Do Peloton Instructors Get Free Clothes?

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Peloton, the popular fitness business known for its indoor cycling bikes and classes, has also gained attention for its stylish and comfortable workout wear. The Peloton clothing line includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, shorts, and jackets, all designed to make exercising both fashionable and cozy. But do Peloton instructors get free clothes?

This question has become increasingly common as the brand continues to grow and expand. Let’s find out whether or not Peloton instructors receive complimentary clothing and the potential reasons behind it.

Do Peloton instructors get free clothes?

No, Peloton instructors don’t get free clothes from the company. There are no particular standards for trainers in terms of Peloton attire. Nonetheless, Peloton instructors frequently appear in branded attire, including t-shirts, leggings, and shorts.

Peloton clothing may be worn by instructors who want to promote the company or simply because they are cozy and comfortable. You (the instructors included) can get a free shirt after your 100th workout from a single category. The shirt represents your entry into the Peloton Century club; thus, the shirt is known as the century shirt.

What are the benefits of Peloton clothes?

Do Peloton Instructors Get Free Clothes?

The use of premium materials in Peloton clothing is one of its major benefits. The materials used to make the clothing are strong and long-lasting. 

Also, they are made to be breathable and moisture-wicking, which is crucial for exercisers. So, you can comfortably wear Peloton clothing even during the toughest exercises without worrying about getting itchy or uncomfortable.

Peloton clothing comes with fashionable styles, including modern patterns and hues, ideal for folks who want to look their best while exercising.

Thanks to its versatile nature, you can wear clothing outside of the studio or gym.

  • Peloton clothes disadvantages

The cost of Peloton clothing is a drawback, though. The price range for Peloton’s gear ranges from $45 for t-shirts to $68 for leggings. While the premium materials and fashionable patterns may justify the price for some, they can be out of reach for others.

Where can you buy Peloton clothes?

Do Peloton Instructors Get Free Clothes?

You can purchase Peloton clothing directly from their website or a Peloton store to get the best results. If you have a local Peloton showroom, it’s always worth checking out because they frequently offer unique local Peloton apparel sales that aren’t available online. 

Remember to shop in the appropriate region’s Peloton Apparel Boutique online to ensure you’re viewing the correct price in your local currency. This is essential because each nation has its boutique, and the price may vary based on your selected region.

Failure to choose the correct region might result in overpaying for the products due to currency exchange rates. For instance, if you live in London and choose the United States region, you may end up ordering products worth more than you intended if you aren’t careful with the exchange rates.

Can you return or exchange Peloton clothes?

Peloton allows returns of new and unused items within 30 days of purchase, but some items are non-refundable. Referral credits result in a refund of your first payment or gift card. During the holidays, the return window may extend to 90 days. Consider selling items on Poshmark if the return window has passed.

Why is the Peloton store always sold out?

Do Peloton Instructors Get Free Clothes?

Peloton’s clothing selling out quickly is a common annoyance for members. This is mainly due to two reasons.

First, Peloton doesn’t increase their merchandise as they see their clothing store as a loss leader for their referral program.

Second, members accumulate goods in various quantities and then sell them on online stores or Facebook groups. Peloton also deleted reporting for their clothing line in the 2020 earnings call, affecting the number of items they added.

How to choose clothes for Peloton workouts?

When it comes to Peloton workouts, it’s important to wear comfortable, breathable clothing that allows you to move freely. Here are some tips for choosing the best clothes for your Peloton workouts.

  • Look for clothes made from materials that wick away sweat and moisture, such as polyester or nylon. These fabrics will help keep you dry and comfortable during your workout.
  • Choose breathable clothes that allow air to circulate, such as mesh or perforated fabrics. This will help regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating.
  • Select clothes that are form-fitting but not overly tight. This will allow for ease of movement without constricting.
  • Look for pants or shorts with a comfortable waistband that won’t dig in or cause discomfort during your workout.
  • Choose athletic shoes designed for the type of workout you’re doing, whether cycling, running, or cross-training.

The key is choosing comfortable and functional clothes for your Peloton workouts, so you can focus on getting the most out of your exercise session.

Final words

Peloton instructors have no specific requirement to wear Peloton-branded clothing. However, many choose to do so due to the high quality and comfort they offer and to show support for the company. While the cost may be a factor for some, the benefits of wearing Peloton clothing, which is made from premium materials and offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal, make it a popular choice for those who want to look and feel their best during workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you wear regular trainers on Peloton?

Yes, you can wear regular trainers on Peloton. Make sure to wear athletic shoes that are designed for the type of workout you’re doing.

Who is the oldest Peloton instructor?

The oldest Peloton instructor is Christine D’Ercole, born in 1969, who joined Peloton in 2014 and is known for her cycling and power zone classes.

Do Peloton instructors have to buy their own clothes?

Peloton instructors do not need to buy their own clothes; some choose to wear their own workout gear. Peloton provides a wardrobe for them to choose from, and they are also allowed to wear clothing from brands that have partnerships with Peloton.

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