Can Skateboarding Help You Lose Weight in 2023?

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We put a lot of force on our muscles to maintain balance and move skateboards. Does this all help you in shaping your body? Can skateboarding help you lose weight?

Without wasting any time, let us discuss the number of calories you can burn by it and how it strengthens different muscles of your body.

How Skateboarding Helps You in Losing Weight?

You can lose weight with its help as all muscles of your body are active during skateboarding and do hard work. You use your leg muscles to move ahead, crouch for taking turns, and jump while moving down on the street.

However, how much weight you will lose depends on the following factors.

For example, a person with 125 pounds will burn almost 300 calories if he does skateboarding for 90 minutes. However, a person weighing 185 pounds will burn up to 444 calories.

If a person wants to lose more weight with skateboarding, he will have to control his diet. For example, if you reduce your daily intake of calories by 250-200, then you will lose almost a half-pound weight more than just skateboarding.

If you want to reduce your weight with skateboarding, you will have to take it seriously and must do it regularly. If you are a beginner, then start with 10 minutes. So set any time of morning or evening and do skateboarding for 10minutes.

Then increase your time regularly, set your goal and try your best to achieve it. At the start, your body will ache must consider the pain; however, ignore the minor pains in the feet.

Give time to your body for rest and refreshment, and most important of all, make sure you enjoy skateboarding and do it with all your heart. Because then you will lose weight and recommend it to everybody who will ask you, can skateboarding help you lose weight?

Importance of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is one of the most relaxing activities as there is no other body but you and your skateboard. Following are points that will further clarify its importance.

  1. It is very relaxing mentally because you forget about all your worries and focus on good things, and as you move slowly and have a view of your surrounding for a long time, you get a chance to notice their minor details.
  2. You have to do different drills for burning fat of different parts of the body, but in it, your all body parts are involved; thus, there is no need for other workouts.
  3. You have to stand on the skateboard in a specific posture, and for moving forward, backward, and turning, you have to make specific moves. When you keep doing it for months, your body starts coming in shape, and your posture becomes better.

Reduction in Belly Fat

Suppose you are a person who has a lot of belly fat but does not want to go to the gym for exercise. Then try skateboarding because you will lose weight with a lot of enjoyment.

However, the calories you will lose depend on the time you do skateboarding and how skillful you are. Similarly, if you have hard wheels and bad earing, you will lose more weight than with the soft wheel and smooth bearing.

Can Skateboarding Help yo?u Lose Weight?

Furthermore, regular skateboards are more effective in working intensively and losing weight than using longboards. The number of calories you will burn depends on the tough time you give to your body.

So if you want to know can skateboarding help you lose weight, then read why it is so helpful in burning fat.

Revert Skateboarding

When you do different reverts like backside or front side, a lot of pressure is put on your legs, and you have to keep your body in balance for moving it; thus, you continuously use calories and burn them.

As a result, slowly fats of your body burns, your weight decreases, and your body becomes tones. However, always start from the simple and easy drill because while doing challenging drills, you can hurt yourself.

Cardio Exercise

Skateboarding is an excellent source of cardio exercise because it demands much hard work, and we all know cardio exercises are perfect for increasing metabolism rate and burning fat. An increase in metabolism rate will ultimately burn your belly fat.

Limitations of Skateboard For Weight Loss

People who are extra obese are worried about the weight limit of skateboards. It would help if you did not worry because the weight limit varies from brand to brand; however, before buying, make sure that it is made of perfect material instead of maple wood.

Can Skateboarding Help you Lose Weight

Moreover, if you fear failing or losing balanced, you are at fault because the more you weigh, the less are the chances of falling. Just start practicing and do skateboarding daily; you will start losing weight.

Muscles Which Strengthen Due to Skateboarding

Although skateboarding is very effective for belly fat, it also strengthens and tones other muscles involved in it. Following are the muscles involved in it

Core Muscles For Stabilization

The main task of skateboarding is maintaining balance, and for it, we use core muscles. Thus, as they continuously work,  their muscles strengthen, and your abs become visible.


These are muscles that constitute our thighs and join our pelvic bone with the knees. During different skateboarding techniques, you use these muscles for hip flexion and knee extensions; thus, they strengthen, and their flexibility increases.

Gluteus Maximus

It is the body’s strongest muscle located at the buttock responsible for the movement of things and the hip. These are muscles responsible for your balance and help in moving from the lower to the upper position.


They help you when you move in the lower position and maintain your lower center of gravity. Moreover, they play a significant role in flexing the knee and moving your calves to the back of the thigh.

Final Words

The number of calories you burn by skateboarding depends on your weight, metabolism, weight, and time you give to it. So buy the skateboard of a trustworthy brand, set your schedule, and start doing it.

Almost all muscles of your body are involved in it; thus, each muscle strengthens; moreover, it also tones your body. Best of all, instead of boring you, it gives you amusement along a lot of benefits.

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