Ed Sheeran Peloton Classes Schedule

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Peloton, a well-known fitness brand providing various indoor cycling and fitness courses, just debuted a series of sessions featuring Ed Sheeran’s music.

This partnership results from Peloton’s continued efforts to include more music-themed programs and its commitment to providing various workout options for its customers.

Let’s find ED Sheeran Peloton classes to make your workout sessions more engaging, motivating, and result oriented.

ED SHEERAN Peloton Classes

ED SHEERAN Peloton Classes – The Ultimate Peloton Concert

The Ed Sheeran Peloton classes are conducted by the company’s skilled teachers and include various cycling exercises, strength, yoga, and meditation practices. Ed Sheeran’s music, including his songs like “Shape of You,” “Castle on the Hill,” and “Perfect,” is included in each lesson plan. Cyclists of all fitness levels can participate in the classes from beginner to advance.

ED SHEERAN Peloton Instructors

The Ed Sheeran Peloton instructors include Sam Yo, Kristin McGee, Robin Arzon, Mayla Wedekind, Leanne Hainsby, Jermaine Johnson, and Ben Alldis.

The instructors help you get the maximum benefits out of your workout. In addition, their instructions ensure that you don’t overwork yourself, so follow them word by word to work out most efficiently and safely.

ED SHEERAN Peloton Class duration

The Ed Sheeran Peloton class schedule changes daily, and new classes are frequently introduced. Classes are typically offered all day long, beginning as early as 5:00 am and ending as late as 10:00 at night.

The courses’ durations range from 20 minutes to an hour, allowing participants to work out whenever they want. Moreover, these cases are also available on demand, so you can retake the class you loved whenever and wherever you want (as long as you have a peloton membership and bike, bike+, or treadmill).

Users can access the Ed Sheeran Peloton classes by entering their Peloton accounts and looking for the classes under the music-themed category.

ED SHEERAN Peloton Classes

Other music-themed lessons are also available on Peloton, such as those focusing on Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and The Beatles. With music as a strong motivation to push yourself harder and maintain focus during your workout, these programs offer a fun and exciting method to stay motivated.

ED SHEERAN Peloton User response

Users of Peloton have responded positively to the Ed Sheeran classes, with many noting how entertaining and interesting they are. Customers have also praised the instructors’ expertise and encouragement throughout the workout.

The workout provides a fun and exciting way to finish the repetitive and tedious task of working out while jamming to your favorite singer.

Artist Series and classes on the Peloton app

ED SHEERAN Peloton Classes

The Peloton Artists Series rides and classes are most easily located in the Collections section of the app. When you open the program, consider the icons across the top. You’ll see the following four there: Classes, Programs, Collections, and Schedule.

  • Tap Collections, and then select Artist Series by scrolling down. Since the Artist Series consists of more than just rides on the Peloton, it will be listed as cross-training rather than just rides. Strength training courses run and walk on the Tread, Outdoor audio-only sessions, and yoga flows are also available.
  • You can find a total of 427 classes, which include music from AC/DC to Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles to the Beatles, Beyonce to the Chainsmokers, and many more. There is music according to everybody’s taste in Peloton artist classes.
  • Individual collections can be found inside, well, in addition to the Peloton Artist Series. These classes are tailored to artists. As a result, you can identify specific artists whose lessons are likewise arranged in Collections by scrolling beyond the Artist Series, which is rather close to the top.
  • The Red Taylor Swift classes collectively would fall under this. The same applies to David Bowie, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, USHER, and other artists.

How to access the music theme classes on the Peloton app?

You can use these steps in addition to using the Collections tab on the Peloton app to find a class with a musical theme:

  • Open the Peloton application.
  • The Classes section is where you are. Tap the category of the class you wish to enroll in now (Strength, Yoga, etc.)
  • Filter Tap
  • Tap Dance
  • To go and see your music options, scroll down.

How to access the music theme classes on the Peloton hardware?

You can locate music and other themed classes by logging into your Bike, Bike Plus, or Tread. The steps are listed below.

  • Tap Courses at the bottom of the display.
  • Look for Collections in the upper left corner of the next screen.
  • Collections on Tap
  • To select the course series you wish to take, scroll down.

On the Bike, Bike Plus, or Tread, there are two more ways to find classes with a musical theme.

To get to classes, take the steps listed above.

  • Look for Filters in the upper right corner.
  • Water Filters
  • Choose music
  • Choose the desired genre.

The following is the third and last option to locate music-themed classes on the Bike, Bike Plus, or Tread.

To get to classes, take the steps listed above.

  • Tap the Spyglass in the top right corner and enter the musical style, decade, or performer.
  • If you search by genre or decade, your results will display a collection of musical artists along with the classes that either have that topic or have at least one song by the musical artist.

I’ve already made an article about How to Change Music on Peloton Scenic Rides? which I recommend you to read.

Final words

Overall, the Ed Sheeran Peloton classes provide a fun and exciting way to be active while enjoying the music of one of the most well-known musicians in the world. Users may easily pick a class that fits their schedule and fitness level, thanks to the wide range of workouts that are offered throughout the day. The Ed Sheeran Peloton classes are unquestionably worthwhile to check out if you’re searching for a fun and exciting method to remain in shape.


What types of classes are included in the Ed Sheeran Peloton series?

The Ed Sheeran Peloton series includes cycling classes set to the music of Ed Sheeran. The classes are designed for all levels and have a mix of endurance, intervals, and hills. Also, off-the-bike classes such as strength, yoga, and stretching are inspired by Ed Sheeran’s music and designed to complement the cycling classes.

Who are the instructors teaching the Ed Sheeran Peloton classes?

The Ed Sheeran Peloton classes feature UK-based instructors Leanne Hainsby, Ben Alldis, Sam Yo, Mayla Wedekind, and Jermaine Johnson, as well as US-based instructors Kristin McGee and Robin Arzon

Is there a rental program for the Peloton bike?

Peloton offers a rental program for their bikes. However, availability may vary by location and demand. You can visit the Peloton website or contact customer service for more information. Remember, Peloton also offers financing options if you want to own a bike.

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