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Let’s talk about Master World Champion track cyclist and peloton cycling instructor Christine D’Ercole. Christine is a peloton cycling instructor, track cyclist, motivational speaker, and writer. Christine is an athlete which makes Christine more special. Christine uses her cycling passion for the peloton.

Christine is a determined and passionate woman. Christine survived cancer after noticing a spot on her nose. Christine is a very energetic woman. Christine is a role model for her age mates. Christine is very impressed with Shakespeare’s quote “To Thine own self be true”.

Christine D’Ercole peloton

Christine D’Ercole Biography

Full NameChristine D’Ercole
Nick NameLegs
Date of BirthAugust 11, 1971
Home TownDowningtown Pennsylvania
Zodiac SignLeo
AgeApproximately 52 years
ChildrenOne daughter Victoria
Height5 Feet 8 Inches
ProfessionPeloton Cycling Instructor and Public Speaker

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Early Life of Christine D’Ercole

Christine D’Ercole was born on August 11, 1971. Manhattan, New York. D’Erocle wanted to become Ballerina in her childhood. But People told Christine that her thighs are too big for a Ballerina. As a young girl, Christine Wanted to be a Broadway performer.

Christine went to high school to study performing art. Then Christine went to Carnegie Mellon University to study theater. Christine used to ride a cycle to attend classes. After finishing college Christine moves to New York.

In New York D’Ercole started searching for theater roles. While searching D’Ercole worked as a bartender and bike messenger to meet her expenses.

Before Peloton Instructor

While working as a bike messenger D’Ercole joined a group of bike messengers. They gave advice to Christine to become a track cyclist and race full-time. Christine has worked as a model and fitness instructor. While Christine has been a track cyclist.

Before joining Peloton D’Erocle worked as an instructor at SoulCycle and Equinox. Christine joined Peloton in 2014.

D’Ercole is a five-time National Championship cyclist. Cristine also won the Master World Championship. In 2021 D’Ercole won the Gold Medal.

In the Points Race, Scratch race, 2K Times Trial, Team Pursuit, and Team Sprint events at the Master Track National Championship.

Christine is the one and only instructor in the peloton industry. Christine won a Gold Medal in the National or World Track Championship.

Christine D’Ercole Story

Christine D’Ercole is a motivational speaker and athlete. Christine’s workshops are famous. Christine uses her word to motivate her trainee. Christine writes motivational blogs. Christine D’Ercole wanted to become Ballerina. But Christine was being told due to her big thigh Christina cannot become Ballerina. Christine didn’t lose hope. Christine became another athlete cyclist. Christina won Gold Medals.

In 2019 Christine noticed a spot on her nose. Christine was being examined by a doctor. Doctor told Christine she has squamous cell carcinoma. Christine did the surgery and removed the spot. After the surgery, Christine became a Cancer survivor.

Christine is very energetic and motivated in her class of peloton cycling. Christine’s trainees are very happy with Christine. Christine’s classes are being rooted in the science of cycling and the strength of words. Christine works in the fitness cycling industry for twenty years.

Christine works on the Board of Directors of the Startrack Youth Cycling Organization. And The Kissena Velodrome.


Christine D’Ercole was born on August 11, 1971. Christine’s father’s name was Victor Charles who passed away due to illness on June 2, 2002. Cristine’s mother’s name was Marjory D’Ercole. Christine and her sibling grew up in Downingtown Pennsylvania. Christine has a younger brother Matthew D’Ercole.

Christine thought it was the best gift her parents gave her. The gift of Creativity.

Christine got pregnant at the age of 27. Christine gave birth to a baby girl, Christine gave her name Victoria

On the occasion of Christine’s 50th birthday. Christina decided to engage with her boyfriend Brian Hicks. Brain Hicks is on Of Counsel at Fenwick & West. Christine and Brian finally got married in front of 125 guests on May 28, 2022.

As A Peloton Instructor

Christine D’Ercole Peloton Instructor

Christine D’Ecole is a professionally certified peloton cycling instructor. Christine was training in peloton cycling for years. Christine is passionate about her trainee and helping them to reach their peak fitness level.

Christine believes everyone can improve their fitness level. No matter how old they are and what they are capable of. Christine showed people no matter how old you are, you can make yourself fit. Christine made herself an example. Christine is 52 years old and also a cancer survivor. Still, Christine is at her peak fitness level and helping other people with their fitness.

Christine’s classes are full of science, unity, and invocation. Christine can help you with 20 years of experience in cycling. Christine motivates her trainees by saying. Every class has something to learn and takes them to the finish line and makes them proud of themselves. By showing up, turning it up and not giving up.  We practice real-life skills by using bicycles.

Outside Of Peloton

If we see Christine outside the peloton. We can find out Christine has a lot of other hobbies.

Bicycle Racing: Christine loves to ride a bicycle. Christine has been riding a bicycle since childhood. Christine also works as a cycle messenger. From there Christine got the idea of track cycling. Christine starts racing. And won Gold Medals from the National or World Championship cyclist.

Writing: Christine loves to write. Christine writes motivation and her experience. Christine has her blogs. Where Christine writes about her journey. Christine writes motivational lines for everyone on her blogs. Christine also works for wordshopTM.

Cooking: Christine loves to cook. As we can see Christine’s social media posts her picture and videos while cooking. Christine loves fine wine

Scuba Diving: Christine loves scuba diving. Whenever Christine has time Christine went for scuba diving.

Photography: Christine loves photography. Christine wants to capture every moment Christine spent.

Reason to join Christine D’Ercole Peloton Classes

Christine D’Ercole peloton instructor

Christine D’Ercole is a very passionate and energetic instructor. Christine is a role model for every age. Christine motivates her trainees and helps them to reach their peak fitness level. Christine is a champion in cycling. That makes her more popular among other instructors.


How old is Christine D’Ercole?

Christine is 52 years old.

What is the relationship status of Christine D’Ercole?

Christine D’Ercole had married Brian Hicks.

What is the qualification of Christine D’Ercole?

Christine D’Ercole graduated from Carnegie Mellon University

Who is Christine D’Ercole in track cycling?

Christine D’Ercole is World Champion in track cycling.

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