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When we talk about the popular indoor cycling instructors at the peloton, Matt Wilpers is one of them. Matt Wilper is a famous instructor at the peloton and a world-class athlete. Matt Wilper is a personal trainer, former professional cyclist, and group fitness instructor. Matt Wilper was born in Ohio and raised in Marietta, Georgia.

Matt competed in the most prestigious endurance races in the world. Matt competed in the Boston Marathon and Ironman World Championship. Matt competed in many sports events including triathlons and 24-hour mountain bike races.

Matt always tried to teach people and help them to achieve their fitness goals. Matt is passionate about fitness and mental health. Matt also worked as a coach and personal trainer before he started to join the Peloton.

Matt always helped his students and clients to improve themself and their fitness. Matt always helped peloton riders with his knowledge of fitness and health. Matt Wilper is a fitness expert. Matt Wilpers’s career is so impressive and bright as an athlete and coach.

Matt Wilpers Peloton Instructor

Biography of Matt Wilpers

BirthplaceOhio, USA ( raised in Marietta, Georgia)
Birthday24 October 1983
Age40 years old
Height5 feet 8 inches
Marital status Married
ProfessionPeloton cycling and tread instructor
Wife’s NameJessica Li


The early life of Matt Wilpers

After he finished school, Matt Wilpers got a job at KPMG and got his CPA. For three and half years Matt was on their auditing team for financial services and big banks. Matt was always concerned with financial services and big banks.

Matt had to decide on his athletic career in high school. Matt initially opted for soccer. Which is a chance meeting with the Georgia State Cross Country and Track Coach. Which led him to run in his final year of high school.

Between his fourth and fifth years at Georgia State, Matt did his internship. Matt did his internship with KPMG in Manhattan. Matt said in an interview that he learned a lot at KPMG. During his internship, Matt thought that he would stay in accounting for the rest of his life.

Matt started to work as an instructor at gyms in New York. He worked with many popular gyms like YMCA before he was sent to the Mile High Club. But Matt Wilpers still doesn’t know what he exactly wants to do with his life.

Education of Matt Wilpers

Matt did his early education at the school in his city. Matt is a good athlete in high school. Matt did his BBA, in accounting and finance, from 2002-2006. Matt’s activities here are division 1 Cross Country and Track Distance Runner.

When Matt attended Georgia State University. running became a central part of his life. Before getting a master’s in accounting, Matt did his majors in accounting and finance. Matt spent six months abroad from 2003-2004. As it is part of his undergraduate degree in New Zealand. Matt is also a member and treasurer of Beta Alpha Psi. Matt is also the president of the Wakeboard Club at Georgia University.

Matt Wilpers did his Master’s of Professional Accountancy, in 2006-2007. He did his master’s degree from Georgia State University. Matt is a Teaching Assistant for the School of Accountancy. He is also a Crew member and competitor at the University.

Matt started to join New York University in 2013-2015. Matt completed the Postbaccalaureate prehealth studies program. Matt also studied Pre-medicine or pre-medical studies. Matt was the most active member of the postbaccalaureate prehealth studies program.

Matt also gained knowledge and experience in other subjects too. Matt gained knowledge in organic chemistry, general chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics, and mathematics.

Family of  Matt Wilpers

Matt Wilpers was born in Ohio. Matt was raised by his parents in Marietta, Georgia. Matt is not the only child of his parents. Matt lives with his parents and a sister Named Emily. Matt’s mother’s name is Rita.

Matt seemed closer to his mother. Matt’s mother is a nurse by profession at Northside Hospital in New York City. For encouraging him and his sister to play soccer, he credits his mother. This helps Matt to step into the fitness world.

Matt explained that it is his family that he got into fitness. Matt’s mother pushed them into fitness early with soccer. And the journey of fitness starters with soccer. Soccer then led him to run. Matt started competing in Marathons which led him to bike racing.

Matt explained that his parents encourage him to try different things. They appreciate his energy and power. Matt tried lots of different sports including basketball, hockey, and baseball.

Matt Wilpers loves life

The famous peloton instructor Matt Wilpers is a married man. Matt ties the knot and welcomes a new life with Jessica Li, in Nicaragua, on 3 February 2023. Jessica is a beautiful woman. The newly married couple enjoys their new journey together.

