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Let’s talk about the good-looking and charming personality of Jon Hosking. Growing up in England, Jon is a British fitness model and peloton instructor. Jon is also a personal trainer and online coach. As a model, he is taking care of his fitness which engages him with the fitness industry. He is also working with famous names in the business industry.

Jon Hosking has loved art since he was in school. In Hosking’s life, painting has always played an important role. In the UK and the US, Jon had a studio space. As time passes, Jon finds his interest in the studio. When he was 11 years old, his passion of Jon for fitness and health began.

Jon is also a founder of a 12-week healthy lifestyle and fitness program. The Jon Hosking method is a program where people can learn about how to live a healthy life. Jon teaches in his program and gives lessons on fitness and lifestyle.

Jon helps to achieve fitness goals and live a healthy life. Hosking dedicated his life to helping people to achieve their goals since his early life. Jon worked with some well-known athletes. His goal is to transform lives in healthy and positive ways.

JON HOSKING Peloton Instructor


NameJon Hosking
Age29 years old
Zodiac signCapricorn
Height6 feet 1 inch
Birthday10 September 1992
Marital StatusSingle
ProfessionModel and fitness instructor at Peloton

The early life of Jon Hosking

The attractive and charming fitness coach was born in England, on 10 September 1992. Jon got his early education from a well-known school in England. Jon has loved art since his childhood. In his life, art has always played an important role. Jon loves to lose himself in his art.

He became part of studios in The US and The UK. With time, he realizes the importance of exercise. Jon started his journey to become a role model in fitness. Now Jon is a fitness trainer and instructor at Peloton.

He worked as a model with many popular brands. Jon becomes a famous media face.


Love life of Jon Hosking

Jon Hosking was engaged with Amber Gill for a very short time. Amber Gill was born on 4 August 1997. Amber belongs to Newcastle, UK. She is a well-known social media face, beauty therapist, and a British supermodel. Amber is also a British TV personality.

JON HOSKING Peloton Instructor

In 2019, Amber participated in the ITV2 series Love Island. She won the contest with Gerg O’Shea. Amber became a very famous personality after winning the contest.

Amber and Jon have been part of the news. Now they are not together.


After completing his early education. Jon started to join The University of South Australia. 2012-2015, Jon studied introduction to law, management, and marketing strategies for business. Hosking also studied the introduction to information technology.

Jon also studied a primary-based one-sport course on learning frisbee and volleyball.

Jon did his bachelor’s in Sports management and business management from The University of South Africa, from 2012-2015.

From Feb 2023- July 2023, Jon Hosking joined the Xi academy. Jon learned the skills of UX Research, User experience design (UED), Lean UX, and UX UI.

The physical appearance of Jon Hosking

His elegant look and charming personality impress everyone. Jon is a young, good-looking, and attractive face. Who becomes the role model of our young generation. Jon is a 6 feet 1-inch tall handsome man. His weight is approximately 68 kg. Jon’s body is fit and in perfect dimensions.

Jon is a handsome man with brown eyes and a beautiful face. His fitness is ideal for his followers. His smile is very impressive and makes his personality even more attractive. Jon’s dressing style adds a spark to his personality. His energy in his videos on social media is a motivation for everyone.

Peloton and Jon Hosking

JON HOSKING Peloton Instructor,

Jon Hosking is a young peloton instructor. Jon started to join the peloton in 2020. His optimistic approach and sense of humor make him more energetic. Jon knows exactly how to get engaged and motivate peloton users.

Jon wanted to create an ideal atmosphere in his class. Everyone feels at home in his class and stress-free. Jon wanted to make an environment of enjoyment and celebration in his exercise class.

Jon Hosking makes sure that everyone is happy and fresh before leaving his class. He tried his best to make them stress-free and lighter than they were before. He became the motivation for his followers.

Jon Hosking helped people to improve their physical and mental health. Jon specializes in helping everyone to get in shape and look fit in any way. Jon Hosking offers services like online classes, group classes, and one-on-one coaching.

Jon believes that everyone is different in body shape and there is no “one size fits all”. He helps his clients in every way to find what is perfect for them. Jon helped his clients to find the perfect exercise according to their body shape.

Hosking provides instructions to his clients and let them understand their body. He helped his clients to reach their goals.

Fitness tips by Jon Hosking

Peloton trainer and fitness coach Jon Hosking give some useful tips to shape your body. By using his tips you can improve your physical appearance.

Daily exerciseJON HOSKING Peloton Instructor

You can shape your body by doing exercise daily. Exercise is the most important thing you can do to tone your body. It is more important for your physical and mental health. You can choose your favorite activity and make it part of your daily routine. Doing exercise is not a boring activity, it brings energy to your body.

A healthy and balanced diet

A healthy diet provides you with the necessary nutrients. Nutrients are necessary for your body to function in its best way. A healthy diet helps to maintain weight and reduces the risk of diseases. It provides energy and stamina.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water helps your body to stay active. Drinking water is essential for the proper functioning of organs. It gives you the energy to work out at its best.

Healthy sleep

Sleep is more important for physical and mental health. Not getting enough sleep makes you weak and feel dizzy throughout the day. At least 7-8 hours of sleep every night is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals makes your life easier. Set goals which are achievable and small. Don’t set these types of goals that are too hard to achieve. Don’t rush and don’t try too much or too soon.

Jon Hosking’s favorite workouts in the Peloton

In the world of the peloton, there is a wide range of workouts. Peloton offers HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to yoga. Jon’s favorite workout depends on his mood.

Some of Jon Hosking’s favorite workouts are strength training, intervals, and yoga.

Outside of peloton

Outside of the peloton, Jon’s huge passions are football and painting. Painting is a way to express himself. Painting brings great peace to Jon’s life.

Apart from the peloton and art, Jon loves to take pictures. His followers on social media. Jon Hosking is a famous social media star with more than 44k followers.

The net worth of Jon Hosking

The Net worth of Jon is unknown. But, according to sources his net worth is approximately $5 million.


Who is Jon Hosking?

Jon Hosking is a peloton instructor and fitness coach. Jon is also a British fitness model, online coach, and personal trainer.

The age of Jon Hosking is 29 years old.

What is the Nationality of Jon Hosking?

Jon Hosking is a British national.

What is the height of Jon Hosking?

Jon Hosking is a 6 feet 1-inch tall handsome man.

What is the date of birth of Jon Hosking?

Jon Hosking was born on 10 September 1992

Who is the ex-fiance of Jon Hosking?

Amber Gill was the ex-fiance of Jon Hosking.

When did Jon Hosking join the peloton?

Jon Hosking started to join the peloton in 2020.

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