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Camila is the first-ever Spanish-speaking instructor at Peloton. This is a dream opportunity for Ramón. If you still don’t know about Camila Ramon, you will definitely know about her soon. Ramón is getting so much recognition because of her motivating and unique style of teaching. Camila was born in Argentina and raised in Miami.

Speaking in Spanish and English is a plus in her class. She carries her culture wherever she goes and people like her unique style. Camila has a good number of followers on her social media.

Camila worked as public relations account executive and real state officer worker but these jobs didn’t satisfy her soul.

Camila Ramón Peloton

Camila Ramón’s Biography

NameCamila Mariana Ramón
Date of Birth18 December 1992
LanguagesSpanish & English

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Early life of Camila Ramón

Camila was born in Argentina but later on, her family moved to Miami, Florida. In 2016 Ramón and her husband moved to Los Angeles because her husband was a military officer. From that time, she had her first interaction with peloton but not as an instructor. There is not so much information available about her brothers, sisters, and parents.

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Personal life of Camila Ramón

The Argentinian-born Camila has four members in her family. She has not shared so much information about her siblings and parents.

Ramón spends more time with her husband. Camila’s husband is a military officer who is serving in the U.S coast guard. Camila Ramón and her husband knows each other since their childhood. She usually shares pictures of her happy moments with her life partner. Camila loves her family and she used to say that family is everything to her.

Camila’s career before Peloton

Becoming a fitness instructor was not her first choice to do in her life but she loves fitness. Initially, she worked as a relationship executive and real estate worker. Dancing is also an important part of her career. Camila had chances to dance for Ke$ha and Pitbull.

These career options didn’t provide her happiness so nature bring her towards the instructor as a career.

Camila Ramón and Peloton

The relationship between Camila and Peloton is not new. When Camila moved to Los Angeles with her husband in 2016, at that time she worked as a Flywheel instructor. Ramón used the Peloton bike during that time and she was really impressed with its features and functions.

After her husband’s military mission ended in 2021, the couple decided to move back to Miami, where they had lived for many years. After moving there Camila contacted Peloton actively for asking an application. Finally, Peloton replied to her email and recruited Ramón as a cycling bilingual (Spanish & English) instructor.

Camila Ramón, Peloton’s newest cycling instructor, has become one of the biggest names in the cycling business. In addition to teaching in both Spanish and English, Camila is also bringing a whole new energy and a new sense of positivity to Peloton.

The music she chooses to play and the dance moves she performs will immediately give you that sense of confidence, and you will notice it right away.

You will never feel more confident than when you ride with Camila. Because Ramón instills positive, powerful perspectives and approaches to life and relationships that will take your fitness to the next level.

Camila motivates her members with passion and positivity. She cares for every member of her class. Ramón teaches you to push the boundaries so people should feel like they can do anything.

Camila outside Peloton 

When you don’t see her at Peloton, you’ll find her with her family. Camila loves camping with her pup Rex and her husband. She also loves hiking and watching movies on Netflix. Above all, she just loves to spend most of her time with her family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Camila Ramón from? 

Camila is originally from Argentina and grew up in Miami.

What did Camila Ramón do before Peloton?

Camila Ramón is not new to fitness-related jobs as she was a cycling instructor at Flywheel.

How old is Camila Peloton instructor?

Camila was born on 18 December 1992 and she is 31 Years old now.

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