Is Skateboarding Dying? – (Death of Skate & Its Revival)

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Is skateboarding dying because we rarely see skateboarders in the streets and parks? Maybe it is fear of injuries or love for online games that have caused a decline in their popularity.

Here We have discussed evidence that shows decreases in its fame, different ways by which organizations are trying to revive it, and why it cannot die.

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Why is Skateboarding Dying?

Is Skateboarding Dying?

In the past few years, skateboarding has reduced very much, and the following points further show how much decline in skateboarding has taken place in recent years.

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1. Decreased Google Searches

When the google searches were checked, it was clear that people nowadays do not search for skateboards and skateboarding on google. This means they are no longer interested in it as google searches are dropped over by 85%.

2. Deserted Skateboard Parks

If you want to see it by yourself then visit any nearby park, you will have no confusion because there are hardly two to three people who are skateboarding. However, once upon a time, the park ware used to be full of skateboarders. So are you still thinking, is skateboarding dying, or is it just I who do not see any skateboarders?

Is Skateboarding Dying?

3. Companies are Closing

Moreover, there were massive businesses with skateboards, and people earned a lot of money, but now almost all companies are closed. People in business have changed their source of earnings as nations are no longer interested in skateboarding.

CCS, 411VM, Digital, Fuel TV, Aesthetics, City Skateboards, Skateboarder Magazine, Arcade, and Vehicle Skateboards all have stopped working; furthermore, local small shops have faced much financial loss in recent years and are closing one by one.

4. Lack of Interest of all Age Groups

It was famous among people of all age groups, and you have many opportunities of learning information about it from different people. Still, in recent years, nobody wants to know about it. Even the youth who are very energetic and healthy must move towards this fun activity are unaware of its basics.

Revival of Skateboarding

People were concerned about the reasons for the decline in it and held different meetings where they made plans for its revival. Because they do not want to lose this fantastic activity. Following are things that they have done in the last 20 years.

  1. Skate parks, due to negligence, have lost their charisma, and beauty so first of all, these parks were revived. New beautiful and colorful plants were grown there, and further embleshimnets were made.

Their decency increased, and people, especially old and children, were amused by its beauty, hence started paying attention to skateboarding.

  1. People admire different uniforms and want to own them, so for skateboarders, a specific uniform and different accessories for further protection were made, and as a result increase in its popularity took place.
  2. Videos of people skateboarding and enjoying themselves were made and uploaded to the internet. When other people watch these videos, they get fascinated and want to enjoy them. This is how social media is helping in the revival of skateboarding.
  3. With the help of social media, it has become famous in other parts of the world, like the U.S and Europe. Slowly it will become famous on the other continents of the world. So do not worry yourself by thinking is skateboarding dying.
  4. Moreover, as it is fuel-free and economical, people started using it as a source of transport. When skateboarders move in the busy street, people get fascinated by them, and it looks cool to them. So they also buy a skateboard for themselves.

Why Will Skateboarding Not Die?

It seems that skateboarding will soon lose itself, and not even a single human being will love it, but it is not true because it has a lot of benefits. In the 1970s, the decline in its fame took place; then, people assumed it would die soon, but it again became a craze.

The same will happen now it will revive because of the facilities it gives to the people. Let us discuss its significant benefits.

  1. It is the best activity for a fun-loving person because you do not need other players to make the team. All you have to do is buy a skateboard and start enjoying it. Furthermore, you can do it whenever you want.
  2. Moreover, it does not use any fuel; thus, you will not have to invest in anything again once you have invested in it. For example, if you play football for fun, you have to pay for their monthly camp free, which is not affordable for everyone.
  3. You can use it in public places, and in parks where there are many people, you get a chance to show your skills in return you get admiration thus your confidence increases, and you become ambitious for learning new skills.
  4. It is one of the best sources for losing weight and toning the body because we use all our muscles; thus, they get stronger, and their flexibility increases.
  5. The most important thing you learn with its help is consistency because when you start, you do not know how to maintain balance, and it is very challenging to learn new drills.

So you don’t give up after a few failures but practice hard and achieve your goal; thus, you become consistent, and your confidence increases.

Final Words

In a nutshell, it is facing a decline as it faced in 1970, but it will soon become famous because its lovers are working hard to attract people towards it and to revive it.

Moreover, it is so beneficial that you cannot deny it, so in just a few years, it will become famous in people of all age groups, and social media will play a prominent role in it.

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