesia.

Mayla was passionate about the surf, and Mayla instructed the new surfers. Mayla loves yoga, Mayla uses Yoga and Surf as her fitness activities. Mayla’s passion for surfing took her around the world. Mayla wants to surf in every water and sea around the world.

Mayla was famous among the surfer girls and Mayla guided them to be best at surfing. Mayla’s passion for yoga, Brings Mayla into the fitness industry. Mayla joined the Peloton as a yoga fitness instructor. And Mayla helps her trainees with motivation.

 Mayla Wedekind Peloton Instructor

Mayla Wedekind Biography

Full NameMayla Wedekind
Date of BirthNovember 9, 1991
AgeApproximately 32 Years
Zodiac SignScorpio
Country of BirthEast Germany
Living CountryLondon United Kingdom
EducationGraduation in Psychology
Height5 foot 5 inches
Marital StatusMarried to Henning Vonjagow
Previous ProfessionSurf instructor, Yoga Instructor
Current ProfessionYoga and fitness instructor at the Peloton


Earlier life

Mayla Weidenkind was born on November 9, 1991. Mayla Weidenkind was born and raised in East Germany. Mayla’s town was surrounded by the sea. Mayal saw the surfer and was inspired by them. Mayla gets so inspired by the surfer. Mayla starts learning surfing along with her studies.

As time passes, Mayla gets her education and becomes an expert in the surf. Mayla wants to motivate the girls. Mayla thought surfing is not only for males, Females also can surf and can be experts in the surf. After getting a degree in Psychology. Mayla decided to move to Bali Indonesia as a surf instructor.

Mayla was so passionate about the surf that Mayla wanted to surf all the seas in the world. Mayla wants to set an example for ladies that they can do anything. Mayla thought this world does not exist around men, women can also do things. Mayla wants to finish the concept of the dominant male world. Mayla goes around the world and surfs in the sea.

Mayla loves the oceans and loves to surf in the ocean. Mayla chooses Bali, Indonesia to teach girl surfing. Mayal loves Yoga besides the surfs. Mayla uses Yoga and surfing to keep fit. Mayla teaches surfing and yoga to her trainees in Bali, Indonesia.


Mayla Weidenkind uses her passion for surfing and becomes a surf instructor. Mayla graduated in psychology, so Mayla uses her education to instruct women. Mayla wants women to work freely. Mayla thought women could do anything and Mayla proved that by being a surfer instructor.

Mayla chooses Bali Water to become a surf instructor. Mayla gives lessons to women to be good surfers. Mayal also instructs yoga lessons. Mayla’s passion for surfing and yoga led her to become a fitness instructor.

Mayla then moved to the United Kingdom to become a yoga fitness instructor. Mayla uses the Peloton platform to become a world yoga and fitness instructor. Soon Mayla became the most famous German instructor at the peloton. Mayla teaches in the German language. Mayla uses the London studio for yoga and fitness classes in the German Language.


Mayla Wedekind Peloton Instructor

Mayal Wedekind wants to help people through yoga. Mayla has great followers and Mayla has a passion to guide and instruct her trainees with care. Mayla moved to London, United Kingdom to join the world’s largest fitness brand Peloton. In December 2020, Mayla joined the peloton. And started working as a fitness instructor.

Mayla’s fitness classes are full of joy and spirit. Mayla brings joy to her class. Mayla motivates young ladies to find their confidence and face the world bravely. Mayla uses her confidence to instruct the young ladies in a fitness class. Mayla helps her trainees to find their strengths and reach their fitness goals.

Mayla works in a London studio and teaches in the German Language. Mayla gives many classes in the peloton. Mayla makes every one of her trainees feel special. Mayal guided them in their ways and comfort to reach their fitness goals. Mayla’s goal is to help you find what you want and help you to get it.

Mayla takes cycling classes at the Peloton. Along with cycling classes, Mayla took stretching and strength classes. Mayla has different types of cycling classes. Mayla takes 30 min Red(Taylor’s Versions) Ride class to instruct her trainees. Mayla takes 20 min AFO Ride: Twenty-One Pilots,  20 min Lenny Kravitz ride, and many more.

Mayla Wedekind’s practice and skills in fitness, surfing, and yoga make her class more special and famous. Mayla shares her experience and skill with her trainees to help them with fitness.

Outside the Peloton

Mayla grew up in Germany and the town was surrounded by the sea. Mayla goes there, spends time at the sea, and watches the surfers. While watching surfers, Mayla also started surfing. Now when Mayla has free time from the peloton Mayla goes surfing. Whenever Mayla has time she wants to spend at the sea. Mayla says she loves water.

Motivation by Mayla Wedekind

Mayla Wedekind Peloton Instructor

Mayla Wedekind motivates young ladies by saying if men can do it then we can do it also. Mayla says “I have a strong connection between nature and the sea. I want to find the similarities between our lives and the ocean”. Mayla wants to inspire her trainees with the work she has done. Mayla sets an example for her trainees and then motivates them to do it. Mayla wants her trainees to look beyond their limits and achieve their fitness goals.

Reason to join Mayla Wedekind’s classes

Mayla Wedekind is a trained surfer and Yoga instructor. Mayla is an experienced yoga and fitness instructor. Mayla motivates her trainees with the experience she has and guides them in the right way. Mayla is popular with young ladies as Mayla motivates them to stand beside the men.

Mayla motivates young ladies so they can do what they want to do whether it’s surfing or fitness. Mayla’s energy is transferable and Mayla makes her trainees energetic. Mayla gives 100 percent to her classes and trainees. Mayla gives motivation to her trainees.

So if you want to join the spiritual and motivational fitness classes. Then join Mayla Wedekind.

Quote by Mayla Wedekind

Every moment is yours to be enjoyed


Who is Mayla Wedekind?

Mayla Wedekind is a surfer, psychologist, yoga instructor, and fitness instructor.

What is the language of Mayla Wedekind?

Mayla speaks and teaches in the German language at the Peloton.

When did Mayla Wedekind join the peloton?

Mayla joined the peloton in December 2020

What is the age of Mayla Wedekind?

Mayla Wedekind is approximately 32 years old.

What is the marital status of Mayla Wedekind?

Mayla Wedekind is married and her husband’s name is Henning Vonjagow.

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