How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Recumbent Bike? – [Explained]

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It is everyone’s goal to look young and healthy like Tom Cruise does at 60 years of age. Like him, many people cannot afford the basic necessities to have like a recumbent bike.

In spite of that, globalization offers leisure of life experiences by renting tools & apparatus when you can’t pay the total cost of equipment and makes your life even more accessible and healthy.

Thus, a recumbent bike, which is an essential stationary bike to lose weight and a hope for people with back injuries and who are overweight, can also be rented on a minimal amount of budget.

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Approximately how often do you think it would cost to rent a recumbent bike?

Generally speaking, after going through different gym equipment rental services, I learned that you can avail yourself of your recumbent bike for 15-20$ per month. It also depends on the manufacturing and material used on a recumbent bike. The higher the quality of material, the higher the rental price of a recumbent bike would be.

Is it a good option to rent a stationary bike rather than own one? Let’s find out below.

How Much does it Cost to rent a Recumbent Bike?

As Will smith famously quoted, “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Recumbent Bike

The first question is who would rent a recumbent bike?

The decision of renting a recumbent bike can vary among different people.

The first category of people will be those who can’t afford to pay the hefty amount of gym resources if they are buying a new one. Nevertheless, they are very health conscious and make sure to come out with a way that will ensure their well-being, whether it is to maintain body shape, combust calories, or lose weight.

The second category of people will be those who travel a lot around the world or they continuously relocate themselves to different cities or countries either it is for job purposes or intuition to relocate themselves to experience different cultures and traditions.

The final category of people will be those who are very careful about spending their money. They will always invest in those products until they help them or can be used for a certain period of time.

There are many rental service providers who give their gym equipment on weekly basis as well as you can avail for months. Some of them have a very strict policy of maintenance, and installments and they can overcharge in case of any defection.

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But most of the service providers, I am going to mention, have very moderate terms and policies and it will seem lenient to most of you.

If you have a very low budget and you didn’t use a recumbent bike before, then RTBShopper rental service providers offer a feasible option for you. Their renting service for recumbent bike starts from 15$ per month and approximately goes to 30$ per month. The recumbent bike, which you’ll rent from them, will have a display screen, grips to hold, and additional pulse monitor sensors. You are getting everything in just 15$. Isn’t it amazing?

You might be looking for some expensive options. It has to be long-lasting, highly effective, highly resistant, cushion-based seats, certified by trainers, and legacy of the best manufacturers. Right? Then, bigfitness should be your first priority on your bucket list. It is important to keep in mind that the higher the quality of the recumbent bike you want, the higher the price will be. Their rental services for different models of recumbent bike start from 70$ to 99$ per month. You just need to fill out their form and they will deliver it to your doorstep.

Is it a Good Option to Rent a Recumbent Bike?

I got thousands of messages like this, that we just made up our mind to have a recumbent bike because of my knee injury, or back injury, what should we do? Will our investment be worth of?

Of course, you’d also be very doubtful to invest a huge amount of hard cash in buying a recumbent bike.

My advice for you would be that if you have never used a recumbent bike before, then it is a good option to rent it first.

Renting a recumbent bike will clear your doubts about using it for different purposes. You can check whether it is helping you in your weight loss journey or not. If you are a sciatic pain patient, is it convenient for your back? These and many questions like this can be answered if you get a chance to peddle over a recumbent exercise bike.

Final thought

So to conclude my arguments, how much will it cost you to rent a recumbent bike? Considering the different rental service providers above, you can expect to pay anywhere from 15$ per month to 99$ per month, depending on the quality of material used.

It will be the best option for beginners who are just starting their journey with the recumbent bike machine. You don’t need to pay the full cost of the recumbent bike to use it; you just need to test it, and the rental option provides this convenience.

Have you made up your mind to rent your first ever recumbent bike? Let me know in the comments, which model you are using right now.

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