Matt Wilpers and The Peloton

Matt Wilpers Peloton Instructor

Matt Wilpers started to join the peloton in October 2016. Matt is a power zone trainer and also worked with other nine trainers at the peloton. Matt also worked with Christine D’Ercole, who was also a power zone trainer at the peloton.

At the peloton, Matt likes to teach most classes on cycling and running. Matt teaches classes in both studios and outside of the studio. Matt has taught more than 290 classes on the treadmill and about more than 490 classes of indoor cycling. Matt also teaches more than 20 classes outside of the studio.

Matt Wilpers always helped his clients to improve themself and their fitness. He always helped peloton riders with his knowledge of fitness and health. Matt is a fitness expert. The peloton instructor helped the peloton riders to discover how strong they were.

Matt Wilpers wants to inspire peloton members by helping them to learn that training can also be fun. The music is a fun part of Matt’s class at the peloton. Matt has a diverse taste in Music. He has over 1,500 subscribers on his official peloton playlist on Spotify.

Matt spoke about his favorite music. In his first interview with Peloton’s youtube channel. Matt likes to listen to EDM electronic music and hip-hop.

Power zone training of Matt Wilpers

Matt Wilpers Peloton Instructor

Matt Wilpers teaches a variety of classes at the peloton. Matt was recognized as one of the best instructors in Power Zone Training.  There are only Seven trainers who teach Power Zone Training. Matt is one of them and the others include D’Ercole, Ben Alldis, Denis Morton, Olivia Amato, Sam Yo, and Erik Jag.

Power zone is the training in which international training is based on the metric of power or output. It is a combination of resistance and cadence. Power zone is a great tool to improve and track fitness over time.

Matt Wilpers played a big role in creating Peloton’s three Zone Training programs.

  1. Discover your Peloton Zone
  2. Build your peloton zones
  3. Peak your power zones.

Outside of the peloton

When Matt is not at the Peloton, you can find him doing interesting stuff. Matt loves to travel. Lifting, running and cycling are his favorites even outside of the peloton. Matt also likes to read about business and fitness. Matt enjoys his life in his way.

Quotes of Matt Wilpers

“Athletes don’t exercise and diet. They train and fuel.”

“Take control of your workout and make the decision to succeed.”

“No one told you to be here and if they did, maybe it’s time to reevaluate that relationship.”

“Practice makes it permanent.”

“Pain is just weakness leaving your body.”

“Train hard, train smart, and have fun”

Motivation for others

The 10 years of experienced coach bring encouraging energy. which is grounded in athleticism to his training style. Matt inspires the peloton members to discover how strong they are. He wanted to show how training can be great fun.

Matt’s passion is to help people. Matt helps his athletes achieve the results of their dream fitness life. Nothing gets him more excited than helping peloton members. Matt’s goal is to make exercise fun. He said that he wanted his class members to come to class ready to work. They also have a good time by doing the workout.

The net worth of Matt Wilpers

The actual net worth of Matt Wilpers is unknown yet. But Wilpers has an estimated net worth of $8 million.


Who is Matt Wilpes?

Matt Wilper is a famous instructor at the Peloton and a world-class athlete. Matt Wilper is a personal trainer, former professional cyclist, and group fitness instructor. Matt Wilper was born in Ohio and raised in Marietta, Georgia.

Where was Matt Wilpers born?

Matt Wilpers was born in Ohio, USA, and was raised in Marietta, Georgia.

What is the date of birth of Matt Wilpers?

Matt Wilper was born on 24 October 1983.

What is the age of Matt Wilpers?

As Matt was born on 24 October 1983, he is approx. 40 years old.

What is the Nationality of Matt Wilpers?

As Matt Wilpers was born in the USA, He is an American National.

Is Matt Wilpers married?

Yes, Matt Wilper married Jessica Li in Nicaragua, on 3 February 2023.

What is the wife’s Name of Matt Wilpers?

Jessica Li is the wife of Matt Wilpers.

What is the net worth of Matt Wilpers?

The estimated net worth of Matt Wilpers is $8 million but his exact net worth is unknown.

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