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Let’s talk about the spinning cycling instructor Hannah Frankson. Hannah is famous for her spinning talent on the peloton bike. Growing up in Essex, Southeast England, Henna is a brilliant child. In childhood, Hannah loved riding her bike in a nearby park.

Hannah also participated in competitions like The Olympics athletics competition. Before joining the fitness industry, Hannah worked as a fitness model. Hannah Frankson worked in a movie in 2012 as an extra girl. Her movie’s name is “Fast Girls”. Hannah loved cycling and triple jumping.

Hannah pushed herself to gain every seized opportunity which seemed impossible for others. Hannah has been active from a young age. Hannah’s journey as a competitive triple jump to Olympic athletes. Hannah teaches live classes from Peloton’s London studio but she is based in the UK.

Hannah grew up with exceptional talent hidden within her. Her appreciation for strength and power is incredible. Hannah loved to make exercise fun for everyone. Hannah brings positive energy and self-belief with a real sense of fun, music, and sweat.

Hannah Frankson Peloton Instructor

Biography of Hannah Frankson

NameHannah Frankson
Date of Birth11 January 1989
Age34 years old
BirthplaceEssex, Southeast England
Marital StatusSingle
Height5 feet 8 inches
EducationBrunel University, St Edwards C of E comprehensive Romford
ProfessionPeloton instructor
Previous ProfessionJumper


The early life of Hannah Frankson

As Hannah was born in Essex, Southeast England, and raised in a peaceful environment. Where she can find her inner abilities. Hannah loved riding her bike in a nearby park in childhood.

Hannah Frankson also participated in competitions like The Olympics athletics competition. Before joining the fitness industry, she worked as a fitness model. She worked in a movie in 2012. Her movie name is Fast Girls. Hannah Frankson loved cycling and triple jumping.

Family of Hannah Frankson

Hannah posted her picture with her father to wish him fathers Day, in June 2021. Hanna’s father is a coach and her mother is a nurse. Her parents have been happily married for 37 years and are together. They raise their daughter in the best way.

Hanna talks less about her father but her bond with her mother is so strong. Hannah said that her mother is a very busy person. But she supported her every time in the athletics competition. Hannah always talks about her mother’s friendly nature.

Hannah’s mother is always by her side and on the other end of the phone when Hannah needs an outlet. Hannah’s mother is her biggest fan, as she takes her classes at the Peloton. Hannah said she was not sure where she’d be without her mother.

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Hannah Frankson is growing up with a dual heritage. Hannah loved her heritage and was proud of it. Her parents raise her to be proud and confident about her heritage. Hannah was the only black child in her primary school and it didn’t affect her in any way.

Education of Hannah Frankson

Hannah Frankson did her early education at a school in her city. She also participated in competitions like The Olympics athletics competition. Hannah also joined St Edward’s Church of England Comprehensive, Romford. Hannah joined Brunel University London. Hannah did her BSc in International Business from Brunel University, London from 2007-2011.

Hannah Frankson’s love life

Hannah Frankson is a single woman. She is not dating anyone now. Hannah is in a relationship in her past. Hannah was engaged with him. Hannah and her fiance were planning to build a house for them.

They also invested in it. But they broke up and things fell apart. Hannah chooses her path. Hannah found peace in her workout. She makes her mind stress-free and fresh by doing the workout.

Hannah Frankson in peloton

Hannah Frankson Peloton Instructor

Hannah Frankson started to join the peloton in November 2019. At first, Hannah had an issue with the camera facing. Hannah spent her first 6 months learning face. She learns how to work out in front of the camera, make a playlist, and design class.

As a peloton instructor, Hannah is very passionate about her work. These days, Hannah coaches people on top of the peloton bike. Hannah’s career path was pretty much destined. Hannah is the most popular fitness guru at the Peloton.

Hannah Frankson is as positive as she can be in her classes. Like other people, she also deals with hard times. Hannah found a way to pass through critical situations with the spin class community. The people that rode with her became Hannah’s drive and inspiration.

Hannah went through a tough time when things didn’t work and fell apart. She wrote on her Instagram, she bought a house with her fiance but they didn’t work anymore. This critical situation is something that helped her teaching spin. Hannah let the energy of those dark rooms take on her frustration, confusion, and fears.

