How to Position a Recumbent Bike? – [Here is a Correct Way]

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Feeling inconvenienced and sliding over like a roller coaster on the recumbent bike?

You made up your mind to invest in the recumbent bike machine. You brought this giant unassembled equipment to your home so that you can effectively lose weight and burn calories. You made a space in the corner of your house so it doesn’t spoil the beauty of your home. Ok, wait!

I am using this recumbent bike for many years. According to my observations, the majority of people are not taking advantage of this cardiovascular machine properly.

Do you consider this recumbent exercise bike to be just like a regular bike, where you just need to get on and start pedaling? It’s not as simple as you think, but it’s not complicated either.

You must have been thinking up till now about how to position a recumbent bike then if the positioning is different than the rest of the bikes.

We have created a guide that covers How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Recumbent Bike? in our last article.

There’s no need to worry! Let’s take a closer look at it together.

How to Position a Recumbent Bike?

It is necessary to understand why it is so important to properly position yourself on a recumbent bike? There are certain follow-up methods that need to be followed in order to use any gym equipment, whether it is an upright bike or this recumbent stationary bike.

How to Position a Recumbent Bike?

As you know that every manufacturing company around the world gives a guidance booklet along with their product for their loving customers. You will be able to avoid any injury or pain by following these exact methods mentioned in the booklet. The same case applies to recumbent bikes.

Therefore, trainers, physiotherapists, and bikers put their best efforts to come up with secure positions for paddling the recumbent bike just to keep you safe from any kind of injury.

How to Sit on a Recumbent Bike?

If you order this machine to deliver to your home, the vital thing you need to do is to assemble your recumbent bike first before you start paddling. Immediately after completing, it’s time to know how to position on a recumbent bike. You Might Also like to Read: Is a Recumbent Bike Good for Sciatica?

These are the following steps you need to keep in mind:

  • After you sit on a recumbent bike seat, the first thing you need to do will be to adjust your seat according to your comfortability.


  • The recumbent bike is known for its backrest. Keep your back straight and put your feet on paddles. Make sure you tighten your feet with the paddle strips on your bike so you won’t slip while paddling.


  • If the space between your seat and paddles is very tapered then your seat would have a knob or lever below. First, straighten your legs and make sure that the ball of your foot should be on the paddle. Push your lever to adjust your seat to move forward or backward depending on how close or far you are from the paddles. Your knee should not be bent at more than 15-20 degrees angle.

In this way, you wouldn’t put pressure on your knees and your glute muscles would be easily able to exert the maximum amount of energy. Also, by bending your knees 15-12 degree angle, you can prevent yourself from suffering any serious muscular injuries.


  • Adjusting your seat is also essential because few of your might have long legs and might be taller than the average person.


  • In some recumbent bikes, the handlebars are just adjacent to the seat, while in others, they are directly in front of your face. The better way to hold your bike is from the front rather than from the bottom if it has both handlebar options. So, it is important to adjust the handlebars to hold them very comfortably and leniently. It shouldn’t be too high nor too way down.


  • Until now, two important things have been covered how will you adjust your seat according to your height, angle, and size of the leg, and second, how will you hold the handlebars? Start with a lower resistance level, it will warm up your muscles. As your muscles get used to the resistance level, you can increase it from time to time.


As a conclusion to my whole article, maintain a straight posture, adjust your seat as mentioned above, hold your handlebars, and place your feet on paddles correctly. These are the standard method approved by top gym trainers for positioning yourself on a recumbent bike. I am using the exact same method since I was in the bike industry.

And what other problems you are facing with your recumbent exercise bike? Let me know in the comments below.

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