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Let’s talk about the rowing instructor at the peloton, Katie Wang. Katie Wang was born in China and when she was four years old Katie moved to the United States. Growing up in Silicon Valley, US Katie thought that she would always stay there forever. Now Katie Wang is living in San Francisco, California, US.

Katie started to join the platform of the peloton in August 2022.  Katie Wang is the first female rowing instructor at the Peloton.

Katie started rowing when she was in college. Katie was a freshman in college and competing in rowing ever since. Katie teaches classes at the Peloton on demand. Katie also teaches live classes. Katie Wang is passionate about rowing. She always tries to help people reach their fitness goals.

Katie Wang Peloton Instructor

Biography of Katie Wang

NameKatie Wang
Living CitySan Francisco, California, United States
Previous professionBarry’s Bootcamp instructor
Current professionPeloton rowing instructor
EducationBachelor of Arts (B.A), Film/Cinema/Video Studies
UniversityUniversity of Oregon



Katie Wang studied at the Castilleja School. Katie Wang did a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) from the University of Oregon. She did her bachelor’s from 2008-2012. Katie also studied Film, Cinema, and Video Studies.

Katie Wang at Barry’s

Katie Wang has been Founding Digital Trainer at Barry’s X. From Dec2016-Jul2020, Katie worked as a marketing manager and instructor at Barry’s. Katie became Curriculum Development Manager from Jul 2020 – Jan 2022. Katie also worked here as a principal instructor in June 2021. Katie Wang worked at Barry’s for almost six years on different tasks.

Katie Wang’s life before the Peloton

In the past, Katie Wang left a career in tech to pursue fitness and health. The passion, fire, and enthusiasm in her genes. The energy and passion that her parents exhibit in their work and she found in fitness.

Katie said she always preferred team sports. Katie Wang stressed the team since it is within the community that she thrives. When Katie feels lost and broken during the period of profound darkness. She discovered endorphins, inner strength, and her pleasure in others. When Katie desires to replicate the sensation of energy. She works on instructing group exercises.

Katie Wang became a great rowing instructor. because of her passion, knowledge, and experience, she is the best. Katie competed in rowing since college and also competed internationally. Katie had 10 years of experience in rowing.

Katie wang in the peloton

Katie Wang started to join the peloton as the first female rowing instructor in August 2022. Katie Wang became the first female rowing instructor.  Katie taught classes at the Peloton of all levels. She taught from beginner level to advanced.

Katie trains peloton members with detailed instructions and encouragement. Katie helped her class members reach their fitness goals. If anyone wants to take workouts to the next level, Katie’s classes will give you a great workout.

Katie Wang thought rowing is a total-body exercise. Katie wanted her class members to get lower-body and upper-body exercises simultaneously. That’s why exercise with Katie goes well with strength. After Katie’s class, you became physically strong and emotionally lighter.

Katie Wang’s Favorite rowing workouts

Here are some of Katie Wang’s favorite workouts.

  1. The 20-Minute Fat Burning Workout: For anyone who wants to burn fat and get in shape. This workout is perfect for them. This perfect workout consists of four-five intervals. Every interval is more intense than the last. At the end of the workout, you are sweating hard and have a faster heart rate.
  2. The Muscle Building Workout:

For anyone who wants to build muscle and improve their strength this workout is perfect for them. This workout also consists of five-minute intervals. By the end of this workout, you feel your muscles working hard.

  1. The Rowing Cardio Workout: For anyone who wants to improve their cardiovascular fitness. This work is perfect for them. At the end of this workout, you breathe hard. It also consists of 5 minutes intervals


Katie Wang is musically motivated and loves the combination of music and workout. Katie Wang is excited to be with her class members on this journey of fitness. Katie thought that everything is not meant to be perfect. A perfect day means a boring day. She explained that if your day is perfect it means learning nothing and not growing. That’s why imperfect things are beautiful.

Katie’s passion and energy motivate Peloton members. Her way of thinking gives them hope that nothing is impossible. She is a beautiful woman who loves to post pictures on her social media. Fans also wanted to know every single detail about her.

Outside of the peloton

Katie has a secret life on TikTok where she makes makeup tutorials. Katie also posted some mini makeup tutorials on her Instagram. Katie is a makeup lover and workout with lashes on. Katie is also a cat lover.

Katie loves her grandma a lot and posted pictures on her Instagram account. She said her grandma is her favorite person in the world.

Katie Wang’s Quote

“If I can do it, You can do it, and we can do it together.”


Who is Katie Wang?

Katie Wang is the rowing instructor at the Peloton.

Where was Katie Wang born?

Katie Wang was born in China and moved to the Us when she was four years old.

What is the education of Katie Wang?

Katie Wang did her Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Film/Cinema/Video Studies from The University of Oregon.

What is the profession of Katie Wang?

Katie Wang is a rowing instructor at the Peloton.

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