Kirsten Ferguson Peloton Tread Instructor Bio, Husband, Age, Kids

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Kristen joined Peloton as a running instructor. In her motivating classes, she welcomes all levels of runners. She has an impressive career track record. Successful career woman to fitness instructor, her journey is a motivation for everyone. Kristen Ferguson holds the changes in her life wholeheartedly.

She worked for NFL for seven years and then she turned her focus to her family. Kristen’s journey to motherhood was tough. The Fitness of Kristen strengthens her soul and body during difficult times. But after dealing with all hurdles, now she is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters. She uses her running ability as her power and strength.

Kirsten Ferguson Peloton Tread Instructor

Kirsten Ferguson’s Biography

  • Name: Kirsten Ferguson
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: American
  • Relationship: Married
  • Kids: Two Daughters
  • Other Professions: Fashion,Cycling
  • Insta: iamkirstenferguson

Kirsten’s Early Life

The story of Kristen started out in Danbury, Connecticut. She was raised by a single mom and this thing became her strength. So it seems that being strong and independent women quality is from her mother to Kristen. She enrolled in the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, but quickly she realized that it is not the right track for her.

Kirsten Ferguson Peloton

After quitting the fashion industry and she had school experience playing basketball. Kristen started looking for opportunities in the sports world. In her exploration journey of fitness-related opportunities, she scored an interview at the NFL. She jumped at the opportunity and worked with them for seven years and had an amazing career.

Kristen’s Family Life

NFL is also the point where Kristen crossed paths with an athlete D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Kristen and D’Brickashaw married in 2011. After 2 years of marriage in 2013, Kristen stepped away from her professional career and so she can give time to her family.

After six months she got pregnant but in her first ultrasound report, there was no heartbeat. And eventually, they said that she is probably going to miscarry. Loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks occurs.

Kristen’s Journey to Motherhood

Kristen’s journey to motherhood was really painful and terrifying. Miscarriage was a really painful experience for her, not only physical but emotional. Suffering from a traumatic experience was horrible but the results of this incident were devastating.

Due to these all, she developed a blood vessel in her uterus that caused massive blood clots and heavy bleeding. She underwent a procedure for this problem and it took months to recover from this pain too. After recovery, she tried again and it took no longer time to conceive.

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When Kristen went for an ultrasound first time after conceiving, she experienced the most wonderful thing of her life. There was a heartbeat and there was a baby. She heard the beautiful voice of her baby’s heartbeat. But this happiness could not survive for so long.

A few weeks later she went for a checkup and her worst fear was in front of her. There was no heartbeat and no movement. This time she opted for D and C, so doctors can test and treat her properly.

Finally, Eden Grace Ferguson was born in 2015. It was the first happiness after a long journey of struggle and terrifying experiences. And after 16 months later her surprise sister (Emery Faith Ferguson) came. Her journey to motherhood has many lessons in it and this is a motivation for many.

Kirsten Ferguson kids

Kirsten and Peloton

Kristen is helping countless people with the Peloton platform. She is surprising people by showing them their own strengths. Kristen has a background in cycling. She believes that her story will inspire others. Kristen says that she would not be an instructor and woman if she didn’t go through what she did.

Her goal in every class is to remind people and members to remind them that they are more than enough. People should be grateful for what they have and just need to take the step.

Outside Peloton

You can find Kristen being a silly mom with her two daughters. Singing and dancing is the thing for her. When she is at the gym, she also listens to her favorite music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Kristen Ferguson married to?

D’Brickashaw Montgomery Ferguson was an American football player.

When did Kristen Ferguson join Peloton?

Kristen Ferguson officially announced her joining Peloton on 27 August 2021.

When did Kristen get married?

Kristen got married in 2011.

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