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Let’s talk about a former professional dancer Cody Rigsby. Who became a peloton cycling instructor. Cody Rigsby has come in vogue with hilarious and motivated messages. Cody became famous for catchphrases. Like telling riders to climb hills with the furor of catching your man cheating.

While coaching cycling and boot camp classes of the peloton. Rigsby shouted to everyone “Everyone who didn’t speak in high school”. Rigsby loses himself to pop music, twerking, and body-rolling workouts.

Cody’s entertaining and energetic approach made Cody. One of the most famous instructors of the peloton. 2022 Cody’s classes have reached 100 million subscribers. Now Cody started his series “LOL CODY”(think talk show on two wheels). Rigsby has reached half a million viewers since launching in November.

Cody Rigsby Peloton Instructor

Cody Rigsby Biography

NameCody Rigsby
Date Of BirthJune 8, 1987.
Zodiac SignGemini
AgeApproximately 36
Born CityCalifornia, United States
Living CityNewYork, United States since 2009
EducationThe University Of North California at Greensboro
ProfessionPeloton fitness instructor, Dancer, and Television Personality.
RelationshipOpenly gay
Height 5’10.8”

Family and Background

Cody was born in California, United States on June 8, 1987. A single mother raised Cody Rigsby. Cody’s mother’s name is Cindy Rigsby. Cindy has struggled with many health and mental problems.

Cody has one sibling who is not well known to the world. Cody also never talks about his brother. Cody’s father died by overdosing on a drug when Cody was several months old.

While growing up Cody had the desire to dance and perform. When Cody was in sixth grade, Cody taught his classmate dance moves.

Cody has been involved in performing in show choirs and musical theater. Rigsby started his career when he moved to New York. Cody has been trained as a professional dancer in New York.

Cody Rigsby went to many recitals and performed with many celebrities. Cody performed with Nicki Minaj and Ketty Perry. Cody also worked as a waiter part-time to pay his bills. Rigsby also worked as a professional dancer for “Elle Magazine”.

With the help of a friend. Cody was successful to get an interview call as a peloton instructor. For a company established in 2012. Rigsby was mocked for being gay when he performed on stage.

Cody was a grown man and had a successful life. Then Cody decided to be in a relationship with Andres Alfaro in 2018. Cody and Andres decided to keep their relationship private. In 2020 Ragsby officially tells everyone about his relationship status.

Socials Accounts

Career Timeline

Cody Rigsby started his career when he moved to New York. Before starting his career Cody worked in retail at a streetwear company in 2009. After that Cody works in T.G.I. Fridays during the weekend to meet his expenses.

In 2010 Cody Rigsby quit the streetwear company and T.G.I. Fridays. So that Cody can focus on Wild Child Nation, the streetwear company. Cody dedicated himself to Wild Child Nation company and worked hard there.

In 2011 Cody Regsby got a chance to perform in a “Victoria’s Secret Fashion show”. Cody performed as a dancer for Nicki Minaj’s performance. From there Cody got into the eyes and became a professional dancer. Rigsby always wanted to become a dancer; it was Cody’s dream.

In 2014 Rigsby got an interview call from a peloton company. Which was established in 2012 with the reference of a friend. After the interview, Cody was selected as a peloton fitness instructor. Since then Cody has become famous as a peloton fitness instructor.

In 2020 Rigsby decided to announce his relationship status. Cody announced his relationship with Andres Alfano and made it public.


Cody Rigsby has many abilities that make him more special among his trainees. Cody was born into a money-struggling family which makes him a hard worker.

Cody has been a hard worker since his childhood. Cody always put work in front of everything. Today Cody’s hard work is paying off. Now Cody is well settled and well known.

Cody Rigsby is very friendly. We can see Cody’s friendly behavior on social media and in interviews on television. Many people who follow Cody for the peloton can tell you about his friendly and jolly behavior

Cody enjoys music during his fitness class. Cody is very energetic in his peloton class which makes him very special among Cody’s trainees.

