How to Hang Skateboard on Wall Without Nails? – Best Methods

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You must be amused by the board deck hanging on the wall of your friend’s place. So here we will explain to you some methods that will teach you how to hang a skateboard on the wall without nails. A hanging board on the wall is not new. It is a teenage culture, especially in America. There are several houses that have skateboards hanging on the wall.

Moreover, the best way to preserve the skateboard is by hanging it on the wall. You will be able to see them every day and stay motivated to ride on the new one. But how to hang the skateboard on the wall with and without nails? You will get the answer below, so read on!

How To Hang Skateboard On Wall Without Nails And Drilling?

There is not only one method to hand the skateboard deck on the wall. So we are going to explain to you the best and simple ones here. You will just need some simple accessories with the skateboard to hang it.

How To Hang Skateboard On Wall Without Nails?

1. The No Hammering

The best way to hang a skateboard without nails is by using the no-hammering technique. This method is quite simple, and you will be able to use this method easily. You can use plastic hooks and some wall strips for doing the job easily.

The strips on the wall are small, and you will have a foam-like sheet as well. You will need a strong adhesive for playing the deck on the wall without using any nails. You will need some of the side sticks as well. So you have to place the skateboard with the most exact methods you use to place the clothes or other utensils.

Also, you have to use the hangers for placing the skateboard. For instance, the strips will be easier for placing the skateboard on the wall. You will need a hanger that is durable enough to hold the 5 to 6 pounds weight. So you have to choose hanging equipment for a deck that is sturdy enough. Also, you can use a kit that is best for placing the skateboard according to its weight.

Placing the skateboard deck in the most simple way is by placing the deck with the hanger. You will have a lifetime placement of the skateboard, but you have to make sure that the adhesive you are going to use has good quality and lasts for a long time on the wall. However, the adhesive is not much stronger than the drills.

2. The Rope Hanger

The rope hanger method is quite useful. You will be able to hang the skateboard on the wall with the wheels with the rope hanger method. You can exhibit this method easier for placing the skateboard easily. Moreover, you have to place the deck of the skateboard on the front side to display.

Things Required

  • You need a long enough rope, up to 25 inches, and a deck of 0.63cm thickness.
  • One drill
  • One ruler
  • One pencil
  • One matchbox or you can use a lighter
  • 2 wall hanging anchors
  • 2 wall screws
  • One screwdriver


  • You have to take one rope and then tie two knots of it, and the knots should be tight from each end.
  • Now you have to slightly burn the end of the rope with the matchbox and then hold it for a few seconds. You have to prevent the rope from completely burning.
  • You have to use a ruler and one pencil to draw the lines on the wall for placing the rope correctly. Furthermore, you have to match the rope on the vertical lines, and the lines should be intersecting with each other.
  • Now you have to drill two holes in the skateboard, and it should be placed in vertically or horizontal way as per your choice and then push inside the wall anchors.
  • You have to hold the end of the ropes and place it on the above side of the holes.
  • You have to screw through the center of the knot of the rope, and you can use a screwdriver.
  • The knot should be similar to the previous one that you made.
  • After making the knots on both ends of your wall, you have to hang the skateboard correctly.
  • You can hang the skateboard on the lower side of the skateboard and then fix both ends tightly. You have to check if the deck is sliding on the inner side or not.
  • The wheels of the deck should be secured with the right grip, and you will be able to hang them correctly.

3. The Fishing Line

The fishing line is a common and old method that is used for hanging the deck of the skateboard. You will need some cheap accessories with it. For instance, you need some colorless accessories for hanging the skateboard easily. You will be able to use the wheels and trucks easily in this manner.

Required Materials

  • You have to use a fishing line and one colorless string.
  • You need one pair of the scissors
  • The wall hanger and nail
  • One drilling machine and hammer


  • You have to use a nail and wall hanger to place on the wall.
  • Now you can use a string and cut it in 10 inches with a scissor.
  • You will be able to insert the wall hanger easily with the topmost screw holes of the skateboard’s deck.
  • While holding the deck from the bottom, you have to add one piece of string to it. You will be able to put one end of the string out from the other end.
  • Also, you can tie a knot on the skateboard easily but ensure that the knots are tight and they are facing on the front side. The knot should not come off. You will have a skateboard deck on the previous side for placing the upper part easily.
  • Now you can hang the deck in a vertical manner with the hanger and nail.

Things To Note:

While placing the nail on the wall, ensure that it is not much visible. Also, the string should not be much longer. Otherwise, it will not look good. You can place the nail easily with the board on the frame. Now you have to add the shoelaces to the skateboard to prevent damage on the board. You will not see visible damage to the shoelaces.

4. The Wall Mount

Another easy method for placing the skateboard on the wall is by using a wall mount. You need to place the skateboard by using a permanent solution. The wall mount requires the following things:

Materials Required

  • You need a wall mounting kit for placing the skateboard.
  • You need one plate.
  • Wall anchor
  • Screws including two bolts, nuts, and 2 nuts of T.
  • One drill machine


  • You have to drill one hole in the wall and insert the bolts with the mounting plate.
  • Now you have to check both plates are mounted in a parallel manner.
  • You have to place the wall mount plate and keep in mind that the wall screws are pointing in the right direction.
  • You have to fix the plate tightly so it doesn’t go away from its place.
  • Now hold the deck and put two screw holes on the board.
  • The bolts should be visible on the side of the trucks.
  • Now place the T-nuts and tighten them for mounting them correctly.


All in all, you saw the best possible ways to hang the skateboard on the wall without nails. By experimenting with a few accessories, you will be able to have the perfect area and method for hanging the deck on the wall. You will come across the ideas as well to accomplish the goals in the simplest ways that we have shown you above.

Most people use the rope method for mounting a deck on the wall. Follow the instructions properly to solve the issue. You will not be mixing up with things if you follow the instructions and get the required things on time.

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To Sum Up

We know how overwhelming it could be for a skateboarder to see the deck on the wall. Even if you have more than one or two skateboards left, you can place them on the wall and make an artistic creation. You will have the coolest way to create a wall for your house, and you can use all of the methods.

For making the wall even more attractive, you can add the accessories of the skateboard too. Your skateboard deck wall will surely attract all the visitors to your house.

Now the curiosity has ended on how to hang skateboards on the wall without nails. If you have any other associated questions, then you can comment in the below section.

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