How To Link Peloton With Strava? – [Quick Guide]

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You are one of those lucky people who are looking at a peloton to increase your health and fitness.

I wanted to track and monitor my peloton productivity and performance, and after detailed research, I learned that there is an app called Strava that helps monitor health.

After little research, I finally figured out how I could link Peloton with the Strava app.

It would be unfair if I won’t share it with the peloton family about it!

In this post, I will demonstrate several methods for accomplishing this. So, let’s not waste more time and get down to business.

What Are The Steps To Connect Peloton With Strava?

Procedure For Linking Peloton With Strava

You can easily move on to learning how to link your Peloton to Strava.

It would be best if you began by powering your Peloton bike and navigating to the primary menu as the first order of business. Choose the “Settings” option once you’ve arrived there.

To access the “Connectivity” option:

  1. Scroll down until you reach it.
  2. After making your selection, scroll down until you see the “Strava” option.
  3. Choose it, and then hit the “Connect” button on your keyboard.

Click the “Allow” button after you have entered your Strava login details. And this will grant Peloton access to your Strava account and permit them to use it.

The Peloton device will link with Strava once you finish doing that. Strava will immediately upload the data to your Account when you complete a label.

You may also access the “Workouts” option by going to the main menu on your Peloton and selecting it there. You can access the “History” option by going to that location.

It will display all the workouts you have completed on your Peloton over time.

After that, you’ll see a button labeled “Share,” which you can use to send your work to other people on Strava.

But why would you want to link Strava to Peloton?

Procedure For Linking Peloton With Strava

You have gained some knowledge about Strava and its fundamental features, but you still need to understand what it’s all about.

You may be curious about why I should connect Strava to Peloton.

Several significant reasons might drive you to carry out this action. The first advantage is that it is an excellent tool for monitoring your development over time.

Keeping track of your workouts is an excellent approach to evaluating how well you are progressing toward your goals of reducing body fat or improving your level of physical fitness.

One further argument is that doing so is an excellent approach to maintaining one’s motivation. It’s easier to stay motivated when you can see how far you’ve come over time.

Observing how one’s performance stacks up against others is another effective method of boosting motivation.

Connecting Strava to Peloton is smart if you want to maximize your workouts and improve your performance.

You can examine the information provided by Strava to determine which aspects of your performance require improvement.

If you want to improve your average speed, for instance, you can use the data from Strava to figure out where you are losing the most time and then focus on improving those areas.

It would be an excellent method for focusing your training and ensuring you gain as much benefit as possible.

The final justification for linking your Peloton and Strava accounts is that doing so provides a wonderful opportunity to interact with others.

When you connect Peloton to Strava, you can track your friends’ progress and encourage them as they ride.

It is a wonderful method to keep in touch with friends who also have Pelotons and socialize with them. Additionally, it is a wonderful opportunity to get to know new individuals who share your interests.

Syncing Individual Peloton Activities to Strava

Once you’ve completed your Peloton workout and saved it, you have two options for sharing it:

  • Strava sharing is accessible from the exercise summary via the Share button.
  • In the left-hand small corner of the main screen, pick Account and select Workout History to view your past workouts.
  • Choose the activity that you want to upload to your Strava profile.
  • Tap the Share button in the topmost right corner of the page with the activity details and choose Strava.

Which Tracking App, Peloton or Strava Is Better?

Procedure For Linking Peloton With Strava

We are all aware that Peloton comes with its capabilities, such as tracking your fitness and workouts; however, compared to other fitness tracking applications, such as Strava, how does Peloton perform exceptionally?

Both applications provide users with different training alternatives and several other tracking functions. On the other hand, there are various many significant distinctions between the two.

For instance, in contrast to Strava, Peloton does not come equipped with a GPS feature. Because of this, Peloton will not be able to keep track of any of your workouts that take place outside.

Peloton also does not have a social media component as Strava does. Because of this, you will need to be able to clearly communicate with your friends about your workouts via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Peloton is one option that stands out from the other crowd thanks to its distinctive functionality if you find a mobile app that can measure your fitness progress.

For instance, Peloton provides a leaderboard tool that enables you to evaluate your performance about that of other users of Peloton. It is a fantastic approach to keep yourself motivated and examine how your progress compares to people’s.

In addition, Peloton provides a function known as “classes,” which enables users to participate in live or on-demand lessons alongside other Peloton customers.

It is an excellent method to maintain connections with other Peloton community members and receive advice from more seasoned users.

In the end, everything boils down to an issue of subjective preference. If you are seeking an app that provides additional tracking tools, Strava can be a better choice for you than other options.


What, exactly, is Strava?

Strava is a website and mobile application that enables users to monitor their workouts, view how their performance measures against others, and establish personal objectives.

It is an excellent method for maintaining your motivation and observing your development over time.

You can utilize Strava in either of these two ways. The first way is to use a global positioning system (GPS) gadget, such as a watch designed for runners or a bike computer.

The second method involves linking your smartphone to an application such as Peloton.

If you are using Peloton, you can link the device to the Strava app installed on your mobile device. Because of this, Strava will have the capability to keep track of your rides and offer you credit for the workouts you complete.

You may also view your workouts on the Strava website, where you can establish objectives and evaluate your progress to that of other users.

It would be an excellent method for keeping yourself motivated and tracking how well you are doing over time.

Final Words

Following the steps outlined in this post, you can now link your Peloton to Strava successfully. Strava is a fitness-tracking program that allows you to track your workouts, progress, and much more.

Additionally, we discovered that linking your Peloton with Strava has several useful features. Some of these include increased motivation to exercise due to viewing your friends’ workouts and connecting with other users of Peloton.

If you’re still unsure whether or not to link your Peloton to Strava, we recommend giving it a shot and seeing whether you like it.

There’s nothing to lose by trying both applications, and you can find you like them when used together.

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