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Let’s talk about the dance cycling class instructor on the Peloton Leanne Hainsby. Leanne Hainsby was born on 28 September 1987 in Kent, London. Leanne Hainsby is a fitness instructor at the Peloton in the London studio. Leanne Hainsby Peloton’s instructor is also a professional dancer. Leanne is famous for her dance cycling class on the Peloton app.

Leanne has loved to dance since her childhood and became a professional dancer. Leanne was a backup dancer on stage with many famous stars. She worked as a backup dancer on the stage with Kylie Minogue, Katty Perry, and Tailor Swift.

Leanne Hainsby Peloton Instructor

Biography of Leanne Hainsby

NameLeanne Hainsby
Birthday28 September 1987
Age35 years old
BirthplaceKent London
Zodiac signLibra
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weightapprox. 57 kg
Previous ProfessionProfessional Dancer
ProfessionPeloton instructor
EducationBromley High School
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue


The early life of Leanne Hainsby

For more than 20 years, Leanne worked as a professional dancer. Leanne worked as a backup dancer on the stage. Leanne worked as a backup dancer on stage for Katty Perry, Madonna, Taylor Swift, and Kylie Minogue.

Leanne lost her passion for dance for some time because of relationship problems. Leanne started teaching in boutique fitness studios in London. At this time she met with a Peloton fitness instructor Cody Rigsby. Cody Rigsby recommended her Peloton after seeing her talent.

At first, Leanne was asked to audition in New York. Leanne was asked to instruct a filmed class in the studio of the Peloton. After Leanne returned to London in 2018, she was offered a job. Since then, Leanne has been a Peloton instructor and conducts online classes. Leanne motivates many people through her passion, music, and personality.


Leanne Hainsby attended the Royal Ballet as a junior associate when she was 8 years old and started joining the school in 1997. Leanne graduated from high school education in 2004. Leanne went to a performing arts College in Essex when she was 16 years old.

Family of Leanne Hainsby

Leanne Hainsby was born in Kent her mother’s name is Sue Hainsby. Leanne’s mother is a businesswoman. Leanne’s mother was awarded Kent Businesswoman of the Year in 2018. Sue Hainsby was also awarded the National Landlords Association property woman for the South East in 2009.

Leanne has a sister whose name is Carly Hainsby. Her sister is married and the mother of two children. Carly Hainsby married in February 2007 with the love of her life. Carly is working as a teacher at birds college. Leanne Hainsby loves her nieces a lot.

Love life of Leanne Hainsby

Leanne Hainsby Peloton Instructor

Leanne Hainsby has been in a very unhealthy relationship in the past. But she is dating one of the Peloton instructors and her colleague Ben Alldis. They celebrated their two years dating anniversary on 4 January 2021.

Leanne and Ben kept their relationship secret for a year. The secret came out during the lockdown. When they have to deliver online training classes from home. Class members and fans noticed that they are giving classes from the same room.

Ben Alldis is also a Peloton instructor who started to join the Peloton in 2018. On 31 July 2021, Leanne and Ben posted their engagement pics on social media. Leanne and Ben live happy life together. Leanne loves to travel with Ben and posts pics on Instagram.

Leanne Hainsby and Peloton

Leanne Hainsby Peloton Instructor

Leanne started to join the Peloton in 2018. Leanne is a former professional dancer who turned into a fitness expert. Leanne is passionate about movement and self-expression. Leanne has been dancing since she was 3 years old.

Leanne Hainsby has worked as a backup dancer on stage for many famous stars. Leanne worked as a backup dancer for Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue, and Katy Perry. Leanne’s teaching style motivates people to step up and step outside of their comfort zone.

Leanne believes that growth and success come from the area of discomfort. Leanne gets you to the finish line with a smile on your face through her guidance and positive energy. Leanne motivates people through her support and passion.

Leanne’s second nature is expressing herself through music and movement. Leanne loves to channel her energy by riding the bike at the Peloton. Lanne is a UK-based Peloton instructor and teaches from Peloton’s London studio.

Leanne Hainsby’s battle with breast cancer

Leanne Hainsby revealed on her Instagram she’s been battling breast cancer. She also posted pictures of her undergoing treatment at the hospital. Peloton’s cycling instructor shared that she discovered a lump two days before her best friend’s funeral. Leanne went to the hospital to get it checked in the morning that day. But the doctor said that “everything was okay” and that there was no need to worry.

Leanne Hainsby Peloton Instructor

Leanne listened to her gut feeling and got a second opinion which is a life-saving decision. In August 2022, She underwent multiple scans and appointments. before Leanne was diagnosed with breast cancer. Leanne teaches her live fitness classes while she is undergoing intense chemotherapy. She fought like a superwoman. Leanne continues to show up normally through her 12 weeks of chemotherapy.

Leanne explains that she is the lucky person who was diagnosed earlier. Leanne is lucky to be moving fast through treatment and lucky to know she will be okay. Leanne is also lucky to have a partner like Ben Alldis. Who takes care of her and stands beside her through this tough time.


Leanne Hainsby believed that music drives us through boring life. Leanne planned to make a meaningful and enjoyable playlist. Leanne’s playlist will push and uplift your mood. Leanne wanted her class members to feel supported but pushed so they spent the most time with her.

Leanne motivates Peloton members with her passion and positive energy. Leanne is a combination of beauty with brains and talent. She loves to post pictures on social media. Leanne’s followers like to see her and are motivated by her energetic videos at the Peloton.

Outside of Peloton

Leanne Hainsby Peloton Instructor

Leanne loves to travel as shown by her Instagram posts. Leanne is always excited to see new parts of the world. Leanne loves to attend music festivals.

Leanne also enjoys yoga and boxing when she is not at the Peloton. Leanne always tries to have a good slice of pizza or green juice. Because she thought that life is all about balance. And no doubt she is hundred percent correct.

Quote of Leanne Hainsby

“ sweat, smile, repeat”

Net worth or Leanne Hainsby

Leanne Hainsby’s exact net worth is unknown. But Leanne has an estimated net worth of $1.4 million.


Who is Leanne Hainsby?

Leanne Hainsby is a fitness instructor at the Peloton in the London studio. Leanne is also a professional dancer. Leanne is famous for her dance cycling class on the Peloton app. Leanne Hainsby was born on 28 September 1987 in Kent, London.

Where was Leanne Hainsby born?

Leanne Hainsby was born on 28 September 1987 in Kent, London.

What is the date of birth of Leanne Hainsby?

Leanne Hainsby was born on 28 September 1987.

What is the age of Leanne Hainsby?

Leanne Hainsby is 35 years old.

What is going on with Leanne Hainsby?

Leanne Hainsby was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2022. Leanne is privately undergoing treatment for breast cancer in the hospital. Leanne is also teaching classes through 12 weeks of chemotherapy.

Why is Leanne Hainsby wearing long sleeves?

Leanne Hainsby explains her happiness at wearing long sleeves. Because she was healing from surgery. This full-sleeve look gave her confidence and comfort.

Did Leanne Hainsby have surgery?

Yes, because of breast cancer, Leanne has had surgery on her breasts.

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