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If we talk about the peloton tread and strength instructors Matty Maggiacomo is the most famous name. He is a personal fitness coach who works as a peloton strength and tread coach. Matt was born on 14 May 1985 in Rhode Island, United States.

Matty is an advocate for LGBTQ1+ folks and worked with Ali Forney Center and Ally. Matty is gay. Matty is a pace and strength coach and all-rounder fun guy at the Peloton. Matty’s sense of humor in his teaching style makes him something for everyone.

Matty also likes to host morning or late-night talk shows. The talk show is a dream job for Matty. Matty’s unique style combines humor with tough love and focuses on helping people. Matty helped people reach their fitness and health goals.

Matty Maggiacomo Peloton Instructor

Biography of Matty Maggiacomo

NameMatty Maggiacomo
Date of Birth14 May 1985
BirthplaceRhode Island
Age38 years old
Zodiac SignTaurus
EducationBachelor of Arts, Journalism, and Mass Communication
ProfessionTread and strength coach at the peloton
Father’s NameTom Maggiacomo
Mother’s NameElise Maggiacomo


The early life of Matty Maggiacomo

After years of being overweight and out of shape, Matty got in shape. When Matty was growing up, he was always the biggest boy in the class. Matty was never very active at all. Matty’s parents tried to get him to play sports and other physical activities. But Matty was more interested in TV and video games.

When Matty was in his early 20s, he realized he needed to change himself. Matty starts doing exercise regularly and taking care of his diet. This habit made a huge difference in his personality. Matty lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle by doing this. Matty loved the way he looked and felt better than before.

Matt starts posting his videos on social media platforms. When Matty posted his workout videos online people started asking him for advice. That’s how Matty became a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Education of Matty Maggiacomo

Matty did his High School Diploma from La Salle Academy, from 1999-2003. Matty did a Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, and Mass Communication from New York University. Matty did his Bachelor’s from New York University from 2003-2007.

Matty did a double major in Journalism and Mass Communication and dramatic literature. He also studied theater history and cinema.  Matty is an NYU Founders Day Scholar. He also got the NYU President’s Service Award.

Family of Matty Maggiacomo

Matty is the only son of his parents. But he is a middle child and has two sisters. Matty is a little brother to Alissa and an elder brother to Becca. Matty’s father is Tom Maggiacomo and his mother is Elise Maggiacomo.

Matty’s sister is married and has three daughters. His nieces’ names are Graycen, Parker, and Olivia. Matty feels it’s the best thing in the world to be an uncle to three girls. Matty also loves his dog whose name is Luther and is also a part of his family.

Personal life of Matty Maggiacomo

Matty Maggiacomo is gay and it’s the most interesting part of his life. Matty is dating a guy named Heaven Feeley.

Matty Maggiacomo in the peloton

Matty Maggiacomo Peloton Instructor

Matty started to join the peloton in 2016 and coached over 1000 classes. Matty is a tread and strength instructor at the peloton. Matty is the best trainer at the nexus of fitness, tech, and media.

He was hired to launch the peloton tread. From 2017-2020, Matty served as the director of fitness programming. Matty is known for his unique and creative workout. Matty is always excited to bring his passion for fitness and his high energy.

Matty introduced an entertaining teaching style to the Peloton community. Matty is born with an entertaining mind and is a former television reporter. Matty is also a pop culture Guru. Matty loves to add humor and entertainment to every class.

Matty Maggiacomo’s favorite workouts

Here are some of Matty’s favorite workouts.

  1. The “Good Morning, Sun” workout. The workout is designed to get you up and moving to achieve your goals. This workout starts with a short warm-up. Which is followed by a series of cardio exercises.
  2. The “Get Stronger” workout. This workout includes strength training. Matty focuses on movements that work for many muscle groups.
  3. The “Sweat it Out” workout. This workout is designed to make your body sweat. This high-intensity workout makes you feel accomplished.

Outside of the peloton

Matty loves to watch the TV when he is not in the peloton. Matty also loves theater. Matty wanted to retire on a bulldog farm. Matty is also a freak about fitness.

Quote of Matty Maggiacomo

“ You are not enough. You are everything”

Net worth of Matty Maggiacomo

Matty’s exact net worth is not yet known. But his estimated net worth is $1.33 million


Who is Matty Maggiacomo?

Matty Maggiacomo is a personal fitness coach who works as a peloton strength and tread coach. Matt was born on 14 May 1985 in Rhode Island, United States. Matty is also an advocate for the LGBTQ community.

What is the age of Matty Maggiacomo?

Matty Maggiacomo is approximately 38 years old.

What is the date of birth of Matty Maggiacomo?

Matty Maggiacomo was born on 14 May 1985.

Where did Matty Maggiacomo was born?

Matty Maggiacomo was born in Rhode Island, United States.

What is the education of Matty Maggiacomo?

Matty did a bachelor of Arts, Journalism, and Mass Communication.

What is the net worth of Matty Maggiacomo?

Matty’s net worth is 1.33 million USD.

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