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Let’s talk about a  young energetic Cliff Dwenger who becomes a peloton instructor. Cliff grew up in Hamburg, his first love was football. As time passes, his obsession with music leads him to the destination of his passion. Music gives him a way to express himself and his feelings. Cliff becomes a hip-hop star. Cliff is the first German rapper who makes it to the semi-finals of the “voice of Germany”.

Under the bright lights, Cliff enjoys performing on the stage. This gives him confidence and brings more positive energy to him. In the peloton this energy makes him feel at home. Everyone enjoys his energetic performance on the stage.

Cliff Dwenger Peloton Instructor


NameCliff Dwenger
AgeApprox 30 years old
Relationship statusMarried
CollegeRoyal College of Physician and Royal College of Anaesthetists
UniversityUniversity of Cape town
Wife NameMayla Wedekind
Daughter NameAnaya


Cliff Dwenger is a consultant Anesthetist at Worcestershire hospital NHS Trust. After his early education, Cliff started to join the Royal College of Physicians and The Royal College of Anaesthetists, in 1998.

Cliff joined The European Society of intensive care Medicine in 2003. Cliff did a Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine ( EDIC). From The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

From The University of Cape Town, Dwenger studied MBChB Medicine, from 1986-1991. A six-year program for the Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science.



Cliff Dwenger married in May 2019. Cliff’s wife’s name is Mayla Wedekind and his daughter is Anaya. Anaya was born in August 2020. Cliff spends a lot of time with his family. Mayla is a psychologist, cyclist, and surfer. Cliff’s family means everything to him. Cliff shared a lot of pics with his family on her social media accounts.

Cliff loves his daughter so much and tries to spend as much as possible time with his wife and daughter.

Trainer at Bootcamps

Cliff Dwenger Peloton Instructor

Cliff launched Bike boot camps for the German Market. Cliff is the first coach who launched bike boot camps. At Victory Fitness in Hamburg Germany, Cliff is a personal trainer and gives classes to boot camp. Dwenger has been a personal trainer since 2016 and a professional trainer at boot camp.

Motivation for everyone

As a professional peloton instructor, Cliff’s unbeatable positive energy and passion. This helped you re-energize and feel like you did a great workout. When you leave class you can feel positivity and self-confidence in your personality. This confidence helped you to take on anything you wanted to do.

Cliff enjoys the combination of music and fitness. Music during his training class gives him energy that he passes on. Everyone in the class feels this energy in every single class he gives.

Positive encouragement and praise always drive Cliff to push himself beyond limits. As an athlete, Cliff tries to perform at his best to motivate everyone to achieve more than they want. Cliff tries his best to motivate people. He brings the positive energy that they look for fewer excuses.


No excuses. “Don’t look for excuses, find solutions.”

Cliff Dwenger and peloton

In December 2020 Cliff Dwenger joined the peloton family. The fitness platform of peloton taught the majority of classes in English. Now also offers classes in German. Cliff taught his first class as a peloton trainer in the same month he joined the peloton platform.

Cliff Dwenger Peloton Instructor

In Europe where the majority is English, I have a chance to learn German. The professional training platform of peloton offers subtitles. If you want to take Cliff’s classes and you don’t understand German. You might learn a new language.

The Peloton team enjoys Cliff’s energy and loves his vibe. People enjoy cliffs energy even if they don’t know the German language. Cliff worked as a professional trainer since 2016.

Outside of Peloton

When Cliff is not on the Peloton stage, his top priority is spending time with his family. Cliff is a nutritionist and a personal trainer before the peloton. He was a musician too before he got into fitness.

Cliff posts pictures of his healthy food and workout on social media accounts. Cliff enjoys sharing everything with his followers. Dwenger loves to take pictures with his family.


Who is Cliff Dwenger?

Cliff Dwenger is a professional peloton trainer. Cliff was a nutritionist and personal trainer before the peloton. Dwenger was a musician before he got into fitness. Cliff Dwenger was a semifinalist in The Voice of Germany, in 2018.

What is cliff Dwenger’s age?

Cliff  Dwenger is approximately 30 years old.

Is Cliff Dwenger married?

Cliff Dwenger married Mayla Wedekind, in 2019.

Who is cliff Dwenger’s wife?

Mayla Wedekind is Cliff Dwenger’s wife. Mayla is a psychologist, cyclist, and surfer.

What is the name of Cliff Dwenger’s daughter?

The name of Cliffs Dwenger’s daughter is Anaya. Born in August 2020.

Where is Cliff Dwenger from?

Cliff Dwenger is growing up in Hamburg, Germany.

What is Cliff Dwenger’s Nationality?

Cliff Dwenger’s Nationality is German.

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