Denis Morton Peloton Bike and Yoga Instructor Bio, Wiki, Age, Married

Denis Morton is a famous fitness and cycling instructor for a long time. Morton has more than 15 years of experience as a cycling instructor. Before joining cycling, Morton’s passion was yoga and meditation. He attended yoga classes for 16 months.

But when he comes to the cycling side he just fell in love with this. Now there’s been a long time since he is working as a cycling instructor at Peloton. Denis currently has no Wikipedia page but his other social media pages are mentioned below.

Dennis loves reading books and he is inspired by The Power of Myth” and “The Prophet”. He worked on a private yacht before becoming a fitness instructor.

Denis Morton Peloton Bike and Yoga Instructor

Denis Morton’s Biography

  • Name: Denis Morton
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 44
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: Married

The early life of Denis Morton

Denis Morton was born in Central Florida in 1978 and moved to California later on. He has an athletic history which also includes aerial aerobatics and football. In 2004 a tragedy happened when a hurricane affected his home and Denis migrated to Los Angeles. Morton started a new career after moving to Los Angeles.

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Denis Morton Personal Life

Denis is married but the name of his wife and information about his kids are not clear. Morton refers to his father as his hero.

Fitness Journey of Denis Morton

His fitness journey with Denis begins from where he took 16 months of yoga class when he was just 21. There was no electricity in Denis’s home. He loves to play different sports and climb trees.

Denis left yoga when he was just 22 years old and jumped into cycling. In 2005 he decided to become a fitness trainer. Denis started his career at “Soulcyle NYC” in Texas.

Fitness Journey of Denis Morton

It was his first step in the fitness industry. Now he is inspiring and motivating many fitness lovers. However, his life was changed in 2017 when he hosted themed rides and became a yoga instructor.

Denis Morton and Peloton

Denis is a cycling and yoga instructor at peloton for more than three years. Morton brings his 14 years of leadership in Peloton, which is a good addition I must say.

As a bike instructor, Denis has strong faith in fitness. He believes that workouts provide changes to reclaim natural athleticism. Denis claims that his years of experience will help peloton members to improve their fitness in such a perfect manner.

Denis used to say that no matter how much you are busy, just do a few minutes of cycling and stay fit. He also says that yoga helps him to improve his focus and mind consciousness. His yoga sessions take about 20 to 30 minutes which is considered a good session and enough to bring change in life.

Denis Morton and Peloton

Personal stories and music help Denis to relate better to online classes globally. He aims to guide peloton members to guide them with his guidance and experiences. Denis will keep you grooving, moving, and guessing what is next.

Outside of Peloton

Denis has other activities in his life. When he is not found on Peloton you can catch him doing different activities. Like practicing yoga, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, playing guitar, and reading historical notification. Because he loves traveling so he always looks for a chance to get a stamp on his passport.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Denis Morton?

As per his Instagram bio, he has pinned different locations in the USA but New York City, United States of America as his location.

Denis Morton peloton quotes

Denis used to say that “No matter how much you are busy, just do a few minutes of cycling and stay fit.”

“Learn to Love the skin you’re in”

“Change is constant, but as fall begins it becomes visible. Whether riding, flowing, running, strength, or meditation.

Take a moment to connect with yourself this weekend to activate positive change.”

I’m Denis, the Creator of this blog. I have been riding my bikes since my first back injury and since my childhood which give me years of experience as it becomes a part of my life to have one. I am also passionate to share tips and guides to losing weight via bikes and giving you the best advice from a medical perspective with scientific reasons. This blog is the result of my enthusiastic passion since I got into the cycling industry and my writing skills since I hold the pen. I love to write about exercises and review gym equipment, and various bikes and since then it has only grown. Hope you find it very intuitive and helpful.

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