How to Watch Peloton on Your LG Smart TV? – [Quick Guide]

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In an emerging and fast-forward world, we ignore our health and forget to take care of ourselves. But only some people like you care about the health and choose Peloton to improve health.

I am glad that you are one of those.

You just started Peloton and don’t even know how you can watch Peloton on your LG smart TV?

Don’t worry; Many people get stuck in that case; some wonder if it will be a good option to use LG smart TV, or some people use Vizio and some Samsung TVs.

It’s not the TV that matters; it’s your health that matters the most. So don’t worry at all; we are here to resolve your issue related to Peloton on LG TV.

Web OS likely powers the Smart LG television you recently bought.

Web OS is, in large part, a reliable platform. It offers a user-friendly interface and a good collection of apps and suggests shows based on past viewing habits.

The Peloton app is now accessible on smart LG TVs like any other. The Peloton app should appear with an option to download when you open the LG Contents Store and search for it.

Let’s get dive into the process of installing and watching Peloton on an LG Smart TV.

How to Install the Peloton and Watch on LG Smart TV?

The Peloton app is compatible with any LG 4K TV models made in 2016 and, after that, runs Web OS innovative platform 3.0 or higher.

It’s easy to download the Peloton app onto an LG TV.

How to Watch Peloton on Your LG Smart TV?

  • Turn On your LG television.
  • Choose “Home” from your remote’s menu.
  • Search for Peloton on the LG Content Store.
  • For the app to download, click
  • Then, when you turn on your LG Smart TV in the future, either hit the Home button or launch the app directly from this location to browse among your apps.
  • Enter your password and username when you First open the Peloton app.
  • To make things as simple as possible,
  • To conduct a voice search, press the Mic button on your LG Magic Remote and speak ”

It’s that easy!

LG Launches Peloton App On LG Smart TVs

Peloton made its debut on smart TVs in December 2019 with the release of an application for the Fire TV streaming media player. In April 2020, the company launched an app for Android TV, and by June of that same year, it had released an app for Apple TV.

  • Using the Peloton app, you may take any of the thousands of available classes whenever and wherever you like, with no bike required.
  • Peloton’s mission is to improve people’s lives through exercise, and they do this by leveraging cutting-edge technology, engaging content, and top-notch instructors.
  • Peloton Members are encouraged to stick with the service by receiving access to an extensive library of lessons available in real-time and on-demand, each set to carefully selected musical accompaniment.
  • Classes in strength training, yoga, boot camp, cardio, barre, pilates, indoor cycling, stretching, meditation, and audio-only jogging and walking don’t even need gym equipment.

However, LG TVs last supported Peloton quite some time ago. That was modified on November 17, 2021, after a long time of patient waiting. LG Electronics USA (LG) has announced that the Peloton App is now available on all LG Smart TVs in the United States.

Subscription For Peloton App on LG Smart TV

The Peloton app is available to All-Access Members at no extra cost (i.e., Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread owners). Those who don’t own a Peloton bike or tread can sign up for a Peloton app membership for $12.99 a month.

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This membership grants access to all Peloton content on mobile platforms, tablets, the web, and smart TVs that are compatible with the app. The Peloton App is currently giving a free 60-day trial to new members.

For those who own an LG Smart TV using the webOS operating system, the Peloton app can be accessed through the LG Contents Store or, if supported, by simply saying “Peloton” into the LG Magic Remote.

Recently, LG Smart TVs have added the Peloton App as the latest workout solution option. If you buy an LG Smart TV, you will soon be able to access premium fitness programming and the curated shopping experiences LG has been offering for some time.


Peloton, an interactive fitness app, has become available on televisions manufactured by LG. The Peloton app can be quickly and easily installed on any LG TV. The LG Peloton app is now available on LG Smart TVs. Only LG TVs running webOS 3.0 or later can use the app.

The Peloton app is ready to be used by anyone with an LG smart TV and a Peloton Bicycle or Tread. According to LG Electronics USA, the Peloton App may now be downloaded on every LG Smart TV sold in the US. If your LG Magic Remote is compatible, you can launch the Peloton app by speaking “Peloton” to it.

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