How to Remove Peloton Toe Cages? – [Simple Steps Guide]

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With the comfort of toe cages, you can ride a Peloton bike without worrying about slicing your toes on a sharp object or someone else’s finger. They help keep you steady as you pedal. However, using them for extended periods may cause discomfort.

No need to worry if their presence isn’t to your liking; we’ve learned that they can be eliminated if necessary. Keep reading if you’re interested in finding a solution to this problem!

In this blog article, I’ll explain how to take off your bike’s toe cages without breaking anything else.

You’ll need an Allen wrench with a three-millimeter head to loosen this screw at the pedal’s base before you can adjust the toe cage.

4 Easy Steps to Remove Peloton Toe Cages

I’ll save you time if you’ve ever put peloton toe cages. Cages may be taken down quickly by reversing the steps taken to put them up.

How to Remove Peloton Toe Cages?

With these four easy steps, anyone can take down the cages in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Separate the Clamps from Your Foot

You have to dismount the bike first, even before you may remove the straps if you are still in the dismounted position.

Do you remember that you had tightened the straps while putting the toe cages in place? In this step, you’ll undo that by removing the sashes from your toes.

However, only the toe cages without straps will require this additional step. Strapped-together pens and cages don’t need any other hardware. If you’re working with one of those bikes, You can skip over this step and move on to the one that comes after it.

Step 2: Locate the Bolts on Your Foot’s Toe Cage

Your toe cages are secured to the pedals using fasteners. Simply by turning the pedals in the opposite direction, you will be able to find the bolts. If you turn the pedal over, so the bottom is facing you, you should see very few bolts.

Step 3: Unscrew the Bolts

To complete this step, you will want the assistance of a 3mm Allen wrench. Make an effort to loosen the bolts. Is it impossible to remove the bolts? This condition will manifest itself when you wear the toe cages for an extended time.

In this scenario, you can make the pedals easier to grip by using pedal oil. The pedals will not get slippery. After that, releasing the bolts and making them happen will be as simple as turning them counterclockwise to loosen them.

Step 4: Take off the toe cages

Now take down the cages, and you’re finished!

What if, though, your peloton’s pedals include toe cages?

In this particular scenario, you will initially need to loosen the pedals. To achieve this, use the Allen wrench to rotate the right pedal clockwise and the left pedal counterclockwise.

Put the pedals back on after you’ve removed the toe cages and the pedals themselves. Replacing the pedals is as easy as reversing the steps you took to remove them.

You have been successful in removing the peloton cages! Did you note it’s the inverse of the procedure for putting on peloton toe cages? It is that easy!

Tools needed

An Adjustable Wrench

That’s the tool you will need to remove the bolts attached to the toe cages. Remove the toe rings if you don’t want to be look like a foot model; this is the single most critical tool you can have.

Pedal wrench

Instead of adjusting the pedals on your bike, it may be simpler to use a pedal wrench while removing the toe cages from your pedals. The pedals on your bicycle may have their tension adjusted without using any tools, but you will have at least one tool to eliminate the toe cages themselves.

Channel-lock Pliers

To facilitate the replacement of your pedals, however, it is recommended that you use a wrench in conjunction with this tool rather than attempting to use channel lock pliers to hang onto the pedal while spinning it off. Instead of channel lock pliers, you should utilize an adjustable wrench because it will yield superior results.


Peloton Bikes are famous worldwide for their exceptional quality construction and top-of-the-line functionality, which has led to their widespread popularity. These bikes are among the most popular ways to get in shape. Therefore you should use them if you want to get in shape.

When attempting to remove the toe cages from the Peloton pedal cages, users often run into difficulties due to the cages being caught. If you remove it the right way, as explained in the post, there must be a Solution for you to solve this problem somewhere.

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