Marcel Maurer Peloton Tread Instructor, Soccer Player Biography

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If one word which can define Marcel that is “Fun Learning”. If Marcel cares about one thing, it’s that you have fun in his classes which boosts up your inner power. While using his soccer experience he knows how to give back the support to others.

Marcel believes that living in the present moment is more important than any victory or anything. It would not be wrong if we say he also teaches people how to live their lives happily and wholeheartedly.

Lots of fun and motivation is the specialty of his class. You can expect positive vibes and fun learning from him. And the loveliest thing he adds in his class is Marcel’s contagious smile. He is a team player and he knows how to carry the people together. Marcel is German-based but is now in London.

Marcel Maurer’s Biography

Marcel’s Life before Peloton

Marcel was born on 12 December 1985 in Karlsruhe, Germany. He played in joined the soccer team in July 2013. Midfield and right midfield was Marcel’s position on the ground. And his previous experience of soccer player also supports him in training sessions.

Marcel Maurer peloton

Marcel and Peloton

Peloton announced that German instructor Marcel shall be teaching tread classes. Marcel wants to motivate people to help people so they can find their inner power. But most importantly he is more interested that people should have fun and pleasure in his class. Because he loves to play as a team so he wants people to have fun together and celebrate together.

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His fun-loving nature inspires others. Of course, Marcel loves to have fun and spread happiness among people. He wants that people should realize how much it is important life in the current moment. Marcel’s loving smile spread happiness among his members too.

Marcel’s Ideology

Marcel is the type of person who strongly believes in the process and experiences. They celebrate experiences, not successes. He motivates people and members to live in the present and live every moment of this precious life.

Marcel’s Habits and Hobbies

Marcel loves to walk with his girlfriend and their dog Hugo. He also loves traveling and football games. He eats ice cream at least once every day.

marcel maurer soccer player

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Marcel Maurer’s age?

Marcel Maurer was born in December 1985 and he is 36 years old.

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