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A Yoga personality, Pilates instructor, health expert, and writer, meet Kristine Mcgee. Kristin is a nationally known yoga and Pilates instructor, businesswoman, and author. Kristin initiated her career as a yoga instructor in the 90s after graduation.

Kristin was born in Pocatello, a small town in Idaho. Kristin always wants to be a dancer and actor in New York. Kristin moves to New York as a dancer and actor but Kristin found out that Yoga is best for her.

Kristine started her career as a yoga instructor after 200-hour yoga teacher training. Kristin used to be a Pilates instructor, which led her to the fitness industry.

Kristin used to be a yoga instructor through DVDs and trained celebrities personally. Kristin wrote books about the benefits of yoga. Kristin has three sons yet she gives time to yoga.

Kristin Mcgee Peloton Instructor

Kristin Mcgee Biography

Full NameKristin Mcgee
Date Of BirthAugust 31, 1973
AgeApproximately 50 years
Zodiac SignVirgo
Birth PlacePocatello, Idaho
EducationGraduation in Theater Program
UniversityNew York University Tisch School of Art
Height5 foot 7 inches
Marital StatusMarried to Timothy O’Shea (Filled divorce)
ChildrenThree Sons
ProfessionYoga Instructor at the Peloton, Yoga Influencer, Writer, Pilates Instructor
Net Worth6 Million USD



Kristin Mcgee Peloton Instructor

Kristin Mcgee was born in Pocatello, a small town in Idaho. Kristin’s parents were artists in local shows at Idaho State. Kristin has two brothers. Kristin’s father used to play piano and Kristin’s mother encouraged him to play for kid shows. Kristine grew up in a family full of entertainers.

Kristin married Timothy O’Shea and has three sons Timothy, Robert, and William. Kristin is a mother of twin sons Robert and William. Kristin filed a divorce against Timothy after 12 years of marriage. Now Kristin is a single mother of three sons.

Earlier Life and Education

Kristin was born on August 31, 1973, in Pocatello. Kristin grew up in a family full of entertainers. Kristin’s father used to play piano and sing. Kristin started dancing when Kristin was four years old. Kristin starts dancing tap, jazz, and ballet dance. While growing up, Kristin always dreamed of moving to New York to dance and act.

Kristin started her graduation from New York University Tisch School of Art. Kristin did graduation in the Theater program.

After graduation, Kristin’s parents gave her a gym membership. Which developed her interest in Yoga and Pilates. Kristin shared that when Kristan enters Yoga class it feels like she is at home.

Kristin signed up for the Yoga certification course by the instructor Cyndi Lee. Kristine spends 200 hours on the Yoga training program to get the Yoga Certification. Kristin gets the Pilates teacher certificate from the instructor Kelly Kane.

Kristin got a certificate from the School of Core Integration. Kristin joined the Katonah Yoga class. Kristin completed 500 hours to get a Yoga teacher certificate.

After Katonah Yoga.  Kristin joined the class of Urban Zen Yoga to get a Yoga therapist certificate. Kristin is also a certified ACE personal trainer and certified AFAA Aerobics Instructor.


After graduating from New York University. Kristin Mcgee started her career in the 90s. Kristin joined the gym and started yoga classes. Kristin feels at home while doing yoga. Kristin was also a Pilates trainer. Kristin trained many celebrities like Leann Rimes Cibrian and Emilia Clarke.

Kristin used to teach yoga on television like Access Hollywood, CNN, and Fox. Kristin also appeared in shows like Good Morning America, The Early Show, and the Today Show. Kristin appeared in these shows as a fitness, glamor, health, shape, and women’s health representative.

Kristin works as an editor and writer at Health Magazine. Kristin was a spokesperson for the Power Pilates Gym on HSN. Kristin also worked as a brand ambassador for many companies. Kristin has done many yoga and pilates videos and shows like MTV  Yoga and MTV Pilates. Kristin publishes her videos on the internet and youtube.

Kristin is also a writer of the book Chair Yoga. Kristin says, She never thought a girl from Pocatello still lives in the dream city of New York. In 2018 Kristin joined the famous brand Peloton after being successful at MTV.


Kristin Mcgee Peloton Instructor

After being famous on MTV, Kristin decided to join the world’s famous brand Peloton. In 2018 Kristin joined Peloton. Kristin launched Yoga classes among three other yoga instructors. Kristin was one of the other three instructors who introduced Yoga to the peloton. Kristin supported the peloton to get started on the yoga program.

Kristin is one of the most known yoga instructors in the peloton. Kristin advises people for physical fitness and advises people for physical exercise. Kristin thinks online programs help people to learn from instructors.

Kristin loves teaching yoga to people and wants to make it easy for people to learn. Kristin wants yoga exercises to reach everyone. While doing yoga, Kristin loves to have fun. Kristin wants to help people with the flow of yoga.

Kristin plays good soundtracks during yoga classes. Kristin says, “A down-dog a day keeps the doctor away ”

In a week, Kristin does 1-4 upper body strength exercises, 2 lower body strength, and 2-4 pilates classes. And 4 yoga sessions. Kristin adds cardio workouts to her classes. Kristin’s sessions are 20 to 45 min durations.

In January 2023, Kristin started the new program of pilates. Kristin names the program “Beginner Pilates with Kristin”

Outside the Peloton

Kristin is basically from Pocatello, Idaho. Which makes Kristin love skiing. Whenever Kristin has free time from the peloton, Kristin goes skiing. Kristin loves camping and hiking. When Kristin is free from the peloton, Kristin goes camping and hiking with her sons.

Kristin loves to spend time outside. Kerstin goes around the world with her sons to spend time outside and visit the world. Kristin loves to spend time in the gym. Kristin goes to the gym and tries to find out how much she can bear. Kristin tries to discover her body and how to make her physically fit.

Motivation by Kristin Mcgee

Kristin Mcgee Peloton Instructor

Kristin motivates her trainees with a smiley face. Kristin meets her trainee with a fresh smile on her face. Kristin helps her trainees by appreciating their efforts. Kristin makes her trainee feel good about themselves and their bodies while posing.

Kristin wants her trainees to discover what they have achieved by doing yoga in her class. Kristin appreciates her trainees in every possible way and motivates them.

Reason to join Kristin Mcgee

Kristin was one of the first instructors who introduced yoga classes in the peloton. Kristin is very motivated and dedicated to yoga and her trainees. Kristin appreciates her trainees, their poses, and their body.

Kristin never makes fun of her trainee and their body. Kristin has experience in yoga for more than 30 years. Kristin also wrote books on yoga and its benefits.

So don’t wait, let’s sign up for a yoga class with Kristin Mcgee at the Peloton.

Quote by Kristin Mcgee

Kristin Mcgee quotes. “Everything you could possibly ever want, have or need is right here inside you”


Who is Kristin Mcgee?

Kristin Mcgee is a yoga instructor at the Peloton from Pocatello, a small town in Idaho.

What is the height of Kristin Mcgee?

Kristin Mcgee is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

What is the net worth of Kristin Mcgee?

Kristin Mcgee’s net worth is 6 million USD.

How old is the peloton instructor Kristin Mcgee?

Kristin Mcgee is 50 years old.

How old was Kristin Mcgee when she had her first kid?

Kristin was 40 years old when she got pregnant for the first time.

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