Hannah Frankson works hard to inspire peloton riders. Peloton is Hannah’s first foray into athletic life. Hannah is the most inspiring instructor at Peloton. She becomes the most demanding coach.

Hannah’s  favorite fruits

Hannah is a fruit lover. She confessed that she was a fruit fiend. Hannah said that colorful fruits make her energized and feel fresh. Hannah is stuck to an apple-a-day rule. She said that fruits always make her feel fresh.

Hannah’s favorite fruits at that moment are papaya. She also likes watermelon, grapefruit, apples, and mangoes.

Hannah’s fitness tips

Hannah Frankson Peloton Instructor

Here are some fitness tips from Hannah. You can set goals to achieve a healthy lifestyle and make it more peaceful and stress-free.

Do something that you enjoy

Hannah said to do something that you enjoy. Whether it’s dancing, walking, running,  lifting weights, or team sports. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. exercise must be entertaining and not boring. Exercise should feel fun and effortless.

Find a gym buddy

Hannah always sees many people who exercise in groups. They do better exercise together. Hannah doesn’t understand why girls don’t exercise with anybody. It is better to find a buddy with whom you can share or relax.

Get a good playlist

Hannah said that she is enjoying classes on the spin bike while listening to music. Hannah likes Beyonce’s album during her sessions and also loves

Outside of peloton

Hannah loved London. She explained that she especially loved the east side of London. Hannah likes walking or cycling down to the canal in the summer. Hannah loved to listen to live music concerts and comedy nights. She also liked to check out an exhibition. Hannah also likes to hang out on a decent club night.

Hannah Frankson’s achievements

When Hannah was about 10 or 11 years old, she liked sprinting. When Hannah was 16 years old, she found a triple jump. Hannah was good at the triple jump. Hannah Frankson broke the record of U17 UK all-time. It was the right event for her, she felt that.

After playing with her school, Hannah was also picked to play volleyball. She became the player of England’s junior volleyball team. Hannah said that her school is one of the best schools in England. They have the best team in the country.

They always compete against proper teams in the UK volleyball championships. As Hannah is not good at tactics and game plays, it didn’t work. Hannah was better at running in a straight line and jumping into the sand.

Hannah Frankson was also cast in a movie.  Hannah worked as a fitness model. Hannah Frankson worked in a movie in 2012. Her movie’s name is “Fast Girls”. This movie is about the relay team and how it works. It’s all about how the girls “class and come together”. Hannah went to the audition for one of the main roles but her acting was not so good for the main role.

But she didn’t get it and it’s not a bad thing for her. They kept Hannah as an extra girl on the relay team.

Motivation for everyone

Hannah found her job so special. Hannah said that “I’ve trained a lot of women and I love when they start to realize that they’re a lot more powerful than what they thought they were”. Hannah explained that she trained women. Who is very successful outside of the gym, it’s always a mind thing.

Hannah found it so amazing to see her students finding the same type of power in their own bodies. Hannah is such an energetic and positive person. Hannah always tries to teach peloton riders in her unique style.

Hannah is a social media inspiration and loves to stay connected with her fans. Her posts are very sweet and there are so many likes and comments on Instagram. People enjoy her posts and feel fresh mentally.

Hannah attempts to find patience with herself. Hannah is not getting frustrated or annoyed when she feels she is an emotional person. Her classes make her work out crazy.

Hannah Frankson’s quote

“Own your body. Challenge your mind”.

Hannah Frankson’s net worth

Hannah Frankson’s exact net worth is not known yet. But her estimated net worth is about $460 thousand.


Who is Hannah Frankson?

Hannah Frankson is the spinning cycling instructor Hannah Frankson. Hannah is famous for her spinning talent on the peloton bike. Growing up in Essex, Southeast England, Henna is a brilliant child. In childhood, Hannah loved riding her bike in a nearby park.

What is the date of birth of  Hannah Frankson?

Hannah Frankson was born on 11 January 1989.

What is the age of Hannah Frankson?

As she was born in 1989, Hannah is 34 years old.

What is the height of Hannah Frankson?

The height of Hannah Frankson is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

What is the education of Hannah Frankson?

Hannah studied BSc, in international business at Brunel University London.

In which movie Hannah Frankson worked?

Hannah Frankson worked as an extra girl in a movie named “Fast Girls” in 2012.

What is the zodiac sign of Hannah Frankson?

The zodiac sign of Hannah Frankson is Capricorn.

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