Logan Aldridge Peloton Instructor Accident, Bio, Age, Early Life

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An adaptive training specialist and instructor with one arm, meet Logan Aldridge. He was born in Raleigh, North California. Aldridge is a lacrosse player and wakeboarder. Logan has been fond of sports since his childhood. Logan participates in many games like Lacrosse, Football, Baseball, and Basketball.

Logan met with an accident when he was 13 years old. Logan lost his left hand in the accident. Before the accident, Logan was left-handed. When he loses his left hand, Logan changes his habits to the right hand and adapts it. Logan becomes the motivational speaker and the fitness instructor.

Logan is also a winner of the Guinness World Record in heavy weight lifting with one hand.

Logan Aldridge Peloton Instructor

Biography of Logan Aldridge

Full NameLogan Aldridge
Date of BirthJanuary 25, 1991,
Birth CityRaleigh, North California, United States
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Age32 years
DisabilityLeft arm amputated
EducationBachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management, and Operation
UniversityThe University of North California at Wilmington
Previous ProfessionProfession: Business Administrative
Current ProfessionFitness Instructor at the Peloton
Marital StatusMarried to Emily Tysinger


Earlier Life

Logan Aldridge was born on January 1, 1991, in Raleigh, North California, United States. He has been interested in games since his childhood. Logan used to play Lacrosse, Football, Baseball, and  Basketball. Logan loves skiing.

Logan Aldridge Peloton Instructor

When Logan was 13 years old, Logan met with an accident while skiing. In the accident, Logan lost his left arm. Logan used to be a left-hand person; it takes some time to use his right hand.

After the recovery, Logan stepped into adaptive training. Logan tried hard to become a fitness instructor. Logan becomes a motivational speaker. Logan motivates people to do what they want to do no matter what happens.

Logan did his bachelor of sciences in Business administration and management. Logan passed his bachelor’s from the University of North California at Wilmington in 2014. In 2015, Logan got the CF L-2 certificate from CrossFit, Inc. In 2017, Logan got the Certificate of Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer (CAIT). Logan got the certificate from Adaptive Training Academy.

Career Timeline

In 2012 while doing his bachelor’s. Logan did an internship as a financial representative at Northwestern Mutual. Logan works there for 1 year and 3 months. In 2014 after his bachelor, Logan worked in field marketing at Red Hat. Till 2017 Logan belongs to the marketing field. Logan worked as Vice President of Business Development.

In 2018, Logan came to the fitness field and attended seminars. Logan has also been a motivational speaker since 2004. Logan speaks and motivates everyone even if they are professional businessmen.

In 2017, Logan set the world record by lifting heavy weights with only one hand. Logan was able to write his name in the Guinness World Record book. In December 2021, Logan decided to join the world’s best fitness brand the Peloton.

Logan joined the peloton and became the adaptive fitness instructor.


In December 2021, Logan Aldridge decided to join the Peloton. Logan joined the peloton as an adaptive training instructor. Logan is a daredevil instructor, Logan sees the tasks from all angles. Logans says give me a task and I will complete it as a challenge.

Logan Aldridge Peloton Instructor

He helps his trainees by giving them challenges. Logan tells his trainees that challenges are opportunities to fulfill their desires. Logan pushes his trainees to grow not only physically but also mentally.

Logan helps his trainees and tells them that workouts can be fun. Logan’s trainees do workouts as fun. Logan is an adaptive trainer, Logan instructs strength classes. Logan instructs seating and standing workouts for athletes with different capabilities.

Logan trained his trainees with accessible and challenging workouts. Logan introduces six habits to strengthen mental health. The first habit is to focus on the positives. Logan says to stay positive for mental toughness.

The second habit is always trying something new, which makes your mind tough. Trying something new makes your mind fresh, strong, and creative. The third habit is Practice Acceptance, accepting what can be or cannot be.

The fourth habit is Keep your Perspective. Keep your viewpoint clear and focus on it. If you decide to do it then you can do it. The fifth habit is to Find a role model that will help you to focus on your goal.

You have to follow your role model to get what you want. The sixth habit is to Give back to the community. Stay focused and achieve your goal when you achieve it. Deliver your learning to the community and help the community.

Motivation by Logan Aldridge

Logan Aldridge motivates his trainees through his looks. As Logan is disabled on one hand but still he does workouts. If Logan can do it then any person can do it. Logan says we trained our bodies to enhance our mental health.

Logan Aldridge Peloton Instructor

Logan motivates his trainees by telling them to turn the hurdles into opportunities. When you turn the hurdles into opportunities you can do better and have fun.

Logan tells his trainees to cross their physical hurdles. And find out more about themselves. Logan tells his trainees what will happen if they keep going on workouts. Logan makes them peculiar about what will happen when they do workouts.

Outside the Peloton

Whenever Logan has free time from the peloton, Logan goes outside and makes the adventure. Logan loves extreme sports, whenever Logan has free time from Peloton he does sports. Logan is eager to snowboard and surf. Logan goes surfing or snowboarding when Logan is free from the peloton.

Logan has two dogs, Mille and Stella. Logan says Mille is a mini-me tripod. Logan loves to spend time with his pups when is free from the peloton.

Reason to join Logan Aldridge

Logan Aldridge is keen on sports. Logan is also a motivational speaker and he knows how to motivate people. Logan’s knowledge of sports and people makes him special to his trainees. Logan’s looks make him more special and motivate his trainees.

Logan makes you feel relaxed and makes your mind tough through his workouts.

If you want to make your mind tough and your body physically fit. Then join Logan’s class of adaptive exercises.

Quote by Logan Aldridge

Logan Aldridge says “Tell me I can’t, And I will ”


Who is Logan Aldridge?

Logan Aldridge is a Sports lover, Motivational speaker, and an Adaptive Training instructor at the Peloton.

What happened to Logan Aldridge?

When Logan was 13 years old, Logan met with a wakeboarding accident. In the accident, Logan lost his left hand.

What is the marital status of Logan Aldridge?

Logan Aldridge is married. Logan is married to Emily Tysinger.

How old is Logan Aldridge?

Logan Aldridge is 32 years old.

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