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From a family full of athletes, there is a Spanish yoga teacher Mariana Fernandez. Mariana was born and raised in Mexico. The Mariana family is full of athletes.

Mariana grew up with yoga practice in her home. Mariana was from a small town in Mexico, Tampico. When Mariana started practicing in her hometown. There is a big community of Latinx and Filipino people along with Mariana.

Mariana moved to New York from Tampico. Mariana started college in New York. While graduating Mariana felt complete with Yoga.

Marina wants to teach people Yoga. Marina wants to reach people and guide them with Yoga. Mariana wants to make people feel mentally relaxed and physically fit through Yoga.

Mariana Fernandez Peloton Instructor

Biography Of Mariana Fernandez

Full NameMariana Fernandez
Date of BirthAugust 11,
Zodiac SignLeo
Birth CityTampico, Mexico
Current CityNew York, United States
EducationGraduated from New York
ProfessionYoga Teacher at the Peloton


Earlier Life

Mariana was born in Tampico, a small town on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Mariana grew up on the border of Tijuana and San Diego. Mariana started practicing along with a big community of Latinx and Filipino.

Mariana’s family moved to San Diego from Mexico when Mariana was seven years old. The Mariana family was full of athletes. Which makes an impression of fitness and workout on Mariana. Marina chooses yoga for fitness and mental health. Mariana started practicing yoga in San Diego.

Marina moves to New York from San Diego for education purposes. When Mariana was in college. Mariana thought she should teach yoga to the border community. Mariana’s culture played a great part in her life. Mariana uses music in yoga to help people. Mariana motivates people to shake their hips and shoulders for practicing yoga.

Mariana Fernandez Peloton Instructor

Mariana spends 200 hours at a studio in Los Angeles for yoga teacher training. Mariana started teaching in Mexico City, Mariana taught yoga from 2013 to 2015. While teaching in Mexico City, Mariana concluded that fitness greatly impacted her life.

Mariana wants to make sure Yoga will help her fitness. Mariana opened yoga studios and started instructing yoga there. Mariana brings many people to practice yoga and helps them with yoga.

After four to five years of struggle and teaching yoga in many studies of Mexico City. Mariana decided to move back to New York In 2020. Mariana saw the Latinx community there. Mariana noticed many people were without an instructor. Mariana decided to help the people and make herself available to her people to practice yoga.


In 2021 Mariana decided to join the world’s best fitness brand the Peloton. Mariana decides to join the peloton as Mariana wants to help many more people. Mariana speaks Spanish and has 11 years of experience in yoga.

Mariana focuses on breathwork, alignment, and relaxation in her classes. Mariana motivates everyone, even young or old, to do yoga and makes them relax and fit. Mariana knows how to make students understand the difficult task of yoga.

Mariana’s yoga and meditation classes are for beginners and also for advanced-level students. Mariana covers many topics in her classes like Breathwork, Mindfulness, and Meditation. Mariana also teaches Visualization, Relaxation techniques, Yoga Posture, and Yoga Philosophy.

Mariana Fernandez Peloton Instructor

In class, Mariana set an intention for the practice, like what trainees want to get. If it’s increased flexibility, strength, or a simple sense of calm. Take time for the warm-up, and spend 5 to 10 minutes stretching and moving muscles to prevent injury. Mariana trained her students by not pushing themselves hard.

Mariana says yoga is for relaxing, not stressing. Breathe deeply, In Yoga breathing deeply is the main factor to release stress. Mariana tells her trainees to take a break when they want. Marian allows her trainees to drink water, take deep breaths, and rejoin when they are ready.

Mariana guides her trainees to finish the practice by relaxation pose. Make one or two poses like Savasana to relax in the end to absorb all the energy.

Outside the Peloton

Whenever Mariana has time from the peloton. Mariana goes around the city theater and watches the play. Mariana waited in long lines and waited for hours to watch the new play. Mariana loves running.

Whenever Mariana has free time from the peloton she goes running. Mariana loves reading. Mariana goes to Central Park for reading when Marina has free time from the peloton. Mariana uses knowledge in yoga, Mariana reads books and collects knowledge.

Motivation by Mariana Fernandez

Mariana Fernandez Peloton Instructor by

Mariana Fernandez loves when someone takes interest in yoga. Mariana welcomes everyone with an open heart in her yoga class.

Mariana motivates her trainees to work with love and care. Mariana deals with her trainees with love and care. Mariana allows her trainees to relax and conveniently do yoga. Mariana Says, “I try to approach with an open heart, open mind, and shining heart.”

Quote by Mariana Fernandez

Mariana Fernandez quotes “Experience your own Resilience”.

Reason to join Mariana Fernandez’s classes

Mariana Fernandez speaks Spanish and English. That makes her more special in the Latin and English world. Mariana has 11 years of experience as a yoga instructor. Mariana is a stunning instructor and person. Mariana takes care of people and her trainees very carefully.

Mariana is a god-gifted teacher and Mariana knows how to take care of people and her trainees. Mariana knows how to connect your body and breath to make yourself relax. Mariana’s classes are challenging and full of fun.

Mariana always welcomes the new trainees and guides them to relax with yoga. So don’t wait and join the Mariana Fernandez classes of yoga at Peloton.


Who is Mariana Fernandez?

Mariana Fernandez is a Spanish-speaking Yoga instructor at the Peloton.

Where was Mariana Fernandez born?

Mariana Fernandez was born in the small town of Tampico, Mexico.

What is the zodiac sign of Mariana Fernandez?

Mariana Fernandez’s zodiac sign is Leo.

How many years of experience does Mariana Fernandez have in yoga?

Mariana Fernandez has over 11 years of experience in yoga.

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