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A self-proclaimed “teacher at heart” became the peloton instructor, meeting Jess Sims. Jess inspires everyone from the baby-boomer generation to the new generation of technology. Jim told them to get more active while stuck at home. Sims help people with new things to get sweaty, active, healthy, and physically fit. Sims want her trainee to have fun with exercise.

Jess was a captain of the basketball team of her college. Jess was a natural athlete and leader since childhood. Jess has participated in many sports since her school, college, and university days. Jess played lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. Jess is a tutor and fitness instructor.

Jess Sims Peloton Instructor

Biography of Jess Sims

Full NameJessica Sims
Nick NameJess Sims
Date of BirthAugust 5, 1988
AgeApproximately 35 Years
Zodiac SignLeo
BirthplacePeabody, Massachusetts
ProfessionEducator, Peloton Instructor
UniversityThe University of St. Thomas
Marital StatusUnmarried
Living CityNew York United States
Height5 foot 8 inches
PetsThree Pitbull



Jess’s father was an African, and Jess’s mother was an Italian woman. She grew up in a mixed lifestyle in Peabody Massachusetts. Jess’s father was a basketball player who helped Sims to become an athlete.

Jess’s father supports Sims to be a basketball player and helped her to become a team coach. Jess’s mother was a kind-hearted woman. Jess’s mother helped people in every way she could.

Jess learned too much from her parents. Jess’s father helped her to become an athlete. Jess’s mother gives her a good heart to help people. Jess makes both of her parents. Jess was a natural athlete and leader by birth.

Jess has siblings but they are not known to the media. Jess is an open-minded lady, yet she is not married. Jess is not committed to anyone, and she is not even in a relationship.

Early Life And Career

Jess was born on August 5, 1988, in Peabody Massachusetts, United States. Jess grew up in Peabody Massachusetts along with her siblings. Jess joined sports teams at her school. Jess was a good student in her studies and also a good athlete. Jess got her B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Psychology and Hispanic studies from Trinity College Hartford.

Jess joined the University of  St. Thomas Houston Texas to gain a master’s degree in Teacher Leadership. After the master’s degree, Sims joined the teaching department. And become a Kindergarten Teacher.

Jess joined Harlem Village Academies and started her career. Jess started as a Kindergarten Teacher. Then Sims got promoted and became Operation Director at Harlem Village Academies. After the Operation Director Sims got promoted to Assistant Principal. At last, Sims was promoted to Principal at Harlem Village Academies.

While studying, Sims also took interest in sports. Sims played lacrosse and basketball and Sims was very good at them. Jess was perfect in basketball and became a coach of her college team. Sims remained the coach of the basketball team for three years.

While teaching Sims didn’t get enough time for herself and for sports. In 2016 sims decided to leave her career in teaching behind and focus on fitness. So, Sims left the teaching job and start focusing on her fitness.

Before Joining Peloton

Before joining Peloton, Sims was a teacher and principal at Harlem Village Academies. Sims left behind her teaching career for fitness. In 2016 Sims leaves her profession for fitness. Sims teaches boxing and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) at popular boxing zones in New York.

While teaching boxing and HIIT Sims got the attention of many media and news. Sims appeared in many television shows like “Live With Kelly”. Sims got the attention of print and digital publications. Like women’s Health, Men’s  Health, Self, and Wall Street Journal.

Jess also earned the brand partnership of ASICS, Rebook, and Nike. Sims represent ASICS, Rebook, and Nike as brand partners in media.


Jess Sims Peloton Instructor

After so many years of struggle, fame, and fitness. Sims joined the peloton in the Fall of 2018. Sims joined the Peloton family as a treadmill instructor. Sims teach Running, Walking, Bootcamp, Strength, and Stretching class. Sims have over three million viewers, who joined Sims as fitness instructor.

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Jess says “I want everyone to feel like an athlete while working out, So I coach in the mindset of being in a game”. Jess loves mental breakthroughs. Jess thought when we make the way to get out of our minds there the magic and miracle have happened.

During Jess’s classes, Sims motivated her trainee and viewers by saying. “Remember what you want most and forget what you want now”. Jess’s style of teaching is very lovely and passionate.

Some people thought Jess’s style of teaching is tough love. But Sims expect a lot and support from her trainees and viewers. Jess’s viewers and trainees increased as Sims joined the peloton. Jess has bike boot camps to keep people physically fit. When Jess joins the peloton, Jess brings five years old to older in the peloton family for fitness.

Outside The Peloton

Outside the peloton, Jess is also an athlete. Jess loves to do boxing whenever Sims is free from the peloton. Jess goes for lifting so that she remains physically fit. Jess has a unique hobby, Jess tries new coffee shops. Jess goes around the city and finds new coffee shops. Jess tries their coffee. Jess loves to spend time with her three pit bulls. Jess is so excited to start training for some road races. Jess loves to work with people.

Interesting facts about Jess Sims

Jess Sims Peloton Instructor

Jess used to play basketball in high school and remained captain of her team for three years.

  • Jess’s Instagram account has 477k followers in 2023
  • Jess posted for the first time on Instagram on May 20, 2016.
  • Sims has three pitbull, which shows Sims is a dog lover.
  • Jess served as Corps Member Adviser for Teach for America.
  • Jess served as operational director for Teach for America.
  • Jess also worked for the Founder and principal of Harlem Village Academies.

Reason to join Jess Sims

Jess Sims is an athlete and leader by birth. Jess deals with her trainee and viewers with care and guides them very passionately. Jess motivates her trainees and viewers to be physically fit and mentally fresh. While training Jess told her trainees and viewers to think about what they always want. And don’t think about what they want now.

As an athlete, teacher, and leader quality makes Sims more popular among her viewers and trainees. So don’t wait and join the peloton treadmill classes of Jess Jims.


What is the full name of Jess Sims?

My full name is Jessica Sims.

How many years Jess Sims remain the coach of the basketball team?

Jess Sims remained three years coach of the basketball team.

When did Jess Sims join the Peloton?

Jess joined the Peloton in the Fall of 2018.

What is Jess Sims’ profession before joining the peloton?

Jess Sims was a school teacher and principal of the School.

What did Jess Sims teach outside the peloton?

Jess teaches boxing after peloton classes.

What is the most favorite pet of Sims?

Jess is a dog lover and Jess has three pit bulls.

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