Joslyn Thompson Rule Peloton Tread Instructor Biography

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Joslyn Thompson Rule is a sports therapist and personal trainer with over seventeen years of experience in this field. She is a peloton trainer who is based in London. She has affirmed the belief that exercise should be accessible to everyone around.

Joslyn finds her confidence in running and fitness. She has a motivational story and an encouraging journey behind her success. She uses a holistic approach to training. Due to her strengths and powers, people used to call her Powerhouse.

Joslyn gets the confidence that no one can take away. She became Nike’s master trainer and worked with them also.

Joslyn Thompson Rule Biography

  • Full Name: Joslyn Thompson Rule
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 42
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Kids: Two
  • Previous Profession: Nike Master Trainer
  • Current Profession: Peloton’s Fitness Trainer
  • Instagram: @joslynthompsonrule
  • JoslynThompsonRule
  • Twitter: joslynthompsonr

Peloton Instructor Joslyn Thompson Rule Podcast

Joslyn’s Early life and Family Background

Joslyn was born in Dublin (Ireland). She was born to a Jamaican father and Irish mother. Joslyn’s father was a carpenter by trade. He moved to England from Dublin for better work opportunities but came back.

Joslyn Thompson Rule peloton

Joslyn also had an unfortunate incident in her childhood when she met an accident at her house and a wall fell down on her leg. She underwent 9 operations due to that accident.

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The surgeon told Joslyn that you would never be able to do Irish dance again. But 7 years old Joslyn never accepted this thing. Not only did she try the walk but also kept trying the dance until she went to university. With her self-motivation and efforts, she even became Nike’s global master trainer. Which is a motivational story for the people who want to break all odds in their lives.

Joslyn’s Personal Life

Joslyn is the proud mother of two kids, named Max and Bjorn. She is 42 years old. Joslyn’s family word consists of 3 kings, her 2 kids, and her husband.

Joslyn and Fitness World

Joslyn has a long relationship with fitness and running. From her childhood to the present, she has many things to motivate others. She has a journey of seventeen years in the fitness world.

Joslyn worked as a Sports therapist and as a Personal trainer. She is obsessed to deal with recovery, movement, and how people talk to their body and their selves. She has achieved many milestones in the fitness industry.

Joslyn and Fitness World

Like she became Nike Global Master Trainer. Joslyn runs Fitness Unfiltered Podcast. Joslyn is the author of a book named “How to move it, Reset your body”. She has started the “How to” series where she provides pocket-sized guides to people.

She mainly aimed that everyone should have access to exercise and fitness. Joslyn’s smart and simple techniques help people to live better and healthy.

Joslyn and Peloton

Joslyn takes a holistic approach to training that provides growth to the whole self. An athlete who finds the confidence in running and fitness that no one can take away from you.

Joslyn Thompson Rule Peloton

She has an amazing mantra of “Let’s just see”. Her mantra will inspire you to prove yourself and get motivated. Her warm methods to motivate people are really catching and attractive to the people.

She has an incredible ability to make a beginner part of the team and make him/her intermediate without neglecting them. Joslyn is a self-proclaimed recovery fiend and “Powerhouse”. Because she focuses on the long games.

She has a message for everyone on Peloton that they count and they matter.

Joslyn has many amazing techniques to motivate others. One of her motivating methods is to tell people that they can do so much with their amazing bodies. People should realize these things and keep them in their mind, whether it’s their first class or the thousandth.

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