Kirra Michel Peloton Yoga Instructor Bio, Age, Married, Education

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Kirra Michel teaches yoga and is a wellness enthusiast. She was born and grew up in Lennox Head, Australia. She started her career as a dancer. She was also a surfer and rhythmic gymnast from her childhood. Kirra always loved all those ways she could express herself through movement.

Because she belongs to a spiritual household so she couldn’t deep dive into yoga. But then she moved to NYC and started meditation and yoga. She has an obsession with mental and physical fitness.

She is launching different fitness and yoga session programs. Her unstoppable approach to fitness passion is unmatchable. As she believes that people who are living in large and noisy cities are far away from nature.

So mediation can be the savior for them. That’s why she teaches both yoga and meditation to her trainees.

Kirra Michel's fitness journey

Michel says fitness is fueling the body and yoga helped her to be focused and healthy. She claims that her style of yoga is not traditional.

Kirra Michel Biography

  • Name: Kirra Michel
  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Previous Profession: Dancer, Rhythmic Gymnast, Surfer
  • Insta: kirramichel

Kirra Michel’s fitness journey

Michel’s childhood in a small town gave her some ways to be a calm and peaceful lover. Her journey in fitness is starting with dancing, and rhythmic gymnastics and now she is launching different programs.

Recently a two-week Peloton training program named “Path to inversion” was launched by peloton which is led by Kirra Michel. Kirra focus to help her members work their way toward inversions.

Kirra Michel peloton

She also worked on a body scan for complete relaxation, a body scan for anxiety and stress, and self-acceptance. These are the things in which she is working for years. Mental and physical fitness are equally important for Michel.

She added in her recent question-answer session, she explained and cleared for newbies about her sessions. She said, if someone has never done an inversion before then you should not expect that after two weeks’ class, you would be able to do it.

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These training programs will give you techniques and a foundation to work on. With consistent efforts and practice, you can make some good progress.

Young Age Issues in Kirra’s Life

When Kirra was younger, she suffered from body dysmorphic and eating disorders. Due to these hurdles, workouts became a punishment for her. She was suffering from heavy depression. Michel belongs to a spiritual household so she couldn’t deep dive into yoga.

Kirra Michel and Peloton

Kirra motivates the members by exploring their bodies and then staying consistent in their work so they can get ultimate results. She wants to leave members in a state where they feel empowered and capable of doing movements with their bodies.

That ends up being headstand, handstand, forearm stand, or those members who are making progress towards fitness. She motivates people towards progress.

Kirra Michel and Peloton

Moreover, Kirra provided the day-wise plan for their members, so they can get clarity in their minds that how things will work. Also, you can find the class name and then mark the day for your visit to the class.

Kirra Michel’s Techniques for Fitness

Michel explains about her classes that if you want to be pro in different techniques like inversion so take many classes and be consistent. If you get a class of two weeks and then you try to do something but you can’t do that, so don’t get disheartened. Set a practical goal and expectations and stay determined for that.

Everyone should keep in mind that getting any skill in your life is not easy. She trains people for an inversion like headstands, handstands, and forearms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any Australian Peloton Instructors?

Kirra Michel has been introduced as the first Australian Peloton instructor. She is offering yoga training services. This news is taken as exciting by Peloton fans in Australia.

How old is Kirra Michel?

Michel is 32 years old.

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