Do Recumbent Bikes Work Your Abs? – (What You Must Know)

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Let me clear you one thing, the recumbent bike isn’t the master of everything.

Sound eerie?

The answer to this question: Do recumbent bikes work your abs? Can be perspectively answered that it can and it cannot.

The machine, the recumbent bike, which you are using right now, mainly helps you to strengthen your lower body parts. It activates your glutes muscles, calves, and hamstrings.

But if you shorten the distance between the seat to peddle, lean your back, and increase the resistance level, it helps you to put pressure on your lower abdominal muscles that eventually burn stored fats.

You didn’t get the point, right? As well, I wasn’t sure before asking Denis Druce, one of my favorite personal trainers. Read on to learn what I discovered.

Does a Recumbent Bike Work Your Abs?

Are you under the impression that a recumbent bike might be enough equipment for your rounded bally? Your anticipation of it isn’t the complete solution, nor it is the time of shaving your beliefs yet.

Do Recumbent Bikes Work Your Abs?

In general, a recumbent bike was made for the purpose of combusting your stored calories so that you can lose weight if you are experiencing any unusual pain in your back or spine. Therefore, the recumbent stationary bikes provide great relief to those whose back won’t allow them to mobile their movement easily.

Yes, a recumbent bike can help you to work on your abs, nonetheless in a different manner.

By Losing Weight

This is important to perceive that when you lose your calories, you don’t lose from a specific lump, instead, you lose in general.

You are on the journey of dropping some weight from your body, so it should be in your mind that this action will also impact on an abdominal part.

The years of consuming a low-quality diet, lack of adopting any physical activity in your life, and not getting enough sleep became the major causes of mustering fats in your abdomen.

Consequently, using a recumbent bike on a daily basis allow you to combust a great chunk of calories from your whole body. In this way, your abs also indirectly come in to rescue your fret, if it is done in the right way.

Right Position in a Recumbent Bike

The most common reason people buy recumbent bikes is their comfortable seats. One who is overweight, can’t use other cardiovascular types of equipment, or has an injury on the back, it is great option to provide consolation to them.

As usual, you tilt yourself and sit in a reclined position on a recumbent bike. It also has peddle in front of your seat and you can adjust the distance between your seat and peddle.

While you peddling at a normal distance, you will be using only your lower muscles.

To make it more effective for the abs, Denis Druce recommends that:

  • Adjust your seat close to the peddles of the bike so your legs can be slightly bent over.
  • You will have to leave your setback support because this support keeps your abdominal and back muscles in relaxation mode.
  • Now increase the resistance level of your recumbent bike above your daily usual level. And start peddling in this position.
  • Hold your breath when you are peddling and tighten your abdomen. The high resistance tends your lower abdominal muscles to exert pressure and in return of it, will be sculpting and leaning the belly area.

By doing this step the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles of your abdomen will actively take part in this exercise. It requires consistency and the right way of using your resource to work on abs.

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How one can make abs with the Recumbent bike?

Do Recumbent Bikes Work Your Abs?

Concisely, we’ve seen the methods of using the recumbent bike to make your dream abs. But don’t take it as the only magic pill for achieving your goal. This dream will ask you to do a little bit more than the recumbent bike. What is it?

Other Exercises

Don’t rely on only one move, a mixture of different exercises is the leading way to work on the abs. If you are relying only on the recumbent bike then you are dwindling in a great illusion. I am here to get you out of this illusion by recommending what exercises you have to embrace on.

You need to do crunches, crossovers, hip raise, jack knife crossover, and twisting on daily basis along with the recumbent bike. Don’t know how to do these exercises? There are bundles of videos posted on youtube. You can find it from there.

Before starting these exercises, make sure that you don’t have any back injury or underlying problem because if you are going through any pain then the exercises I’ve mentioned, can create a serious problem for your back.

A vital reminder is that the abdominal muscles and the back are interconnected. Exercises for the abdomen aren’t the only exercise you need to do; you should be focusing on your back muscles as well.

Good Diet

It has been proved by medical and health sciences that “you are what you eat”. Consuming of bad diet in your food makes you an obese person, non-attractive because your belly will be clearly visible, laziness in your personality, non-disciplined, and continuously losing focus.

In the real world, no one wants to look like that. Therefore, you should start eating a healthy diet. The best way to maintain a slim and smart figure is to consume foods that are rich in protein as this will help you to strengthen your abdominal muscles.


Were you aware of these points before that adjusting the distance of the seat to peddle, bending over your legs, tightening your abdomen, and increasing the resistance level of your recumbent bike can help you to work on your abs.

If you test by yourself, you can determine whether these points are worth it or not. I recommended and tested it on one of my aunt’s husbands who was 130 pounds and couldn’t fit his shirts due to his belly. His response was very astonished to me because I felt proud that I became the reason for transforming someone’s life

The more comments you leave and the more I hear about your abs-working journey, the more proud I will be of myself. I’m waiting!


Thanks For Reading.

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