Does Peloton Apparel Run Small? – [Complete Guide]

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Due to Peloton’s success and brand devotion, an apparel line was a foregone conclusion. The limited-edition range, which incorporates high-end materials and streamlined designs, was created in collaboration with many prominent designers.

When pre-orders ended up selling out, it was clear what would happen. Peloton’s clothing collection takes use of the thriving athleisure industry.

Yes, there needs to be more trendy, high-quality athletic apparel on the market. Peloton’s collection satisfies that need.

There is yet need to be a conclusive answer to this issue since each individual’s body is unique. If you are uncertain if a piece of peloton clothing will fit you well, it is better to get one size larger.

There is a wide selection of sizes at the Peloton shop so you can get the right one. Most cycling apparel from the  Peloton brand fit as expected. The only way to know is to explore! Let’s dig out.

What is the Peloton Apparel Store?

Peloton’s spectacular ascent to the fitness industry’s top is no hype. In 2014, it introduced its first indoor cycling bike product to rave reviews.

Does Peloton Apparel Run Small?

The company has previously worked with other clothing companies to produce a limited-edition collection. But it was only a pilot project. Peloton’s decision to launch its own clothing line at the start of 2019 resulted from client feedback.

Clothing and accessories for both sexes may be found at the Peloton Apparel Store. Various hats, socks, and water bottles are available in addition to outerwear, underwear, and outerwear.

Clients may choose from a large selection of sizes, including XS to 3XL for shirts and XXS to 3XL for bottoms. Both regular and plus sizes are available. You can discover something to your liking at the shop since they have various colors and designs.

Does the Apparel Tend to Run Small?

Size is one of the concerns individuals have while selecting gym attire. How about some Peloton threads, then? Are they typically of small size?

The clothing is quite secure to wear and tends toward smaller sizes. But we all know that body types vary greatly. And then, the anxiety of selecting a smaller size arises.

According to several reports, Peloton sports bras run on the small side. Although that is true, you must learn more about it. Because compression provides greater support than traditional bras, many users may mistakenly believe the bras to be smaller than they are.

We strongly advise purchasing a size larger to avoid discomfort. Leggings, whose sizing is also contentious, should be treated the same way.

Does the Apparel Tend to Run Small?

Those who have purchased leggings online and found that they were too tight have provided valuable feedback to several websites. Not everyone may feel comfortable with the design, even if it accommodates various body types. Therefore, it is advised that you choose the next larger size.

Sizing Chart for Peloton Apparel

The Peloton Apparel size chart is quite conventional. Standard dimensions such as chest and leg length are shown. In addition to the regular sizes, plus sizes are also provided.

It’s worth noting that Peloton provides more sizing options than other exercise gear companies. It’s now less of a hassle to get a garment that fits you well, no matter your body type.

Clothing and accessories for both sexes may be found at the Peloton Apparel Store. Guests may choose from a large selection of sizes, including XS to 3XL for shirts and XXS to 3XL for bottoms. Both regular and plus sizes are available.

Does Peloton Apparel Run Small

When buying Peloton clothing, it is essential to remember that the size is intended to be tight. Sizing larger is recommended if you are in between sizes or like a looser fit.

Clothing from the Peloton is constructed from high-quality materials engineered to wick away sweat and keep you dry and comfortable throughout your ride. Additionally, the materials are breathable and lightweight, so you won’t feel burdened while working up a sweat.

Peloton has a sizing guide on their website if you need assistance deciding what to get. If the size isn’t suitable, you may send it back for an exchange or refund without any hassle.

Tips for Determining Your Size

It can be challenging to guess your size online shopping for garments. Even though there is a broad selection of sizes available at the Peloton Apparel Store, finding the one that fits you best might take time and effort. So that you can find the perfect fit, consider these tips:

  • Measure yourself first. It will assist you in determining your size more precisely.
  • Check the size chart next. To help you discover the perfect fit, each item in Peloton’s Apparel Store is supported with a sizing chart.
  • Third, always try on clothing before making a purchase. It will give you an idea of whether or not the item fits properly and whether or not you need to get a new size.
  • Fourth, check out what other buyers have said. You may get an idea of how the item will fit you by reading other customers’ feedback regarding the fit.

If you follow these guidelines, you should have no trouble finding an appropriate size at the Peloton Apparel Store.


Peloton is now among the most well-known in the fitness industry. The company’s online shop caters to customers of all shapes and sizes by stocking various sizes.

The online shop for Peloton is easy to use and intuitively designed. You may quickly locate the goods you need using the search function or category filters.

The payment procedure is straightforward. You may get a price cut by combining referral credits with gift cards. The main drawback to online shopping is that products sell out quickly.

So, you’d better hurry up to make a transaction. We had a fantastic day shopping here and would happily suggest it to friends and family.


Does the Apparel Tend to Run Small?

Reviews indicate that the items are on the small side. If you’re deciding which size to buy, size bigger.

How can I Determine if I Need Help Determining Which Size to Order?

Again, the reviews indicate that you should get a bigger size. However, a customer support agent is available for live chat if you have any questions.


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