When we see Cody Rigsby we can find out that Cody is very confident. Cody never gets confused or distracted by anything that happens around him.

In childhood, Cody was mocked for being gay yet he performed on stage. As a homophile, people judge you. But Rigsby never gets disappointed by people’s judgments about him. This makes Cody very confident and determined.

Journey to Peloton

Cody Rigsby Peloton Instructor

Cody Rigsby struggled so hard to start his career. During the 36 years of struggles, Cody faces many difficulties. Cody grew up in Greensboro New York and was raised by a single mother.

Cody loves to dance as a kid. Sometimes Cody’s family doesn’t have anything to eat. So for Cody, it’s very difficult to join dance classes.

Cody learned his dance moves from television and dance shows with free entry. Cody was lucky enough to get admission at a community center with the only free Ballet class.

More Instructor Bio:-

Cody was 18 years old when Cody joined the class. While Cody’s dance mates were 12 years old. Cody said, “I had to start somewhere”.

Rigsby takes a summer internship. Cody joins New York City’s Broadway Dance Center throughout the university. Cody graduated in retail studies from The University Of California Greensboro.

Cody works as a retailer in many streetwear companies. While working as a retailer Cody works as a freelancer fashion PR. while haunting his dancing job. Cody got a chance as the backup dancer in “The Real Housewives of New York’s Luann De Lesseps” cabaret show in 2010.

That was Cody’s first paid job as a backup dancer. From there Cody got into their eyes. Then Cody works for big names like Pitbull, Ketty Perry, and even with Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Despite Cody’s professional dance career Cody decided to change his career. Cody wants some change in his life. In 2014 a choreographer, Cody was working at a Manhattan nightclub. The box mentions an exercise start-up peloton looking for a fitness trainer.

The company was introducing its peloton cycling studio in New York. Rigsby took the opportunity for some extra cash. At that time. Peloton sold online connected bikes and monthly memberships for indoor persons.

That’s where the journey to the peloton cycling instructor ends. Now Cody is a famous peloton cycling instructor and also a millionaire.

Surprising Facts

Cody Rigsby was homeless for three years due to financial problems at the home. After that, he stood up for himself and started earning money.

Cody is a fan of Mickey Mouse as Cody has a tattoo on the inner part of his right arm.

Cody Rigsby likes to animate movies rather than real-life movies. Rigsby wanted to live in nostalgia that was a book like the plastic case in Disney movies

Cody loves Brazil. Rigsby wants to go on vacation to Brazil. Cody mentioned in so many interviews and on youtube.

Cody loves to watch “Spice World”. Rigsby watched this movie so many times. Now Cody remembered every character and every line of dialogue.

Cody Rigsby as an Author

Cody Rigsby found a new hobby. As Cody decided to write a book on Cody’s life. In this book, Cody will open up. How did Cody grow up and struggle to get money?

He explains everything in his book. With every struggle, Cody has Done to reach this level of life and become a millionaire from the street. In this book, Cody opens up to the world about how Cody becomes gay.

Cody gives his book name XOXO, CODY, which will be available on Amazon on September 12th. This book is a homosexual’s guide to self-love.

In an interview, the host asks if he writes this book. Cody replied he didn’t know if he could answer this question. So he could be a co-author or a ghostwriter which is common nowadays.


What is Cody Rigsby’s Favorite color?

Cody’s favorite color is purple and it looks good on Cody. It’s a color of loyalty.

What is the name of Cody’s mother?

Cody’s mother’s name is Cindy Rigsby.

Who is Cody Rigsby’s role model?

Rigsby’s idol is Melanie C. of “Spice Girls”

What will be the name of Cody’s book?

Cody’s book name will be XOXO CODY.

When will Cody Rigsby’s book be published?

Cody’s book will be published on Amazon on 12 September.

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